Inspired by and dedicated to my muse.


Broken promise of the biggest caliber
Where the heart comes screaming “here I go”
Damn fool, would you ever truly learn?
You’re going too fast, you might end up crashing.

You would think I’d know all the tricks by now
But with you these cheat codes don’t seem to work
You’re like pirated movie I wish I would’ve bought
The best collector’s edition packed in silver and gold.

I’m a scaredy cat
And you’re like a water filled bathtub ready for me
Let me lock the door of this bathroom here
Not to keep you inside because I’m too damn shy.

I’m a chuckled laugh when I’m shaking on my bones
You seem so confident, it’s intimidating me
I’m like a kid lost in a toy’s department
You feel like a Christmas’ gift mixed with a birthday’s.

Broken promise of the biggest caliber
When the sheep go jumping out of my fence and into your yard
Damn fool, when will I stop dreaming of heaven?
In your arms I feel like an angel has caught me.

You would think I’d have stopped drawing that silver line
But I used up all of the other colors of the crayons in my box
You’re like a photograph of a painting I wish I would’ve worked
The best frames – staying in your world from time to time.

I’m like a tiny mouse
And you’re the hallowed moon made of cheese
I wish I could eat you up
But only in a way that it would please you.

I’m a nervous mess and your affection is of great turbulence
You make my world tremble, creating newer islands
I’m a sailor lost a sea, and you’re a beautiful siren
If I’m gonna drown, just bring me down right next to you.

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