Hawker of Salve

Hawker of Salve

Like a cheap magician you will come up front with impossible solutions
Like cancer can be cured with a fluid in a flask or enchanted potions
Your carriage raises more questions than the gibberish written in your parlor’s label
For you’re just another Luciferian quacksalver disguised as our holy savior.

Snap your fingers to make me disappear
You won’t like me when I start speaking real
This little vampire you had under control
Got sick of this dealing with your entrepreneurs.

The tsk of the task in the sound
Keep rolling your eyes when no one’s around
This hell bent bed pool made for you
Is the perfect gateway for all of this decadence to come true.

I know the cause for these situations
How come everyone keeps ignoring them?
I’m so sick of dealing with your condescension
You’re just recycling a lie, when are people going to learn?

You keep pilling rubble over rubble just to hide what’s under your crushing feet
Once we remove the steeping stones piled over us, we’ll be able to proceed
Your army is nothing but puppets held by strings, legions of zombies following orders
For blindness has kept them numb and stale to the cause of others.

So come to the table, bring up the walls
Put down the sickened animal, shout to the call
It all will start, or end, for better or for worse
Injecting a farce, full of ignorance, but you feel no remorse.

So this mechanical Machiavellian device
Would it keep you off those leeches and lice?
This unoriginal imaginary spiteful pretense
Would it keep us all off from making any goddamn sense?

I know the answer to the question
How come everyone keeps denying it?
I’m so sick of hearing your suggestion
If you keep feeding them lie, and they keep eating up your shit.

Oh, come forward, my dear friend, Misery
Come to me with your latest of news
To unlock for us all the greatest of mysteries
Tell us about the things we’ve gotten used to.

If you keep them ignorant to the truth, they’ll never know any better
If you keep repeating the lie over and over again, everyone ends up believing it
If you keep them confined in a bubble of false advertisement for true patriotism
They’ll be the ones to divide what was already joined; they’ll bend to the point of schism.


One thought on “Hawker of Salve

  1. Wow I love this poem. I love the language and word choice. I am a bit in awe really. It is so raw and truthful. I really enjoyed reading this poem and it is definitely a favorite of the ones I’ve read that you have written. Keep up the great work. 🙂

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