Posted: November 25, 2015 in Reflection Poetry, Relations Poetry, Struggle Poetry
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All these suppositions will be the death of us
As long as you don’t see it too, it’ll be no harm to you
There’s a gap between your silence and your gasp
As long as I keep ignoring it, I might find happiness too.

The things you don’t feel are culture-injected
That sense of not taking blame, and washing it all off
It is impossible that you are not responsible at all
It’s best for what the esteem gives and mother’s love.

The choices thrown at the table are pretty critical
“Either you pay or you die”, that sounds quite tyrannical
Can your emotions be proven without giving wrapped gifts?
The one wind you follow is the one that never shifts.

Those pre-selected words are your self-defense mechanism
As long as we can laugh, we withstand this masochism
If you threaten me to the exit door,
That means you’ve no intention in keeping me here
Then why keep around with someone who doesn’t hold people’s love’s dear?


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