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A poem I wrote two years ago using the alias “Lauren Black”


I’m in love with the way you look at me
With those eyes, so pure, so profound
I’m in love with the way you talk to me
It’s like lost treasure that I have found.

I love the way you laugh, you smile
The way you hold me, so gentle, so firm
What could be happening? Hold awhile
Could I be getting something I can’t confirm?

I’m in love with how you take care of me
With every phone call, every little text
I’m in love with how you seem to love me
But am I taking it all out of context?

I like the way you blush, turn red
The way you sigh, so funny, adorable
What could this be? I must accept
I’m clinging from a ceiling not sure is stable.

You got me getting high on cloud nine
It’s so precious, so luscious, so divine
Tell me, do you love me…?
As much as I do you?
Cause I’d like to know if I’m the only one
Or if you’re in it too?


Beneath the Darkness

I know she wishes I was more expressive
I know she wishes that I would talk to her
My feelings here are way too excessive
They make her feel like I don’t care.

I love that you’re here with me
I love that you’re my best friend
I get lost when you’re not next to me
Without you I know it’d be the end.

I know she wishes I was more romantic
I know she wishes I’d say that I love her
My feelings here are way too eccentric
They make her feel like I don’t care.

I love that you’re here with me
I love that you’re my best friend
I’ll get lost if you ever leave me
Without you I know it’d be the end.

This darkness that sits in here
But right now you’re my light
I know that I don’t need to fear
You’ll always be right my side.

(Written on July 15, 2016)

And so it came like a ray of light straight from the skies
And so it likes you like nobody else and you ask yourself why
And so you open up cause you seem to like what it offers
Why does everything end up like this, and one again suffers?

And so this might be it, this might be the chance to get lucky
And so you give all that you have to give, and it seems alright
And so the stars are brighter than usual, cause you feel ecstatic
But then things turn around, day turn to night, shutting off the lights.

And so the pieces, they’re being put together, one by one
Cause now you smile like you haven’t done in so many years
And so you begin to realize that this might that someone
Until that something starts to break apart and bring up tears.

What is wrong with me, that everyone in this life seems to leave?
Is it something I’ve said? Is it something I did? Why does this always happen?
And so I stare at the sky, and ask in a prayer, as I struggle to believe
Am I just a waste of time? Why won’t anyone care? Why can’t I be happy?

Cause you don’t need the forecast of a foretaste
When all that you want’s the real deal that comes together
And you don’t want to think about what you’ve wasted
Waiting for someone, waiting for something forever.

Another poem by fictional character Alexander Silver

Celestial Bodies

I was a star in your sky
When did the night become so dark?
I was a spark in your eye
When did a stone replace your heart?

I was born to love you
You were born to reject me
But there was that moment
That twilight that time shifted.

I was the X in your map
When did you give up finding treasures?
I was the link amid the gap
When did you start burning bridges?

I was born to adore you
You were born to think less of me
But there was a moment
That twilight that time shifted

We are celestial bodies
I am the sun and you’re the moon
And when you wane and wax
I can rest calmly in your arms.

We are two celestial bodies
Me, as the sun, you, as the moon
And when we come together
Our light shines so bright
That it blinds the Earth.

I was born to be with you
I am certain you were born to be with me
Let’s be civil, let’s be nautical, let’s be astronomical
Yes, let’s our bodies merge into an Eclipse.

This is from the point of view of this character.

Visceral Conflict (by: Alexander Silver)

Your mystery has cost me misery, my own self-esteem
All of the secrets I thought we were truly ready to share
I confess this is the loneliest and most hurt I’ve ever been
And if you had a sense of empathy I would expect you to care.

Turn around and walk away, so you won’t be seen in this place
Spread your wings only when the wind blows in your way
But keep your eyes down, to avoid suspicion and save face
Now that you’ve betrayed me, (you’ve) left me with nothing else to say.

Why put on all that makeup just to look like a clown?
I ask you because you’ve made a circus out of this instance
I confess I never expected for you to let me down
No, not after fear turned your begs into constant insistence.

Such a visceral conflict
Not to go with your natural instinct.

This social experiment of yours has cost me too much
If you weren’t ready, you shouldn’t have opened the door
One simply does not flee, neglecting delicate affairs as such
And if you truly cared, you would’ve not run me to the floor.

Go inside and turn the bolts, so you won’t be seen out here (with me)
Spread your arms only when a wave of convenient support blows you way
But keep your head down, to portray guilt, even if it’s out of fear
You can keep pretending, for the benefit of all of things that come into play.

Why put on all that makeup just to look like a clown?
I ask you because you’ve made a circus out of this instance
I confess I never expected for you to let me down
‘Cause after they confronted you, you walked into their acceptance.

Such a visceral conflict
Not to go with your natural instinct.

I’m right confined in who I am, in what I want
Don’t play mind games, only ‘cause you’re feeling curious
All ever wanted was to help you out, give you a hand
‘Cause I know how difficult it is at times and it makes me furious
That ‘til this day there are those who still hide behind their curtain
In self-disgust of who they are, and what they could become
But I’m not one to push off and on if the other person isn’t certain
And if they ever need support, I’ll be here for all the things to come.

‘Cause it’s such a visceral conflict
Not to go with your natural instinct.

Ephemeral Infatuation

There’s something about you
Something truly addictive
And I’m just another junkie
Looking for a fucking hit.

Let’s fuck up this already shitty life
With all of your disgrace
And all of my mistakes
‘Cause nothing matters when we’re young
There are no consequences
To the bend of our moral compasses.

There’s something about you
That I wish to have in me
I wish to put in you
Angst is a supermassive black hole.

Let’s crash course against the wall
Leap off this cliff
And float till we disappear
‘Cause nothing matters when we’re young
There are no penalties
For we send it all to fucking hell.

‘Cause the present looks like a puddle of colors
We cannot make anything concrete out of it
And in our lack of esteem and raging hormones
We want to feel something, even if that something hurts deeply.

We’ll have the rest of our lives to regret this
We’ll ignore ever knowing one another in the future
Once we’re old and grey we’ll pretend have lived a perfect life
With the perfect choices that led us to where we will be.

Undeniably Undependable

A stingy sensation on the pit of my stomach
Laying there are broken dreams and dead butterflies
When an intention breaks into such a remark
You become the judging eye of who truths and who lies.

Lifted up from the remains of what was once alive
Walked away from the traces of what was once conceived
If I knew that you would’ve taken me for such a ride
I never would’ve stepped foot on that shelter where you lived.

Hard to envision anything any other way
When your wine is strong, with a bitter sense of convolution
Any lap dog would find it easy, to go stray
If they knew the true intentions of your so called revolution.

A peculiar sensation in the back of my mind
Sitting here with such familiar features of things I doubt
What could develop here, what could be left behind
Whatever trail I follow that will for sure become my route.

Leaped from under the fire and all of the debris
I crawled away from the crumbled pieces of my palace
If I knew that past beyond “forever” you would flee
I never would’ve exchanged my heart for this lack of solace.

Hard to position you in any other place
When your rope seems strong, but breaks from its fine line
Any beggar would want to witness your grace
If in their very naivety they didn’t conceive that you are lying.

Walking straight, with my breast held high up
If you need to say something here, you might as well cough it up
‘Cause once I take flight, I won’t be looking back for signs of life
‘Cause I’ve witnessed all you have to offer and it’s all in bitter strife.

You’re undeniably undependable
A plugged-in toaster unexpectedly thrown at my water filled tub
My dignity is certainly not negotiable
And the blood stain you’ve left in my heart is one you cannot scrub.