Burn the books
Nobody‘s reading them
Our tweenage generation
Will soon die down.

When words lose their meaning
In Americaland
Disney World and TV shows become a repetition
Of our boredom and ignorance.

You have accommodated me to conform myself
While subliminally feeding me stereotypical bigotry mockery
We’re not the equal, cause you have us under
And you just won’t move away to give us our chance to shine.

When history lose its significance
In Americaland
You can bet your ass they will deny their mistreatment
And sweep it under the rug again.

You have cemented the floor underwater to create more space to proclaim your land
So that erection can be a device of innuendo and double standard as you all are
Hollywood isn’t the only one selling sex this time
Our government is anally raping us clandestinely and publicly laughing at our faces.

When our rights lose their importance
In Americaland
Steeping over one another for the crown seems like an everyday thing
But it’s a thing that has been infiltrated for centuries now.

And now we’ve been conditioned to not take a stand
It’s been labeled as anti-patriotic to speak your own mind
But is it patriotic for Americaland to piss all over their people?
So are we their slaves and they our masters, and must we obey without ever questioning their plans?

  1. beingcreativebc says:

    I really like the harsh, brutal honesty in this. It is both eye opening and really hits home. It is sad how the idea of being patriotic has gotten so distorted and just mangled. I think you can love where you are from and still honestly see the wrong that is being done by the government and that is causing the people to react in an unkind, caring way. People get too lost in the nothingless and all the random things that grab our attention that take away from things that should matter, but get lost in all the things that doubt. This is a very powerful poem. Thank you for sharing!

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