A Dreamer’s Dream

Anyone awake?
I’m still dreaming
How long will it take?
Should I keep waiting?

I never meant to be alone
Never wanted to do this on my own
I thought this would be like a family
Man, I have never felt so lonely.

I guess we all have to grow up
Does it mean giving up your dreams?
What are we supposed to teach to children?
To give up their passion and simply conform?

I never meant to aim for so high
Never imagined it would be out of my reach
I thought if I reached for the sky
It would add up to the things I would obtain.

I guess it’s time to give it up
I guess this means I must stop dreaming
What am I supposed to tell my children?
That they should’ve no passion and simply conform?

Cause I’ve been a child for far too long
Or maybe I never gave myself a chance to be one to begin with
Forcing myself to accept all that is wrong
Never gave myself the opportunity of believing that dreaming could be the right thing.


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