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I’ve written a poem inspired by the world’s politics, science and religions.

The Satanic but Divine

Don’t need to show me your power
I’ve seen the twist and the falling
Go praise your lord and your father
I’ve presence the words distorting.

One step away from becoming one
One with the root of all evil
Come teach me, to understand
How’s to sink to your level.

Your love for hate
To conquer and divide
For heaven’s sake
The satanic but divine.

Don’t need to reach to your tower
I’ve heard the hiss and the slithering
Go praise your god and your master
I’ve presence the truth’s withering.

One step away from becoming one
One with the root of all evil
Come teach me, to understand
How’s to sink to your level.

Your love for hate
To conquer and divide
For heaven’s sake
The satanic but divine.

Your faith is a joke
One that is not that funny
As one begins to choke
With your lust for the money.

Your science and logic
To turn leads into gold
That forbidden magick
That sheds from the mold.

One step away from becoming one
One with the root of all evil
Come teach me, to understand
How’s to sink to your level.

Your love for hate
To conquer and divide
For heaven’s sake
The satanic but divine.

The sign is a symbol
A piece of the triad
The sound of the cymbal
The spine of the dyad.


Thalassic Tears

All that we’ve fought about
Has been a farce
Has been a dream
How foolish of me to believe
That there could be light
In these darkened hearts
That there could be life
In the cold and silent
As they get drunk
In their wealth and power
Having us trapped
In their hamster wheel.

While we chant songs
About our hurt and loneliness
They’ll be cashing in
The incentives of their promises
Cause left or right
We are always directionless
And the ones to help
Will always stay there motionless.

Back into the river
Back into where we lie lifeless
Deep down at the bottom
With the broken and hopeless
Collecting aquatic scraps
For when the uprising comes
To be ready up in arms
To turn your kingdom undone.

So let’s not drown
In these thalassic tears
Let’s us stand ground
And go against our fears
Cause when tyranny tries
Taking our voices and rights
That’s when we fight it
With all our will and might.


In the land of opportunities
Not everything is what it seems
Another seed born in duality
I’m the bastard son without a name.

I look at the way I speak
And I can see I don’t belong
I look at the color of my skin
And I can see I don’t belong
I look at the way I think
And I can see I don’t belong
My theological and political view
And I make sure I don’t belong.

So stop me at the air port
With hands up facing a wall
Say this routinely and random
To contradict any sense of being logical.

I look at the way you speak
And I can see I don’t belong
I look at the way you look at me
And I can see I don’t belong
I look at the way you think
And I can see I don’t belong
Your theological and political view
And you make sure I don’t belong.

When you hint you have a problem with my kind
You mean you have a problem with all of us
Whatever you mean having a problem with my kind
I’m the bastard son of the land your people raped.


Burn the books
Nobody‘s reading them
Our tweenage generation
Will soon die down.

When words lose their meaning
In Americaland
Disney World and TV shows become a repetition
Of our boredom and ignorance.

You have accommodated me to conform myself
While subliminally feeding me stereotypical bigotry mockery
We’re not the equal, cause you have us under
And you just won’t move away to give us our chance to shine.

When history lose its significance
In Americaland
You can bet your ass they will deny their mistreatment
And sweep it under the rug again.

You have cemented the floor underwater to create more space to proclaim your land
So that erection can be a device of innuendo and double standard as you all are
Hollywood isn’t the only one selling sex this time
Our government is anally raping us clandestinely and publicly laughing at our faces.

When our rights lose their importance
In Americaland
Steeping over one another for the crown seems like an everyday thing
But it’s a thing that has been infiltrated for centuries now.

And now we’ve been conditioned to not take a stand
It’s been labeled as anti-patriotic to speak your own mind
But is it patriotic for Americaland to piss all over their people?
So are we their slaves and they our masters, and must we obey without ever questioning their plans?

I don’t expect many people to like this poem, but for those who know a little of history will understand some things that I’m saying here.


Vantage Point

“Give us a ruler
One that is like us
One that is flesh like
One born out of sin and damnation
One that could die of starvation
One that hungers power
One to build us towers
For him to lead our holy nation.”

“In God we trust
For Him to do what we command
We don’t like holy wars
But only the ones that make us feel holier
So give a chance to other religions
Except for the one that makes us explode
We have tolerance except for those
Who would truly die for what they believe
However crazy we might perceive
So don’t choke on your popcorn
Cause this is going to be the bomb
In the meanwhile have some fun
Come grab a chair and enjoy the show.”

“Divide the land
This is not my people
This is not my family
These are not the ones I was born with
I won’t share what’s rightfully mine
Or let you take it away
I need a place to stay
A place to rest my tired head.”

“So grab your arms
This time our voices will be heard
This is a battle we don’t think of losing again
It doesn’t matter how many years
How much blood, sweat and tears are spilled
No matter how many are killed
We do it for the sanctity of our belief
For all we wish is to live in peace
Man vs man, this doesn’t make any sense
But we also have to come to our defense
I hope you believe as much in your God
As we believe in ours
I hope you’re ready to give your life for your God
As we’re ready to give ours
In the meanwhile pray in the night
Contemplate on what’s wrong and what’s right.”

“Us, “the innocent”,
In the middle of a war…
we don’t fully understand
Which side do we take?
Which people do we cry for?
To see a man murder another
Do you think we take pride in that?
Oh, I understand we’re a violent species
But that’s doesn’t excuse these atrocities
If the leader of a country
Has a feud with the leader of another
They should take it onto each other
And leave us civilians alone
I don’t see any leader taking a bullet
In these cases of hostages
All that I see is flesh to the bone
Bodies lying dead on the ground
And no one to be accounted for
Ripping us off from our human rights
Depriving us all from our precious lives
Dividing and conquering;
That’s the way of the tyrants
So I guess, for us is time to retaliate
So bring in the guns, the jets, and the tanks.”

Hawker of Salve

Like a cheap magician you will come up front with impossible solutions
Like cancer can be cured with a fluid in a flask or enchanted potions
Your carriage raises more questions than the gibberish written in your parlor’s label
For you’re just another Luciferian quacksalver disguised as our holy savior.

Snap your fingers to make me disappear
You won’t like me when I start speaking real
This little vampire you had under control
Got sick of this dealing with your entrepreneurs.

The tsk of the task in the sound
Keep rolling your eyes when no one’s around
This hell bent bed pool made for you
Is the perfect gateway for all of this decadence to come true.

I know the cause for these situations
How come everyone keeps ignoring them?
I’m so sick of dealing with your condescension
You’re just recycling a lie, when are people going to learn?

You keep pilling rubble over rubble just to hide what’s under your crushing feet
Once we remove the steeping stones piled over us, we’ll be able to proceed
Your army is nothing but puppets held by strings, legions of zombies following orders
For blindness has kept them numb and stale to the cause of others.

So come to the table, bring up the walls
Put down the sickened animal, shout to the call
It all will start, or end, for better or for worse
Injecting a farce, full of ignorance, but you feel no remorse.

So this mechanical Machiavellian device
Would it keep you off those leeches and lice?
This unoriginal imaginary spiteful pretense
Would it keep us all off from making any goddamn sense?

I know the answer to the question
How come everyone keeps denying it?
I’m so sick of hearing your suggestion
If you keep feeding them lie, and they keep eating up your shit.

Oh, come forward, my dear friend, Misery
Come to me with your latest of news
To unlock for us all the greatest of mysteries
Tell us about the things we’ve gotten used to.

If you keep them ignorant to the truth, they’ll never know any better
If you keep repeating the lie over and over again, everyone ends up believing it
If you keep them confined in a bubble of false advertisement for true patriotism
They’ll be the ones to divide what was already joined; they’ll bend to the point of schism.

The Deprived

I’m the voice that screams at your face
All you have done wrong
When you try to deny it and hide it under the rug
I’m the one who uncovers it all
And makes you pay for all the lies you’ve told
And all the dangerous secrets you uphold.

I’m the one who doesn’t laugh at your condescending jokes
I’m the one who prays for you for one day to choke
I’m the one who won’t buy in into what you’re selling
Your biggest enemy when everyone thinks of you as a friend.

I will tell it how it is, never sugar coating it
As you roll your eyes and scoff, afraid of the truth
I’m the evidence behind your undermining
As you walk away thinking you have won one more time.

This is a war I won’t let you win
I’ll make you fall before you try to push me off
I’m the anti-norm, the politically incorrect
When being asked to suck it up and swallow all the injustice laws.

Sick of always being right
What you perceive as arrogance I perceive as masochism
As I give you another change for you to prove your point
And you waste it away mocking my logic ways and knowledge.

You’re like a child laughing at everything that’s different
Cause you’re so stuck in your ways that you can’t pass beyond at those labeled “aliens”
And so you’re afraid of what you just can’t understand
Thinking you have a right for demeaning because they still haven’t pass a law against it.