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I remember the day that the world faded way
Oh you were falling like an angel, holding a dagger
You took my children, took my heart, and took my hope
And you were smiling like the devil
Cause you know you made the crime
But never really paid the price.

I’ve paid my dues with the devil
But the lord doesn’t want to know about me
Karma’s such a bitch and I’ve been treated like a bastard
No father, no mother, no son, no anything.

So I took my pills and said goodbye to what was left
But something keeps pulling me back and into the cage
In this never ending loop of constant losing
Even the lord doesn’t have mercy on my soul
Cause since quite long ago even he stopped caring.

Sometimes I feel like I don’t think I can feel at all
All I want is to harm you in the way you’ve harmed me
But then consciousness takes ahold, drives me round a guilt trip
And I see you by the side of my corpse, cackling and laughing.

I’ve slept with the whores of Babylon
I think even them are in need of some love
I’m so confused, should I care or have pity?
This crooked tree never made it into a cross.

I yelled for help but there’s no one here who cares to aid
All they are fallen bodies pulling, dragging one another
Darkness seems a common denomination for the ones residing here
The fact that I can’t seem to find Him
Is what the world seems to love about me.


Take It as You Will

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i dedícate this video to the one who put me here.

Karma will get you. I promise!

Inwardly Fashion

You want to walk at your own speed
You like to do things syncopated
Don’t you know I’m in a hurry?
I don’t have the time to catch up
And synchronize
And to be one together.

How are you to fit the shapes in the hollow spaces?
When you’re a square, I’m a circle and we’re in a triangle
I don’t have the will to drag along those shallow memories
Of you and me, you and others, me against the world and I.

You want to go on your own speed
You never liked following the pattern
You’re either one step behind or two steps ahead
But never quite paralleled with me.

How are we to decipher the symbols on the walls?
When you read a different language from what I’m speaking
I don’t have the energy to figure out this conundrum displayed here
And you and me, you and others, me against the world and I begins.

The algorithm in the way we feel about one another
The difference about the way that we see things
Is dragging us under, placing us against each other
Consuming us to the point we stop being lovers and become nuisance instead.

I don’t know what the future holds but one thing is for sure I’ll keep on writing. This one is from Amanda White


Category and distance
Those are the rules of being polite
I’ve never met anybody
Quite as honest, as harsh as you.

You shine like a star
You are burning
You’re hot like lava
And I’m melting.

This is building a bridge
To places I’ve never wanted to go in me
I know we wanted to turn our islands
Into a sweet paradise, into a big archipelago.

But you’re ticking on like a time bomb
And I’m the putting up the hours
There’s no switch to turn the senses off
So the sweet is turning sour.

Residues of an apparent lifetime
Like ghosts of an abandoned habitat
We could’ve been so kind
But instead we only brought the bad.

You shined like a star
You were burning
You were hot like lava
Until you melted in.

And the house we were edifying
Didn’t have a strong foundation to withstand it
And now it’s time to close down that door
And in all sadness, leave you right behind it.

Cause you came like a match reaching me
And I’m a jasmine scented fuel tank
And with your fire, I burned and burned good
So now I cannot allow myself to keep on corroding.

So it’s time for our souls to take sail
As our hearts, hopes and dreams to sink
I’m now deciding for our winnings and fails
And you can think whatever you wish to think

But its time…
It’s time to be formal
It’s time to be strangers
Back to gaps and silence bits
Back to feeling somehow unfit.

Time will help me forget about all the wounds
Time will help me forget all about you
Time will only tell if we will remain friends
Or if inside my pain I’ll whisper “screw you.”



Have you ever been humbled?


I don’t think you’ve ever been down to earth

To think about others than yourself

When wealth is in the way

Have you ever been afraid to lose everything?

And be homeless?

I don’t think you’ve ever experienced humility


You’re not humble

But proud in your selfishness

Telling yourself you’re doing great for others

Just to feel good about yourself

That’s not being humble

Or being humbled

I don’t think you’ve ever experienced

the pain of others without feeling it about yourself

Can you relate without being the victim?

Do you understand the difference?

I don’t think you’re humble…

You’re in great need of being humbled…

Consciously humiliated.