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From the perspective of someone else

Bodhi – Seoul (Erudire)

This one goes to my father
To my mother
To my God
And all the intentions they had for me.

Implant fictional memories of things I never lived
In this imminent break up, make me choose a side
Such a diabolical plan to take a child to manipulate
Push that love for a cornerstone deep in my insides.

I’ve found my shattered self
In a higher realm
Inside my own
Right where you left my dead pride and soul.

Move me with your strings, like the puppet you think I am
I’ll be bowing my head, waving my hands up, side to side
Dictate all the prayers, and the rules I’m set to understand
Push self-love in a small bottle that I must drink until I die.

This circus that you made of my youth
You made a pact for the cult that was set to sting
To praise a God that never gave a fuck
But now I’ve found a way to be again enlightened, liberated.


Reincarnation in the same bloody muscles
The lack of a wall in the fortress of the skin
As the spirit from the past life chuckles
I recognize the impending doom is soon to begin.

Get me to higher realms
In this spiritual journey of ours
Sick of chemical spells
Drifting at the pending hours.

Walk me to the creator
The one who made it all
The builder of this incinerator
The one who ignores my call.

Fear of the dismal future
The thing I made of my own
The roaming of this creature
That doesn’t have a home.

So rest in my anger
My agonizing intentions
Drunk in apathy
Before these revelations.


Ever shifting thoughts
Of this ever shifting mood
Incongruent to the cause
Vital to the self-indulgency.

I am what I feel
And when I’ve felt nothing
Then I’m gone
Waging on what I feel
And when what I feel
Contrasts against
Then this paradigm shifts
A paradox of inconstancies.

Confident in my confinement!
Adamant in my confidence!

One day led by the muscles in my brain
One day led by the muscles in my heart
Which is stronger? Which can sustain?
Which can rekindle the light in the spark?

Living under incongruences
To tell myself is it okay
May I be the one exception?
Justifying the lack of will.

I am determined…

To feel what I feel
And when I feel nothing
Then I’ll be gone
Waging on what I feel
And then what I feel
Weights upon
Then this paradigm shifts
Such suitable scapegoat.

Confident in my confinement!
Adamant in my confidence!

Convenient to what I want
Perfect fit for what I feel
For everyone to see the light
And the lack off, the night
And the sky, and the sun
When it’s shinning upon.

Oh! This world is all in my head
I’m the center of this universe
May all the words that I’ve said
Be the way of where life traverses.

Repair and restore
Be one when you’re to reborn
Ready to bear so much more
Rejecting this old flesh in spurn.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything new. This is about a personal spiritual conflict, based on Carl Jung’s theory of the shadow.


This is not supposed to be happening
How can I still be feeling like this?
This is not the way that I’ve devised it
How could I make a mistake as such?

Perfect being
Perfect gnosis
No room for errors
How can math be failing?

Perfect numbers
Perfect premise
No space for miscalculations
How can a character change it all?

I’m losing air to breathe
I’m drowning brain cells
Have no time
Have no patience.

Something above me
Something inside me
There must be something
Instead of this vast nothingness.

Shun Spirit Sanctum

Feeling the attraction to exhume it all
Itching for the invitation calling of its voice
The surge concealed in the inner stall
Subtracts the objective goal of a given choice.

Appealed by the desire to depict it all
Anxious for what’s concealed under the veil
Baffled with the retort of these parables
Bewildered by the perplexity concocting the trail.

A pattern is set for the naked eye to see
For what’s supernatural and what to believe
Pressed on the surface for the iris to bleed
Limited reasoning for what’s there to conceive.

Take a leap of faith into the infinite possibilities
The simplest of paradoxes in contradictory truths
Fix the piece in its place to face the one true reality
The answers most times lie beneath what’s occult.

Suma Soma

This is a godless empire
Attempting to have a deity at the pinnacle
For the things that transpire
Go beyond the laws of exchange’s principle
But since you’re a belligerent retard
You laugh at the jokes shown on the TV
Drunk in your obtuse absurdity
You can’t see past beyond what others see.

Let’s kill the one, the hundreds and thousands
As you drown in sorrow, they swim in presidents
And as such things never come without precedence
Would you be willing to sit down or take a stance?

This is a fiendish kingdom
Attending the dim revelations of the oracle
They’re not so random
Goes beyond the point that they’re cynical
But since you’re an imprudent idiot
You ignore all the hints shown on the TV
High in your absurd idiosyncrasy
You can’t see past beyond what others see.

Let’s kill the one, the hundreds and thousands
As you stare there in horror, they kill their residents
And as such things never come without precedence
Would you be willing to walk away or take a stance?

Try to read between the lines
Of what you are being told
Try to see beneath the lies
Of what you are being sold.

I mean, just try a little, by god’s sake…
I mean, just how long will it take…?

Try to ascend a little
Try to push open your third eye
Jesus, Joseph, and Mary!
Try to see through the goddamn lies.

So you see them as saints
The children of the devil
They touch and they taint
The rod in which all is leveled.

The golden abyss is soon to come
When the red sun marries the white moon
Come take a good look and then you’ll see
You’re a slave of a faith you wouldn’t conceive.

Come on Moloch, divine rectifier
Come swallow the children of Solomon
For those who ignore the crucifier
Have become the cursed spawns of Amon.

Abide by the word of the Thelema
Abide by the whole of the law
Bow down to the seal of the Oroboro
That encircles the sigil of love.


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Magnus Fantasia
Element of Opus Gracie
Paces of Andante
Drench in Avant-Garde.

Sirens dreaming of dry land
As they swim in the deep blue sea
At night, sailing to distant ships
Singing; “s’il vous plait, marin, prends ma main”

Natura Epiphyllum
In Tempo Moderato
A Flos de Roseus
In Adagio to Grave.

Titans slumber in the mountains
As they dream in their deep ethereal sleep
At times, it seems like they’re waking
Screaming; “πεινάω, θέλω να φάνε”