Posted: December 14, 2015 in Loss Poetry, Painful Poetry
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This is dedicated to my great aunt. May God have you in his glory.


I couldn’t understand the way she started to behave
I didn’t know how to react to all of the sudden change
Taking care of the person who I used to be taken cared by
I don’t wanna spend my hours wondering for the day I will have to say “good-bye”.

This conversation is getting nowhere
I keep repeating things she won’t remember
Gone are the memories she used to hold dear
It all ended before it ended on that awful day of September.

I wasn’t prepared for the situations coming my way
Nobody ever taught me how hard this was going to be
I need the advice that I need you to tell me in your disorientation
Cruel harsh reality must be the best leading way conducting to an ongoing education.

How many people did you help?
How many people are here sitting by you now?
Life passed revenge on the one who put you here
You kept asking for the names of the people that were nowhere to be found.

I was too young to understand then
Full of anger, full of disappointment
And you broke me to the point I started crying
Oh how I miss you… how you truly changed me… there’s no denying.


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