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Actinic Salacity

All you need is something long enough to keep you satisfied
And I’m coming short with my words, my love and metaphors
And all you need is something stiffed enough to leave you mystified
And I’m coming weak with my open soul, open heart, open arms
Cause at the end of it all, all we need are the most mundane things
And when you’re not a spiritual whore, you don’t lust for implemented invisible beings
All you seek is for what the eyes can feast on, full body on, no protection required
No need for math for what comes after, this signal here burns with growing fire.

All you need is something that can hit you hard and continuously
Even if it’s the kind that’s developed by tempered physical manifestation
All you need is something that will make you sweat and scream infinitely
Even if it’s the kind that comes synthetic and not from a fleshy incarnation
Cause at the end of it all, all we seek are the most degrading things
And when you don’t have an ethic anchor, you don’t go for the sense of consenting
All you crave for is a carnal touch to caress us, press on, course through and across
The only agreement available is in wanting to be molded, fucked inside and out.

Our instinctive animal desires dictating what the outcome should be
For the lack of love, be that self, or from being shorn, this transforms our characters
In this upside down, backward world, where our perspective perception is deformed
We praise the physiognomy that leads into misogyny and depravation assertion.


I wrote this last month, but never posted it. It’s from the point of view of an asexual person.

Key Hole

I’d like to see you naked
Uncover the mystery that hides under your pressed on clothe
That cold, silky, pale skin, like a mannequin
I would like to see you dance when you’re unaware that someone’s watching.

‘Cause you’re you when you don’t care if nobody notices
You’re you, in the dark, in the loneliness, in the silence.

I’d like to see you transparent
Without all of that bullshit that you put on for the audience
Those lines that are drawn on your face when you smile
I would like to see you undone, raw, in the verge of a spontaneous combustion.

‘Cause you’re you when you don’t have to hold the ball
You’re you, in the fragile, shameful, reality of uncertainness.

Sulkier for the stalker whose eyes are restraint
You’re like that portrait I would like to paint
You’re a web and I’m tangled in your strings
You’re like that song that I would like to sing.

Your soul is like a key hole
Whose spectators are looking in
I want to unwrap you whole
Grant a place for your bare being.

Undeniably Undependable

A stingy sensation on the pit of my stomach
Laying there are broken dreams and dead butterflies
When an intention breaks into such a remark
You become the judging eye of who truths and who lies.

Lifted up from the remains of what was once alive
Walked away from the traces of what was once conceived
If I knew that you would’ve taken me for such a ride
I never would’ve stepped foot on that shelter where you lived.

Hard to envision anything any other way
When your wine is strong, with a bitter sense of convolution
Any lap dog would find it easy, to go stray
If they knew the true intentions of your so called revolution.

A peculiar sensation in the back of my mind
Sitting here with such familiar features of things I doubt
What could develop here, what could be left behind
Whatever trail I follow that will for sure become my route.

Leaped from under the fire and all of the debris
I crawled away from the crumbled pieces of my palace
If I knew that past beyond “forever” you would flee
I never would’ve exchanged my heart for this lack of solace.

Hard to position you in any other place
When your rope seems strong, but breaks from its fine line
Any beggar would want to witness your grace
If in their very naivety they didn’t conceive that you are lying.

Walking straight, with my breast held high up
If you need to say something here, you might as well cough it up
‘Cause once I take flight, I won’t be looking back for signs of life
‘Cause I’ve witnessed all you have to offer and it’s all in bitter strife.

You’re undeniably undependable
A plugged-in toaster unexpectedly thrown at my water filled tub
My dignity is certainly not negotiable
And the blood stain you’ve left in my heart is one you cannot scrub.

The Appositively Hypocrisy

Still tired, bored with this pc world?
About all the fucking shit we still cannot speak of?
Still tied to, biting off your tongue?
You can get away with almost everything if you write it in a song.

Fuck tolerance!
There’s some shit I need to get off my chest
Be irreverent!
Still it’s irrelevant if you try to do your best.

These pacifist assholes always being violent towards me
Why can’t see the irony? The appositively hypocrisy.

Still in awe, up in arms about this?
You can only fight about what the majority agrees on
Still in grief, aggrieved about this shit?
You can’t speak the truth when everyone’s convinced you’re wrong.

Fuck ignorance!
There’s a lot of shit you don’t know about here
Be observant!
About how stagnant you become when in fear.

These political-correct maggots always warping the facts
Why can’t they see the bigger picture? It’s all an act.

They got us by the balls
Even if you profess yourself to be a full-time feminist
Soon your name will be called
When it’s time to jump off the ship and into the shark infested sea.


Fear is your weapon choice
Calculating your damage control
One with an angel’s voice
Screeches like a fiend on a roll.

Your cowboy eyes won’t tell a difference
No, since you’re coming from the deep south
Don’t you love it when the present interference
Comes from the side of ones who own in oath?

White-wash your white-guilt
(You’re) a solid branch in your family tree
Just to do what thou will
Roots pay with their blood to be free.

You say it’s your “God-given-right”
To reclaim whatever it’s in front of your eyes
But you have built the foundation of your city
Over their natal graves and their stolen lives.

Fanatic skepticism applying
One assemblage set to take arms
Self-gratitude, exemplify denying
To think anyone’s safe from harm.

Your leather boots won’t feel a thing
No, since you’re dancing through the war zone
Don’t you love it when the level tilts vertically?
Sitting proudly, hereditary callous to the bone.

Bleach this box full of crayons
What can you draw when the canvas’ blank?
Whatever picture’s being drawn
It’s always set on the spine of the rainbow.

You say it’s your “God-given-right”
To reclaim whatever it’s in front of your eyes
But you have built the foundation of your city
Over their natal graves and their stolen lives.

Now you all sleep silent
Over the air where countless of voices screamed
Cause for peace you need to turn violent
So now you can rest, in your sweet, sweet dream.


And this earthquake will be felt by the people such as I
And when it comes and I won’t be able to see eye to eye
I’ll be bowing my head, while tears roll down my face
‘Cause I’ll be feeling that this chaos I’ve had embraced.

And the fragile mind will stay in shock as they lie in awe
And my hands will tremble, and my heart will surely drop
I’ll be cursing myself, while my fast press against heaven
‘Cause I’ll be feeling that the balance’s unfairly uneven.

And nobody else will truly understand how to reach with my hands
And rip my heart out in order to show the world how much I hurt
And when that time comes my thoughts of suicide might double
‘Cause this while will feel like I’ve wasted it just lying in the dirt.

I can’t find a way to convince myself that it will be alright
‘Cause I know in my heart of hearts that it will bring much more sorrow
And by then I’ll realize that this leading light isn’t as bright
It’s just a veneer to make you believe that there’ll be a better tomorrow.