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Feather and Inkblot

For me, trying to explain this to you is like riding a midnight carousel
It goes on and on, spinning around, until I get nothing but motion sick once more
And your words in self-defense are faster than any speeding bullet
Piercing through all the layers of the muscles in my chest and into my very core
We could go back and forth about how sorry I am and how wrong I have been
Next time I need to remind not to shake your bottle to make it fizzy
‘Cause like I tell my friends before jumping onto one those silly rotary things
Why do I need to pay a cent just to make myself nauseous and dizzy?

But from any angle that I see, you’re simply beautiful
So don’t get mad and down with the silent treatment
I swear my incite- in the -ment is just meant for me to lie wishful
But in case you got lost in the wits of it, let me be of enlightenment.

If I ever inflate my ego in a way that I’d go out of this realm floating
You’re allowed to throw darts at my head, enough to bring me down again
Yes, if I ever lose my whole mind and I speak out lines of insincerity
There’s a thing you can always count on, and that’s the law of gravity.

Pull me back, pull me back to you love
I don’t wish to stay bellow, nor above
But in the center, in the middle with you
Where two become one and one becomes two.

So if by any chance I short a fuse
And start acting like there’s something wrong in my circuitry
If by any chance I become obtuse
And begin behaving out of irrational fear and utter insecurity
Don’t ever let go of my rope
I might need it at the end to reel myself back in onto the knot
Don’t ever give up hope, on me love
‘Cause it is most certain that this going is circles, sooner than later, will come to a stop.

You’re the lava lamp lighting the way of my thoughts
Looking so damn cool, while keep my eyes gawking at you
I know that some days we have it easy, others we have it rough
But I’m damn sure we’ll stick together and make it through.

‘Cause from any angle that I see; you’re simply beautiful
So don’t get down and even with an upcoming vengeful plot
I swear my incite- in the -ment is just meant for me to lie wishful
I am the feather at hand and you’re the ink that draws the blot
In case you got lost in the wits of it, let me be clearer,
You’re the words that compose a poem, the tune that builds up a song
And without you my story would be blank and meaningless
‘Cause our hearts become the pages in which all of our love’s written on.


A Spellcaster’s Prayer

All the nights I’ve prayed to sky, to the stars
Certainly we have waited long for this day
Intensively looking for a way to call on you
Nothing was there to stop us from doing this
And those who tried were mercilessly disposed of
Tempted by your offer, I had no other choice
Agreeing to your poison, I ate of your apple
Slither here, inside my clothes, into my skin.

I promise to love you
If you promise revenge on those who have hurt me
I swear I will serve you
As long as you make those who have harmed me pay.

Cause you’re the most beautiful thing ever crafted
The most angelic being that has fallen from heaven
And your fire burns hotter than anyone can handle
But your sex, oh my god, it’s the best ever, EVER!

Light upon me, shine ever brighter
Ever brighter, like the stars in the sky
Bright forever, till the seal’s broken
Zephyr in your wings, I want to be
Under your wings I want to rest, baby
Light upon me, shine ever brighter.

I promise to praise you
If you promise to make me your queen, my wonder
I will give my life to you
If you promise me all that is here, above and under.

Cause you’re the most beautiful thing ever created
The most angelic being that has fallen from heaven
You’re the brightest of light that has ever been casted
And your secret is safe with me forever, my seven!

I will pray to you
Head bowed and everything
Give sacrifices to you
Blood, flesh, innocent children
As long as you touch me softly with those sick hands
And give me the strength to kill those who taught me harm
I want to watch them burn in the pits of your lake
Oh give me of your light, my lord, for my own sake.

This is inspired on a fictional character I’m thinking to write a novel about. I based the character on people I met back when I was younger.


You’re so damaged
That means I love you
I must be attracted to you
Cause the coarseness in me
Needs, wants, desires
To shed a tear
To share a smile
To make sick jokes
About touchy subjects.

You are so cool
Such a twisted sense of humor
Let’s drink wine all night
Cast spirits from our Ouija boards
Call 911
Prank them
Then burn down this
Fucking house
With everything and everyone in it.

We are so disrupted
So corrupted
But is it our fault?
Or is our parents’?

Let’s do something crazy
Like snort some coke
And dye our hair in green
Then drive all night
A hundred miles
Passing lights
Against the transit.

Let’s rob a store
Let’s flip a cop
Jump off a bridge
With rocks tied to our bodies.

Let’s express our ODD
You and me
Break the chains
Of these constricted restrictions.

Oh, dear my,
We have no time to be sorry
Here the doors of hell awaits us
Or of purgatory’s
Whatever is found
On the other side
Of our corrosive decisions
And our need to destroy it all.

We are so disrupted
So effing corrupted
But is it our fault?
Or is our parents’?

Let’s express our ODD
You and me
Bring the walls down
Of this constricted confinement.

I wrote this while thinking about a novel I want to write…

Disowned Daughters

You and me
We’re not so different
From one another
What a sister could be to a brother
If a brother could reverse roles
Cause we’re both members of the same gender
Two dethroned, disowned daughters
That has been lingering on
Back in a time when
All that we were curious about
Had to be swept under rug
And now that years has passed us by
Now that we are a tad bit older
Have we kept the true intent
to be precarious and adventurous?
Or do we still need to be discreet
Just to keep a fatuous appearance?

For how long do you intent for me to keep silent?
You know they lived their lives without ever consulting anybody
No, my intention is not to bring your whole world down
But for how long do wish for us to live in shame with our heads bowed?

Oh, dear Molly Jenny
I never meant to strike to kill
But you don’t seem to understand
How betrayed by you I feel
When you don’t confront the world
When you conform to what you’re told
When you don’t come forward for the cause
We’ve fought so much about, for so long
Even when we ended up hidden, locked up in our rooms
With no other choice but biting our tongues.

In my heart of hearts there is this ever burning desire
That one day we’ll walk proudly against the oppressing fire
That we’ll stop walking blindfolded on this tightrope wire
To adjourn being something that we’ve been ashamed of
And instead become something for what could be admired.

I’m not sure why, but I was thinking about my mother and I wrote this…

Valetudinarian and Authoritarian

The simplest answer is the right one
Collective bodies, the sum of clones
Come pinpoint the time it all began
Hurts in my brain and in my bones.

Blood on the wall, it is my own
What you reap is what you sown
You like it when I ache and moan
All the pain I have never shown.

I have some skeletons in my closet
Can’t access the exit doors, when I have to close them
The smell of the corpses ever closer
And I skin one by one, leave them naked and broken.

This domain is for the valetudinarian
And for every other authoritarian
To fetch the placebo treatment
From the authentic hypochondriacs.


After drawing the pic above I was inspired to write the following poem. I’ve read so much in my life that at times I feel it’d be a waste not to share some things.

The Significance of Knowing

To keep them from understanding
You know he spoke in riddles
To keep them from capsizing
You know he stood in the middle
And if you don’t know the answer
Is because you don’t deserve it
Sick of being labeled a monster
Because I can read between it.

Hey, Lucas, why don’t you enlighten some of us?
They really need a hand
They really need your help
You better refer them to Paul
They need a corner stone
They need a corner stone desperately.

He invited me into the darkness
Because he knew I would see
He injected in me all this sadness
Because he knew I would be
What there was necessary to be
At the time no one would see
Your devil wears a halo
My god bled for us all.

Hey, Matthew, why don’t come pick all your lovers?
They really need understanding
They really need to see
You better refer them to Joel
They need some uplifting
They need a motivational speaker.

Women, they did gather
To mourn their master
Were where the men in all this?
They hid away after they slept through.

Eliah, I don’t think they’ve been calling your name
But the one who gives significance to your existence.

If there’s no interpreter
Then there’s no meaning to what’s being said
Here surrounded by pretenders
They think they know the reason why we all end up dead.


In the land of opportunities
Not everything is what it seems
Another seed born in duality
I’m the bastard son without a name.

I look at the way I speak
And I can see I don’t belong
I look at the color of my skin
And I can see I don’t belong
I look at the way I think
And I can see I don’t belong
My theological and political view
And I make sure I don’t belong.

So stop me at the air port
With hands up facing a wall
Say this routinely and random
To contradict any sense of being logical.

I look at the way you speak
And I can see I don’t belong
I look at the way you look at me
And I can see I don’t belong
I look at the way you think
And I can see I don’t belong
Your theological and political view
And you make sure I don’t belong.

When you hint you have a problem with my kind
You mean you have a problem with all of us
Whatever you mean having a problem with my kind
I’m the bastard son of the land your people raped.