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Just a poem I wrote and decided to post it in here. It’s simple gibberish… or is it? LOL!

A Rag Man Con Mud Urn


You simply don’t Understand

We’re just dolls Being prepared for its homunculus Experiment

It never gets out of hand

It just Simple matter of triaL and Error until it gets completed.


You don’t need to believe in fairy tales

Oh, yes, they are here just to get you

Homo sapiens, Beasts out of males and females

Merging the view from the imagined and the truth.


Pierce in the Veil

This tunnel seems like a two way street
Where unknown faces get the meet
And a “hi” and smile can bright your day
So sometimes you don’t need to pretend when they
Ask about you and you say you’re “doing okay”

This seems like practicing to a wall
With all the times you think to call
And the phone beeps with words on a screen
Comes asking that awaited question “how have you been?”
“It’s been a long time we haven’t spoken or seen”

Your mind gets caught in a net
While floating somewhere around that trajectory set
Of thoughts that makes you feel so complete
“I hope this letter gets to you and you get to read.”

The airwaves have been blaring on
While somebody catches it and writes a song
Something that inspired them to think of you
Is that pierce in the veil that makes them look
That makes them aware that such surmise might be true.

Beta Source Conflict

Come sleep close to me
Slit deep in our skin
We’ll slip 1, 2, 3 pills
With our 1, 2, 3 drinks.

Till once again the pain we feel fades away
And all the sense of self worthlessness sinks in
Till all this love dies away in our hands
As it already has died away in your heart.

I guess we have no choice
I guess there is no choice
I guess this is your choice
I guess I have no choice…

But to lie with the sweet static in my head
That eats away all of the noise outside
Gradually distorting everything we’ve said
And turning every single wrong into a righteous right.

Belejez Ruach

Are you sick and tired of being bored?
Are you special enough to be ignored?
When people’s faces become the same
You become a pawn in their twisted game.

Either you feel bellow, or above
But never quite in the middle
Cause you’re full of hate or full of love
As answers to life becomes a riddle.

Dance off on your grave
As we dance with the devil
For all the things we crave
As we sink down to their level.

Are you fed up of being held together?
Are you enlightened to feel bothered?
When people’s mouths spout the same
It becomes quite clear what does it mean.

Either you’re in, or you’re out
But still never quite committed
Cause either you know or don’t know about
All of the cynicism subtly summited.

Dance off in your life
As we dance with the beast
For all the things to arise
As we go drunk in this feast.

All of the elements that make us think; revaluate
They drive us away from that place where our decisions stale or oscillate
All of the elements in this life that makes us hurt
It helps us realize that we should be putting all our priorities on full alert.

Somber Song

She drowned her pain deeper than anyone could ever reach
Burned down her house with all her things, all of her precious memories
And now as she stumbles in the streets without a familiar face
To look at, to ask why, all these terrible things have to happen?

Children, they don’t know all the misery awaiting for them
Right next door, right by the curve, inside their heads and their own houses
And now that I’m old I’ve wasted all of my advices to give
To anyone, about anything, without sounding like a drunk vagabond mumbling.

The moon is far away and even if in our innocence we dreamt it to be made of cheese
Either we sleep in for too long, or we haven’t rested enough to face the harsh reality
Enjoying these guessing games, putting together these puzzling pieces
She took a drink that now will take her to the side of fence where the grass isn’t greener.

The Proposal

Trying to find a way to say this
Because for me this is all too new
It has been lingering in my head for an eternity
And I don’t know to express without giving a clue.

I have no need to be what society expects of me
But when it comes to you I can’t help but to stay still
“So what is then?” You ask; “what is going to be?”
Would you wait forever to finally say what I feel?

I don’t know anything about gardens
Flowers be red, violet, yellow or blue
Is there any way that you can find me?
I seem to be lost in the thoughts of you.

How can a poet not be romantic?
I see this life for what is it
And you’re the best that has happened, the best experience
So what am I to do to extend and expand what we have here?

The words escape me and I have a lot to say
I have a need that seeks to fulfill in me everyday
And I bet that by now you’ve been patiently waiting
But I don’t know how to make this a memorable memory.

I don’t know much about pretty dresses
But a white gown would look beautiful on you
So what am I saying in these lexes and verses?
The one question that you want me to ask you.

So I’m ready to take on that step
If you’re ready to take it with me
This is the only way I know how to do this
And to hope that you say “yes”, so our lives will be complete.