Vainglorious Apollyon

Wrote this 3 years ago. Inspired by someone I knew 15 years ago. Amanda White

Vainglorious Apollyon

I’m not sure who are you’re trying to fool here
With your empirical discharge of conundrums,
Of uneven measured triangles, overly squared demi circles
Wrapped in redundant enigmas and ongoing driveled riddles.

Just cause I’m wearing high heels and a white dress
You think I’ve lost my view on the agnostic sense of Gnosticism
And all the answers fell into a trench of amnesic state
And I’ve become a beggar lurking in darkness in search for light.

But let me tell you pal, your declaration of omnipotent grandiose
Is nothing but a tiny junction stone that needs to be set aside
That eagle head looks too heavy on you, even more the sun as your crown
Plus the eleven shines brighter, longer, when you are already thirty three.

Better make haste, for the deep waters are commencing to open their mouths
You’re best to apologize to Poseidon, for his disciples might swallow you whole
You wouldn’t want to find me riding that sleeping beast lying on my backyard
Or lay my cup on you for the pact constituted, to send in the black hounds, oh no.

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