Green Circles

She’s the face of every picture
The word in every sentence
The turning point and the knob
The switch to a crude reality.

Just like when Jesus died
Time stopped for a moment
As the Father was angered
History was marked again.

Nobody wants to hear it
So much that is needed
To be said, to be presented
To let go and move on.

Just like a friend’s wake
Tears gathered up for a moment
As we say a last good bye
Life will never be same.

Part 2

A hint of spark in the distance
The flame long extinguished
A heart that was amputated
A trust that was left for dead.

The reasons gone shadowy
As the lines highlight radiantly
A forced entry to the intrinsic
A foreclosure of the undisclosed.

An echo to bounce bounded and hushed
The salvage damned to be slivered and crushed
An unexpected guest makes it its home
A party where the uninvited made their own.

Part 3

Her eyes are like green circles
Adjusted into her porcelain face
Her voice is just like an angel
Pleading “bring me back to my grace.”

It all sounds like a piano
In so much need of being retuned
In her state of a minnow
Wandering senseless in her misfortune.


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