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Wrote this 3 years ago. Inspired by someone I knew 15 years ago. Amanda White

Vainglorious Apollyon

I’m not sure who are you’re trying to fool here
With your empirical discharge of conundrums,
Of uneven measured triangles, overly squared demi circles
Wrapped in redundant enigmas and ongoing driveled riddles.

Just cause I’m wearing high heels and a white dress
You think I’ve lost my view on the agnostic sense of Gnosticism
And all the answers fell into a trench of amnesic state
And I’ve become a beggar lurking in darkness in search for light.

But let me tell you pal, your declaration of omnipotent grandiose
Is nothing but a tiny junction stone that needs to be set aside
That eagle head looks too heavy on you, even more the sun as your crown
Plus the eleven shines brighter, longer, when you are already thirty three.

Better make haste, for the deep waters are commencing to open their mouths
You’re best to apologize to Poseidon, for his disciples might swallow you whole
You wouldn’t want to find me riding that sleeping beast lying on my backyard
Or lay my cup on you for the pact constituted, to send in the black hounds, oh no.


Natasev Resi

I’m expanding
increasing the duality of an entity
into a whole legion army
so enjoy the party
you have no imagination
since you don’t listen to your demons
in a position of possession
(you part ways with reason)
the art of witchcraft
spells disguised as words on a poem
the sense of the occult
sacrificing children and virgins alike
please, can’t you tell when someone is jesting?
i’m putting logic to the test and
it’s falling short of a few fused bulbs
and a few lose screws
so when you read what I’m saying
you can either roll your eyes or start shaking
cause all in all
it’s just fun to mindfuck those of weak will
so anton and aleister can have a ball.
i’m coursing the curses of this book
retaking the turn that my life took
hiding symbolism and messages
subliminally inserting them in your brain
fantasying through all of these passages
cause believing so it’s all pretty lame
a sequence of eloquence jumping ship
cause I lack a sense of censorship
bleeding through and bleeding out
I speak in riddles
So you won’t get what I’m talking about
It’s all bullshit
Just gibberish typed in garbled scribble
While you and I sit in the middle
Let moloch eat the ones he wants
I’ll just keep writing things
You won’t ever truly understand.


Glimpses of self-realization
The night before
Was it a glitch of the brain?
Or are we too proud to accept the changes
And try to fix the mistakes?
When everything that crumbles
Becomes a lesson
You start looking for reasons
To break apart
Any structure holding still.

Acted on my animal instincts
Just a beast searching for its prey
Hungry for long
Starving and looking for scraps
Your essence was so warmth
And welcoming and inclusive
And of course the flesh desires it
To consume and be consumed
No lesson here to be learned
Only to realize our human condition.

What to do with the hollow
The broken and the wounded?
But to love them as they should
But no, this self-destruction is active
Always trying to rip apart
The pieces that don’t conform
Anything that doesn’t suit well
Or doesn’t fit within the big picture.

Glow with your light
As dim as you may find it to be
Grow within yourself
Accept the warmth surrounding you
Embrace the light
Reject all the darkness lurking
Be one with yourself
Let peace and love come together
Let it fill you up and restore
All that is dent and malformed
Go back to the original design
Before our nature got corrupted.

Ryan Lyandree


There’s a gap between what you feel and what you say
There’s a gap between what you think and how you live
Burning all bridges
Crippling all possibilities
You’ve become not an enigma but a random object flickering.

Your actions are so sporadic
Feeding on the chaos of your own clustered cosmos
You think you have found your light, your center
But all we’ve found is you’re antimatter
An asserting black hole.

A collapsing star
Supermassive supernova
In your catastrophic expulsion
Sucking in everything around
It all gets caught in your pull
And then it gets wiped out
One whole existence consumed.

Shining before expiring, you think you’re light
Cause your million gases glimmer through the night
Dragging, pulling, in your event horizon
Your mind and body completely torn apart.

Molecules swirling
Around and heating up
Funneled by the force of gravity
Sucking in everything around
All organisms caught in your pull
And then it gets wiped out
Engulfed in your abysmal bliss.

This gap has found a way to expand itself
This gap has found a way to devour us all
An asserting black hole
A collapsing star
And we’re getting caught in your pull.


Ryan Lyandree


The warmth of your heart close to mine
The touch of the blood turning to wine.

Calm and collected
Betwixt the storm
Channel your energy
Begin to transform.

Drink up
And never get drunk
Never thirst
Well of never ending supply.

Confined in the center
Outside of these walls

The warmth of your soul fusing with mine
The touch of the love willing to entwine.

Transfixed, quiet, still
Athwart the trials
Transfiguring my will
Riding the spiral.

Eat up
And never get sick
Never hunger
Garden of unremitted amounts.

Compassed in the axis
Boundaries expanded.

Embrace the inner senses
Share of the fruit
Fill up the planet
Append, affix, conjoin
We’re all but one body.

The Velvet Empress

Lucy Sapphire’s Subtle Smile

They came in baring gifts from distant lands
They said “our god doesn’t want them, but do you want?”
They’ve been cast out by a thunderous voice
So they’ve gotten here, without any other granted choice.

Descendants of the bekhor with a mark on his forehead
You’re all welcomed to stay here, and dine with us
We’ll get drunk, impassioned with lust for knowledge
Bithiah, lost in an age with countless unnamed others.

Lucy Sapphire, oh baby
You are like strange fire
Offensive to the almighty
But perfect for me, yes, sire.

Such a savory sermon
Such a subtle smile
Enough to give a leap of faith
Off of this holy pinnacle.

They came running away from their own lands
They said “we need some help, would you gives us a hand?”
They’ve been casted away by their own peers
So they’ve gotten here, without a future that seems clear.

Descendants of the tribe with a numerical indoctrination
You’re all welcome to stay here, and celebrate with us
We’ll get high, synchronize with an upmost manifestation
Marduk, lost in an ageless confinement, none to reminisce.

Lucy Sapphire, oh baby
You are like strange fire
Distasteful to the almighty
But perfect for me, yes
You are my igniter
The wire
That elevates me higher
Oh my, oh my,
A servant in your empire
You are
The object of my desire.

Such a savory sermon
Such a subtle smile
Enough to throw myself down
Off of this holy pinnacle.

The Velvet Empress

Close Encounter (of the Sixth Sixth Sixth Kind)

She summoned my broken spirit with her precious canticle
Scorched all my clothes right off with her burning touch
Got me right between the bed and her legs, so semantical
Never before have I experienced explicit exposure as such.

Her termagant tongue inside my mouth, conducting malice
Her claws scathing through my skin, deep into the muscle
With her spell-biding feline stare I lost myself into her solace
Holding my arms quite tight, I find no reason here to wrestle.

She turns and revolts like a demon drenched in holy water
Wet hair covers her face; she lays her hands over my chest
Red like hell in her fiery eyes, I feel like right in the gutter
Moan becomes roar, drawing an eerie smile, seemingly possessed.

A storm hit close by, this carnal embrace felt like a hurricane
She stirred up the bed, her pelvis, as strong as an earthquake
Lower parts clutched up to mine, wouldn’t quit until she came
Not only have I bitten off the fruit, I have also eaten the cake.