Infatuation with the Imperceptible

Posted: March 7, 2016 in Melancholic Poetry, Reflection Poetry
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Infatuation with the Imperceptible

Beauty stares at my face
Here in limbo
Where the devil sways
Here the demons linger.

You’re everything I’ve been looking for
In my head, where the fire burns
In my heart, where the hollow follows
Should I exchange and/or submit?

Cause what man doesn’t desire the touch of a woman?
Sometimes I wish to return to the days I didn’t know any better.

I dream of a dream
That can never be lived
Where faces smile
And egos are dead.

In the distance, I desire for us to be closer
Some things rot to the point they’re ugly
Forgiveness is like love; a choice
Choose what you think is best and/or better!

Cause what man doesn’t need the love of a woman?
Sometimes I wish to return to myself for things I don’t understand.

If you stretch your hand
Enough to reach me
I will lean towards
Whatever is out there
I reach towards the beauty
What feeds in my heart
No time for this ugliness
That grows as our pride.

  1. beingcreativebc says:

    This is both sad and beautiful. The struggle of what you want need and the worry of is it good or what is really best. I really like the line “forgiveness is like love,” so simple yet so much truth in it. I enjoyed this poem 🙂

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