Cadence: Syncopated

The entities are not sympathetic to your needs
The ending that was once written foresees
Something to keep you in control, under-sieged
The mockup won’t supplant the real seeds.

A legion master has taken up the reins
To place the summit and begin to reign
No other choice but to submit under his orders
To burn the old law as the new world gathers.

The corner stone has lost its angularity
Now that the saved ones has transformed their personalities
A transmutation coming from the shadows
The rise of the fallen prince calling from the gallows.

Desire is a thing that betrays the restriction
And turns all of the rights in your conviction
It’s like a lever that pulls you back to the junction
Whenever you draught more of it there’s no satisfaction.

The chime of the hour will sound aloud
Tying up all those who love to slither to the ground
Just to collect the loot that you’ve plowed
While the black dogs pace to encircle you around.


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