Written by Stephanie Grey


You looked at me at the distance
I just looked back, smiled, nodded and walked away
There was no intent of resistance
Because there was no intent of ever walking your way.

Who told you I was acting difficult?
What made you think that you could run after me?
I’m not a little kid playing catch me
And you’re not one I’d allow into my heart, let alone my bed.

You walked to me, introduced yourself
I listened, smiled and laughed at a few of your jokes
And though the conversation was interesting
I wouldn’t be caught in your net, tied up by your ropes.

Who told you that I needed any rescue?
Who told you could play the part of prince charming?
I’m not a little girl lost in the woods
And you’re not the woodsman, might just be the big bad wolf.

Whatever made you think I was in trouble?
Whatever drove you to gamble a trust of your own?
What makes you think this says anything about my problems?
What makes you think this speaks worlds about my insecurities?

I would believe in fairy tales with you if they didn’t turn into such horror movies
Cause once that shine you wear fades away all that is left is the alarming latency
Every time you come across a girl like me, you look at the list of your names to proclaim
Whatever, whichever that might be today, the monsters inside are the only things that remain certain.


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