When my transformation is completed
I will do exactly as my master has commanded me
When my reason and love are fully depleted
I will carry on with the plans given to me secretly.

For justice of man makes God look like a tyrant
And His voice doesn’t echo inside my soul anymore
And I’m so tired of being treated like a peasant
My job is done and it didn’t reap fruit from the floor.

When the noise in my head stabilizes
The message once given to me will be a sound clearer
When my heart begins to fall apart decomposed
I will make sure that my grasp is around your throat.

For faith in love makes God look like a traitor
And His hand doesn’t move more than for striking
And I’m so sick of having to apologize for my behavior
Having to get my hands dirty without ever good reaping.

Gray and black have such similar colors and shades
Enter the hunger, being susceptible, the bite and mistakes
It is my choice not to believe in those who betray
But a despot is a despot, no matter in what light is being portrayed.


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