The Choice of Being No Better

She says everyone is doing it
She says everyone is talking about it
While she stays stale in her position
She lashes her tongue out in disposition
She starts fires but doesn’t want to get burn
She changes opinion every time the wheel turns
And every time I try to demonstrate I’m different
She always rolls her eyes and treats me indifferent
She denies her mistakes and rejects apologizing
She puts her own blame on you by deflecting
She’s proud of pretending something she’s not
As long as her family and friends think that’s hot
She thinks money is love and fondness is silence
And when you try to prove her wrong she recurs to violence
She would scoff, mock, and scream at your face
Every time her bullshit leaves a smelly trace.

She says that she never lies
But I see the same apathy in her eyes
She says all these things so she can excuse the lack of morality
In truth, she doesn’t care much about anything that is a reality
When you try to explain to her about ethics and principles
She waves her patriotic flag and tries to justify its atrocities
No matter how hard I try, this end up in a feud
Where my patience runs dry and my anger swerves to tilt
Where she walks away without caring about the meaning of integrity
Where she just washes away any sense of responsibility and guilt
How can there be any sympathy in her heart
When there’s no even a glimpse of empathy?

Nice doesn’t equal right
As being likable doesn’t equal being righteous
When you do all these things publicly
Is because you crave the adoration secretly
Her perception of herself is so high
That sometimes it feels like she wishes to be praised
But I think that the truth is that she is in absolute denial
Cause everything she’s to everyone one day will come to be erased
So I try to look for something that could make me change my mind
I try to find something that could be hidden deep inside
But to be frank, to tell you the truth
All that I hear is the echo of my own sound
Cause there’s nothing I can find in you
Maybe because there’s nothing to be found.

It is her choice to think that she’s blameless
It is her choice not to reflect and improve
This is her choice as she shrugs on this letter
It is her choice of being amiss and no better.


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