For What It Is (For What It’s Not)

Alexander Silver

For What It Is (For What It’s Not)

Abide by the law of gravity
Something’s pulling you down
Follow the rules of morality
Not much left taking ground.

We were once one entity
But then scattered all around
Now giving way to a fantasy
For those voicing their sound.

Making sure the tree is growing straight
If the branches are to reach ever further
Make sure that the trunk’s strong, never breaks
If you’re ever to stretch outside these four corners.

Abide to the truth of enmity
Someone’s always on the hound
Follow the eyes of mortality
Not much is left to be found.

We were once in unity
But then fear began to abound
Now giving way to our reality
For those committed to expound.

Making sure that the line’s traced straight
If the diagram is to reach farther regions
Make sure that the pulse’s strong, whatever it takes
If you’re ever to attach amongst these extant adhesions

So what’s you sense of equity?
What’s your real affinity?
To take part, or break apart?
For what it is, for what is not
To show what you have,
Or what you just don’t got?


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