Adding to the Wordplay

Posted: October 19, 2017 in Angry Poetry, Artsy Poetry, Dark Poetry
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Just practicing rhyming with some words

Adding to the Wordplay

Here comes again the king of arrogance
You better think twice before taking a stance
Cause I’ll say or do anything just to win
I’m convinced this is the way I’ve always been
I’d even slit my wrists just to prove how honest I’m
‘Cause losing is one thing I simply can’t stand
I would even give my right arm, my very soul
Just in exchange, just to channel all the rage and anger I’ve stored
Don’t take this message as subliminal
This is personal
I’m as raw and as fresh as a slaughtered animal
I can’t help but to become a raging cannibal
When these fuckers think they can beat me at this world’s game
It’s so lame
I can do this gagged, blindfolded, tied to my bed
Adding up to this wordplay, this is child’s play
It’s like Chucky chuckling up here in my head
Yelling “Murder them” into my brain
As blood begins boiling inside my veins
It’s a shame, they don’t know how insane
It can get
You can bet I would wear an explosive vest
Just to show y’all that I’m the bomb
Just to prove my fucking point,
Just to attest that I’m the fucking best.


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