Despairing State of Pleas

Heavy weight on my shoulders
Heavy weight on my head
Trying to move all these boulders
And they press on my chest.

Pathetic human fragility
Why were we made to break so easily?
We only have one ability
And that’s to dream about a possibility.

Years have fallen hard on me
My feet they seem so heavy
I want to do is sleep
And let it all slip over me.

Pathetic human perseverance
Why do we keep striving for better and more?
Don’t we understand the hindrance?
This well is dry and cannot sustain us anymore.

What the hell is this will in me?
I cannot let it end like this
Where the hell is this voice coming from?
It keeps yelling “don’t give up, come on!”
But there’s nothing more to offer
No, there’s not much more to give
So why can we call it over?
No, we have a need to live.

Pathetic human desires
Why do we pray to a God that doesn’t exist?
As we all wait in the fire
There might be a way out if we do believe.


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