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Inwardly Fashion

You want to walk at your own speed
You like to do things syncopated
Don’t you know I’m in a hurry?
I don’t have the time to catch up
And synchronize
And to be one together.

How are you to fit the shapes in the hollow spaces?
When you’re a square, I’m a circle and we’re in a triangle
I don’t have the will to drag along those shallow memories
Of you and me, you and others, me against the world and I.

You want to go on your own speed
You never liked following the pattern
You’re either one step behind or two steps ahead
But never quite paralleled with me.

How are we to decipher the symbols on the walls?
When you read a different language from what I’m speaking
I don’t have the energy to figure out this conundrum displayed here
And you and me, you and others, me against the world and I begins.

The algorithm in the way we feel about one another
The difference about the way that we see things
Is dragging us under, placing us against each other
Consuming us to the point we stop being lovers and become nuisance instead.


I don’t know what the future holds but one thing is for sure I’ll keep on writing. This one is from Amanda White


Category and distance
Those are the rules of being polite
I’ve never met anybody
Quite as honest, as harsh as you.

You shine like a star
You are burning
You’re hot like lava
And I’m melting.

This is building a bridge
To places I’ve never wanted to go in me
I know we wanted to turn our islands
Into a sweet paradise, into a big archipelago.

But you’re ticking on like a time bomb
And I’m the putting up the hours
There’s no switch to turn the senses off
So the sweet is turning sour.

Residues of an apparent lifetime
Like ghosts of an abandoned habitat
We could’ve been so kind
But instead we only brought the bad.

You shined like a star
You were burning
You were hot like lava
Until you melted in.

And the house we were edifying
Didn’t have a strong foundation to withstand it
And now it’s time to close down that door
And in all sadness, leave you right behind it.

Cause you came like a match reaching me
And I’m a jasmine scented fuel tank
And with your fire, I burned and burned good
So now I cannot allow myself to keep on corroding.

So it’s time for our souls to take sail
As our hearts, hopes and dreams to sink
I’m now deciding for our winnings and fails
And you can think whatever you wish to think

But its time…
It’s time to be formal
It’s time to be strangers
Back to gaps and silence bits
Back to feeling somehow unfit.

Time will help me forget about all the wounds
Time will help me forget all about you
Time will only tell if we will remain friends
Or if inside my pain I’ll whisper “screw you.”

A Motion Cycle’s The Resolution. The order in which the poems should be read. These poems will appear in a poetry e-book I’m writing titled “Fishing for Sirens”.

The Fisherman
The Resolution
The Divine
The Antagonistic
The Needy
Fated for Catastrophe
The Veil
The Logical Sense of the Granted
The Pretender
The Wounded
Finding Work in Idle Hands
The Executioner
Agean Chain
The Invisible

A poem I wrote two years ago using the alias “Lauren Black”


I’m in love with the way you look at me
With those eyes, so pure, so profound
I’m in love with the way you talk to me
It’s like lost treasure that I have found.

I love the way you laugh, you smile
The way you hold me, so gentle, so firm
What could be happening? Hold awhile
Could I be getting something I can’t confirm?

I’m in love with how you take care of me
With every phone call, every little text
I’m in love with how you seem to love me
But am I taking it all out of context?

I like the way you blush, turn red
The way you sigh, so funny, adorable
What could this be? I must accept
I’m clinging from a ceiling not sure is stable.

You got me getting high on cloud nine
It’s so precious, so luscious, so divine
Tell me, do you love me…?
As much as I do you?
Cause I’d like to know if I’m the only one
Or if you’re in it too?

Beneath the Darkness

I know she wishes I was more expressive
I know she wishes that I would talk to her
My feelings here are way too excessive
They make her feel like I don’t care.

I love that you’re here with me
I love that you’re my best friend
I get lost when you’re not next to me
Without you I know it’d be the end.

I know she wishes I was more romantic
I know she wishes I’d say that I love her
My feelings here are way too eccentric
They make her feel like I don’t care.

I love that you’re here with me
I love that you’re my best friend
I’ll get lost if you ever leave me
Without you I know it’d be the end.

This darkness that sits in here
But right now you’re my light
I know that I don’t need to fear
You’ll always be right my side.

(Written on July 15, 2016)

And so it came like a ray of light straight from the skies
And so it likes you like nobody else and you ask yourself why
And so you open up cause you seem to like what it offers
Why does everything end up like this, and one again suffers?

And so this might be it, this might be the chance to get lucky
And so you give all that you have to give, and it seems alright
And so the stars are brighter than usual, cause you feel ecstatic
But then things turn around, day turn to night, shutting off the lights.

And so the pieces, they’re being put together, one by one
Cause now you smile like you haven’t done in so many years
And so you begin to realize that this might that someone
Until that something starts to break apart and bring up tears.

What is wrong with me, that everyone in this life seems to leave?
Is it something I’ve said? Is it something I did? Why does this always happen?
And so I stare at the sky, and ask in a prayer, as I struggle to believe
Am I just a waste of time? Why won’t anyone care? Why can’t I be happy?

Cause you don’t need the forecast of a foretaste
When all that you want’s the real deal that comes together
And you don’t want to think about what you’ve wasted
Waiting for someone, waiting for something forever.

Another poem by fictional character Alexander Silver

Celestial Bodies

I was a star in your sky
When did the night become so dark?
I was a spark in your eye
When did a stone replace your heart?

I was born to love you
You were born to reject me
But there was that moment
That twilight that time shifted.

I was the X in your map
When did you give up finding treasures?
I was the link amid the gap
When did you start burning bridges?

I was born to adore you
You were born to think less of me
But there was a moment
That twilight that time shifted

We are celestial bodies
I am the sun and you’re the moon
And when you wane and wax
I can rest calmly in your arms.

We are two celestial bodies
Me, as the sun, you, as the moon
And when we come together
Our light shines so bright
That it blinds the Earth.

I was born to be with you
I am certain you were born to be with me
Let’s be civil, let’s be nautical, let’s be astronomical
Yes, let’s our bodies merge into an Eclipse.