Actinic Salacity

All you need is something long enough to keep you satisfied
And I’m coming short with my words, my love and metaphors
And all you need is something stiffed enough to leave you mystified
And I’m coming weak with my open soul, open heart, open arms
Cause at the end of it all, all we need are the most mundane things
And when you’re not a spiritual whore, you don’t lust for implemented invisible beings
All you seek is for what the eyes can feast on, full body on, no protection required
No need for math for what comes after, this signal here burns with growing fire.

All you need is something that can hit you hard and continuously
Even if it’s the kind that’s developed by tempered physical manifestation
All you need is something that will make you sweat and scream infinitely
Even if it’s the kind that comes synthetic and not from a fleshy incarnation
Cause at the end of it all, all we seek are the most degrading things
And when you don’t have an ethic anchor, you don’t go for the sense of consenting
All you crave for is a carnal touch to caress us, press on, course through and across
The only agreement available is in wanting to be molded, fucked inside and out.

Our instinctive animal desires dictating what the outcome should be
For the lack of love, be that self, or from being shorn, this transforms our characters
In this upside down, backward world, where our perspective perception is deformed
We praise the physiognomy that leads into misogyny and depravation assertion.

  1. beingcreativebc says:

    This poem seems almost filled with disgust. I am not really sure how to describe it. Not that it is bad or anything like that, just that as a reader, I am not sure how I feel about the reading. It makes the reader feel almost uneasy as to how things are described. I am not sure that I am getting what I am thinking across well. I enjoyed reading it no matter how discomforting it might be to read. It makes the reader think and reflect which is always what a writer wants of his words I suppose 🙂

    • bloodnshadow says:

      It’s not disgust, it’s an obvious fact that the other character is displaying. And the main character is asking “is that all that you seek in a person?” “There should be something more.” It’s how uneasy the character feels when facing this other character. There’s no way to make this other character understand that she should demand for herself something more than being a sexual object and attracting men with sex. Thanks again for reading and commenting.

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