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Written by: Stephanie Grey










You’re the eloquence
Spilling in a sand clock
Your time is sequence
That turns on our luck
Prisoners of space
You’re an astronaut
Fly me in your space ship
All around the galaxy.

Cause inside your eyes
There are like stars
Each time shining
So bright are their sparks.

You’ve such significance
A song made in heaven
Your love is deliverance
One to makes us even
Pioneers of growth
You’re a professor
Teach me how to dream
All night in your arms.

Cause all your tears
There are like rivers
You are so dear
Such a loving caregiver.

Exuberance in your feelings
Such an empath with a beautiful smile
The warmth I feel in you
Has been holding me carefully all this while.


This inspired on the sea of women out there, specially the ones I’ve met.

The Orange Atmosphere

A pink tone over your skin
Soon to be black and grey
In secret
Eyes seemingly skyward
Until it becomes a fact
For pleasure
Side by side, centered
Bless be the ones who can read
Between the lines
Double meaning
It’s a necessity
Created to cease the itch.

Nobody’s speaking about love
Unrequired to touch that topic
But then again
Whatever words are to describe
The way that you tear up
For a second
The hourglass, up, down
Bless be the ones who crave more
Behind an intention
Natural selection
It’s common sense
An agreement of sorts but…

Not much needs to be said
Eyes clinging onto another’s
Blue, red, purple
An overseeing result
A beautiful attire
Less is more, in this case
Don’t mind the relation
Gender is not required
Animal attraction
Polar magnetic field
It’s meant to be
Hell burns as such, because…

Moving pictures
Another digital sound
Prison of souls
Collected by voyeurs
Touch is better, best
An organic organ item
A deductible disappointment
Pour it up and pour it out
Regrets to be added later
For the time being
Liquid desires
Turning vapor
An endeavor
The heat, the heat, the heat
The door’s open
If willing to get in
Wolves in packs
Hunger comes first
Time to feast.

It has been years since I have written anything like this. Yesterday after almost a decade I wrote this. It’s inspired on the songs I used to write when I was in a band years ago.


Don’t think about the past
Don’t think about the future
Just enjoy the right here, right now
Cause you only live once and pain is sending remote control missiles
So sail away, my dear friend
Set your ship to new horizons
No worries, you’ll eventually find dry land
Yes, one day you will find a place to spear your flag and call your own.

So when did life become so complicated?
The day you decided to read between the lines
How much time in this lifespan have you dedicated?
I think it’s time to let those silly lines blur.

Don’t think about what they’ll say
They will speak no matter what
Just enjoy the chance you’ve been blessed with
Cause every once a while the bite in the ass will be at the corner waiting
So walk away, my dear friend
This war has become a thing of legends
No worries, you’ll find a way right through it
Yes, one day they’ll tell the story about how you overcame every challenge.

So when did life become so convoluted?
The day you decided it wasn’t enough to be satisfied
How much of your breath in passing things you think you’ve wasted?
I think is way past time to feel mystified.

Cut the shackles while the warden is sleeping
You can get far away if you start running now
The lock is unlocked and the gates are wide open
No laws of restriction can bound you down now.

So when did your life become so damn difficult?
The day you decided to raise the stakes and not take them on
How much of your energy you think will be left before you resolve?
I say let the damn fears for the wolves to choke on.

Another poem by fictional character and pseudonym Alexander Silver


This is just another story
Another chance to say you’re sorry
And to pretend that you don’t know
All that I’m talking about right now.

You’re so beautiful in your very own way
I love the way that your eyebrows strain
Every time that you’re happy, every time that you’re mad
I love you when you’re smiling, love you when you’re sad.

This is just another tale
And it will follow you just like a tail
You can pretend that you don’t recur
But it can only be for so long so obscure.

You’re as sexy hip as you have always been
I love the way you dance, the way you sing
Every time that you’re happy, every time that you’re sad
I love you even when you’re lonely, when you’ve been bad.

This state in your life seems like an energy vacuum
Talk about sudden appraisal, and self-absorption
I can tell it by the way you slide, the way you hum
It’s uncanny the way you find yourself under such conception.


Automatic Magnets

Sexual beings doing sexual things when their mood is on
Well, all these things can be fun when you push all the right buttons
The core of the eyes are wired to the electric impulses
A word or a move; a reaction towards the reactor: automatic magnets.

There’s something “evil” about the way we desire it all
A storm in our hormones, our animal instincts have needs as well
Nothing scientifically logic when all you want is to feel…
Your skin upon somebody else’s skin; the best rush of dopamine.

Nothing is forever, might as well take the chance present at the moment
Tomorrow is for regrets, it always has been, especially in matters of the heart
Whether you do this for the feelings contained, or the urge in your dermis
Take your chance to make your hugest mistake or obtain your biggest reward.

Fabulous-Living-Room2The picture is from Google. I edited some details.


When did I become a curtain that shades you off from the rays of the sun?
All this time I was envisaging as being a lamp whose task was brighten you on
Might as well be household furniture, then at least your ass would sit on my lap
Sounds funny, but in my eloquence slur words and phrases are best kept unwrapped.
Should we begin the countdown? Should we change these facts?
Should I start bursting cursing verbs in verses? Would you like that?

I wouldn’t rely on such childish methods
But it’s like you’re playing Play-Doh with my heart again
So mold this clay to form the shape you’d like to display
Whatever the colors might be, at the end of the day,
When you mix them all, they always turn to bullshit brown.

So in great respect about the aspect of my self-inferred humble reflection,
I never meant to be that sour foam in your drink that you skew when in consumption.
My tendency is to taste my own blood before being in any way opinionated
But man, my skin is itching and is like ants are moving my jaw, forming a speech pattern.
So my apologies if what you hear isn’t exactly what you expected.
Who would’ve thought that small creatures would use me as their puppet?

Although it feels good to expel pressure
Your “Holy-Mary-ears” should never ever hear such atrocity
So excuse me as I count down all of the victims in this casualty
One, two, to one and two, seems like us both, a pair
But soon it’ll be just you, cause you’re helping me to disappear.

This is a poem. Before reading, you must know that all the things written here are purely artistic expressions of the mind’s fantasies. I don’t believe and don’t rely in violence towards women, or anyone. Thank you.


A Mother’s Prudent Wish

Girl, you show up like a goose seeing red
Assaulting all of those who are trying to feed off their pieces of bread
You’re wrecking my picnic, scaring my kids
You better back off before I start relying on my punches and my kicks.

The bearer of my life always told me;
“Never ever hit a female.
No matter what the circumstances are
Never result to violence;
Except when she threatens your family,
Then slap around that bitch”
I’m not vehement, I’m just ascertaining
My mother’s prudent wish.

Girl, you’re like a spawn, vetoed from hell
Swarming all the way into the finer veins of these pugnacious intents
Your blood begins to boil, your skin to swell
We abide in awe at all of your rambling, your deleterious contingence.

Your tongue must be conjoined to your menstrual stillness
I’m not one to minimize others, but you’re an impeccable example of a cliché
So I must sojourn my tongue before it becomes an illness;
A continual codependency on the right side cerebrum’s verbal impugns’ soufflé.