Ephemeral Infatuation

There’s something about you
Something truly addictive
And I’m just another junkie
Looking for a fucking hit.

Let’s fuck up this already shitty life
With all of your disgrace
And all of my mistakes
‘Cause nothing matters when we’re young
There are no consequences
To the bend of our moral compasses.

There’s something about you
That I wish to have in me
I wish to put in you
Angst is a supermassive black hole.

Let’s crash course against the wall
Leap off this cliff
And float till we disappear
‘Cause nothing matters when we’re young
There are no penalties
For we send it all to fucking hell.

‘Cause the present looks like a puddle of colors
We cannot make anything concrete out of it
And in our lack of esteem and raging hormones
We want to feel something, even if that something hurts deeply.

We’ll have the rest of our lives to regret this
We’ll ignore ever knowing one another in the future
Once we’re old and grey we’ll pretend have lived a perfect life
With the perfect choices that led us to where we will be.

  1. beingcreativebc says:

    There is something raw yet poignant about this poem. It is lust filled and gripping, but it seems laced with contempt. It both pulls in the reader and also causes them to pause because how they think you will describe love and lust isn’t quite what they get. It feels like this is a mix of love and hate that is described. I did enjoy reading though as always 🙂

    • bloodnshadow says:

      There’s a lot of contempt in it indeed. It is a struggle between what being young demands and what the soul wishes. The characters are in a dark place, with nowhere to go, they find comfort in their own hurting and self disappointment. It’s like “we know this could be wrong, but there’s nothing else to do here but to attempt this.” It’s a kind of self-deprecation, and “let’s see if you and I are in this”. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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