The “L” Word

Dedicated to a very special someone

The “L” Word

How does one describe the way you make me feel?
How does one describe all the magic that you bring?
When your heart is so kind that it repairs my own
When your love is so wide that it fills my soul up.

Just to read to your words make my morning
Just to listen to your voice makes my night
And looking at your face makes my week
And staring at your eyes make my life…

How does one begin to describe all of this beauty?
How does one begin to describe how perfect it is?
When you hold my heart with so much kindness
When you pick me up from the wreck and take care of me.

Just to dream about being with you brings me joy
Just to dream about marrying you brings me absolute happiness
Just to dream about having a family with you completes me
Just to make sure that one day this all might be true, it’s my reason to be.

Cause saying that you’re beautiful falls short
And saying that I love you means so much more
And if there was something beyond marrying you
I’d take that and pushed it even further
‘cause you are that unspoken element
That breathes air into lungs, life into my essence.

You bring the “L” word to a whole another level
Cause you’re my light, my life, my lady, my love
And I’d be lost without you, Liene
And I’m so lucky for having found you.

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