Belejez Ruach

Are you sick and tired of being bored?
Are you special enough to be ignored?
When people’s faces become the same
You become a pawn in their twisted game.

Either you feel bellow, or above
But never quite in the middle
Cause you’re full of hate or full of love
As answers to life becomes a riddle.

Dance off on your grave
As we dance with the devil
For all the things we crave
As we sink down to their level.

Are you fed up of being held together?
Are you enlightened to feel bothered?
When people’s mouths spout the same
It becomes quite clear what does it mean.

Either you’re in, or you’re out
But still never quite committed
Cause either you know or don’t know about
All of the cynicism subtly summited.

Dance off in your life
As we dance with the beast
For all the things to arise
As we go drunk in this feast.

All of the elements that make us think; revaluate
They drive us away from that place where our decisions stale or oscillate
All of the elements in this life that makes us hurt
It helps us realize that we should be putting all our priorities on full alert.


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