After drawing the pic above I was inspired to write the following poem. I’ve read so much in my life that at times I feel it’d be a waste not to share some things.

The Significance of Knowing

To keep them from understanding
You know he spoke in riddles
To keep them from capsizing
You know he stood in the middle
And if you don’t know the answer
Is because you don’t deserve it
Sick of being labeled a monster
Because I can read between it.

Hey, Lucas, why don’t you enlighten some of us?
They really need a hand
They really need your help
You better refer them to Paul
They need a corner stone
They need a corner stone desperately.

He invited me into the darkness
Because he knew I would see
He injected in me all this sadness
Because he knew I would be
What there was necessary to be
At the time no one would see
Your devil wears a halo
My god bled for us all.

Hey, Matthew, why don’t come pick all your lovers?
They really need understanding
They really need to see
You better refer them to Joel
They need some uplifting
They need a motivational speaker.

Women, they did gather
To mourn their master
Were where the men in all this?
They hid away after they slept through.

Eliah, I don’t think they’ve been calling your name
But the one who gives significance to your existence.

If there’s no interpreter
Then there’s no meaning to what’s being said
Here surrounded by pretenders
They think they know the reason why we all end up dead.


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