About the sickness of the head and society’s hypocrisy.

Psychologically Suppressed

I’m so ugly
I’m such a mess
I’m so fucking evil
So why can’t you tell?
I dream of suicide
I enjoy cutting myself
Sometimes I hate myself
more than I hate this fucking world

So come lend me your ears
You will listen until you get bored
Then you’ll leave me alone with my fears
and then I’ll go back to getting high and being stoned.

Don’t talk to me about compassion
They had me when I was merely six
Don’t talk to me about salvation
Your God and his cronies make me sick

You think you got it bad
Have you ever gone outside that door?
They’re raping one another
and we’re asking what the fuck in wrong with this world?
The strong devours the weak
A broken boy becomes a broken man
Breaking all the woman along his way
and the pattern goes on and on
and there seems no way to stop none of it
and we’re still not allowed to speak about this shit.

Censor this, censor that
This whole fucking life is so goddamn triggering
You trigger my anger, my low self-esteem
I can’t unsee what you’ve forced me to see
and no matter how politically correct I’ve become
i can never turn back time and undo what has been done
and the problem seems about how I’m dealing with pain
or at least that’s what they’re trying to say
But I think we’re simply not the same
So don’t judge me cause I’m fucking up in a different way.

  1. beingcreativebc says:

    I can really relate to what you said here. You really hit it on the head too with how society is, especially for those who suffer mentally and emotionally. It is sad how little the world cares for those who are in pain, when the scars can’t be seen on the surface. I think that we are all to quick to judge others for what they appear to have rather than seeing any deeper. These kind of words, thoughts and poems are important to remind us what we all never need to forget. It is nice to just unleash all of your frustrations sometimes on the world.

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