Come whisperer of chances
Screaming at the four winds
That I have lost my time
Come bringer of dreams
Laughing and drunk with friends
That my nightmare is alive.

If I could cut it up and cut it out
I would stop using this knife
To nick on my skin and wrists
And gradually killing my life.

All of my words have been murdered
All of my hope has drowned
Only if I could reach for the sky again
Only if I could reach for the crown
Maybe, just maybe
But maybe is for fools
When you have wasted your life waiting
I don’t want to wait
I want to have, right, NOW!!!

So give it to me
Even if I have to steal it from you
I’m so sorry
I wasn’t given any other choice.

I need love to serenade my soul
And peace to calm on my anger
And all I find is indifference and insufficiency
And disrespect and intolerance
All of the pride that you can choke on
All this bullshit about sexism, racism and
Simply I’m tired of dealing with this
I just want arms to hold me
And make me feel the warmth
And a voice to tell me;
“You’ll never be alone again.”

Come dealer of riches
And with a smirk on your face, tell me
I’ll always be broke
Come blesser of love
Fronting with your boys and your lovers
I will die being alone.


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