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Torn Feathers

Gone in your puzzled eyes
Your mind steers astray
Just for the lack of touch
Not only on my flesh
But what’s under it
Silence is a brick wall
Keeping you out
Keeping the pain in
Press on the clothe
We built up this gate
Dividing the home
We once called ours.

Do you think we still have a spark of a chance?
A spark of a chance to save it?
Before it’s too late?
Or is it too late already?

Torn feathers
For all the angels we have killed
The sour feelings
That we can’t make sweet again.

Sand is on the slip
Turning the hourglass
Illusion of the illusory
It was never my intention
To hurt you
With the way I’m hurting
To try to squeeze
The last drop of this scarpered love
Is this cup really empty?
Have we really given up?
I need your touch
To feel like you still feel for me.

Do you think we can save it?
Do you think we still have a spark of a chance?
Before it’s all over
Or was it over long ago?

Torn feathers
For all the angels we’ve mistreated
The darkened feelings
That we can’t make into light again.

So is our future now nothing?
Nothing that can be done to fix this?
Are you done?
With this?
With us?
With me?
Are we doomed?
Never to love or forgive one another ever again?


Etips by Unknown Attester

Look, I’m gonna tell everyone what you did
I gonna tell, and there’s nothing you can do
And they all are gonna believe me, cause I’m a girl
Realize there’s nothing you can say to defend yourself.

For your information, I got all the wealth and the power
And all the love and protection of my lawyers and my mother
Know that I’m gonna destroy you like I’ve never done before
Everything that you had, you’re not gonna have anymore.

Realize that nobody’s gonna belive you, no, no
I have all the elements to make you pay for being a man
Can’t you see that it’s obsolete trying to convince otherwise
Here you will have no chance, they’ll always believe my lies.

Go look for help in your broken down life, loser
I’ll be here in my castle, sitting in my throne
Run as fast as you can, you know my claws will catch you
Look, you have no choice, I don’t want you, so fuck you!

Bet you didn’t know this is what I was going to do
Right when you came here to try to love me
No, no, no, boy, I was just bored that’s why I cheated
Don’t think I did it out of love, now, shoo, fuck off!

Michael Saints. Interesting concept. A response to Amanda White’s “Michael”

Tone of Pink

Oh red, you are so beautiful
And red, you are so real
Everything I dream of is held there right in your hands
Between your fingers.

So red, why not make a deal?
Whoever wins this hand has to do what the other wants
So red, what do you say?
Are you up for the challenge?

Oh, red, you have everything a man would want in a woman
Oh red, you have me begging in here
You have me in the palm of your hands
Why don’t you squeeze?

Come on red, lets me be truthfully harsh here
Like you have written in that song
Come on, red, let’s speak real lexes
I want that which you want as well.

You know I’m the king of my world
But I’d love to have you as my queen
So what do you say, red darling?
Are you in?

So, red now that you have traveled the world
Have you find anyone like me?
I know you have not, I am unique
I rock your world like nobody does, and nobody will.

This is from the perspective of Lauren Black, who just as Amanda White has heard of the mysterious character simply called “Michael”

Opus Majus

You, you seem like somebody different
You, you are so unique, so talented
You, you steal the words out of my mouth
You, you seem like you’re in my head.

You, I like it when you talk to me
You, I like it when you listen so close
Is like you can relate to the things I feel
It’s like you see through my very own eyes.

What can you tell me about it all?
I love it when you fire up like a lose cannon
I love it when don’t take it and stand tall
That’s quite a rare thing, so uncommon.

You, you seem trustworthy and confident
You, you seem like you’d catch me if I fell
You, you make my day beautiful and bright
You, you seem like somebody I’d like to meet.

You, I like it when you speak so real
You, I like it ‘cause you allow me to be me
Is like you were send from the great beyond
Just to be right here and keep me company.

The greater work is done in your persona
Never seen anybody quite as raw as you
Enchanted by all of your charm’s pheromone
Anybody can fall for the things you say, for the things you do.


The Artic State of Revering

I wrote her beautiful
I wrote her really kind
In my pen her words are arsenal
A metaphor for this life to find.

If I scribble she becomes real
As true as when the fingers touch
In my head is a thing I can feel
Cause in reality there’s no thing as such.

So poet, write me a story of love
Of those that never rot and turn
Print those verbs that are suave
One cannot wait for the pages to burn

I wrote her spectacular
I wrote her almost perfect
But when the sense becomes oracular
The contact sways misdirected.

If I stop she disappears from this screen
As soon as my thoughts begin to fray
In my head this can only be a dream
Cause in reality I know that no one would stay.

So poet, write me a verse of life
Of those that never hurt or end
Print those words that are alright
One cannot wait for arguments to defend.

She then died in my heart
But I’ll never give her- her funeral
And right here lie the scar
The kind that’s never really ephemeral.

Ms. Him Mr. Her

She doesn’t need any friends
Who the hell ever needed any?
You know she can depend of herself
Except when is required another’s opinion
She can do it all on her own
Never seen anybody so damn independent
It doesn’t matter the days she feels alone
She can disguise it all with a forced smile now.

Sometimes she wishes to feel the rain
Other days she prays for the world to burn
She can be at the edge of the end and not fall away
But I know to the center of it all she can never return.

She’s never ever truly wrong
Except for the moments she doubts herself
Don’t dare to give an opinion of your own
That’s an offense she will never forgive, nor forget
Don’t you know she’s the queen of her world?
Who the fuck needs a king when she can do it all?
It doesn’t matter if you truly have fallen in love
She doesn’t need your goddamn affection or empathy.

Sometimes she wishes she wasn’t born
Other days she prays for the world to disappear
She can be at the verge of a breakdown and still not mourn
But I know that when death is so close you can only fear.

She’s doing so much better in her head
While her actions only dictate how she’s losing her mind
“You and I, yeah, we rather be dead”
That’s what she whispers when she’s tired of being kind.

She gives her body and soul to strangers
Cause those are the ones that will forget later on
She risks it all without a fuck about the dangers
And she’s gonna do it all until the day that she’s finally gone.

This is for my soon to be ex-wife. I know she won’t read this, but I have to get it out.

For Everything We Cannot Talk About Anymore

I dreamt we spoke
I dreamt we spent time together
And all the differences were set aside
And all of our problems didn’t put up a wall.

I dreamt we spoke
I dreamt we laughed together
And all of our differences were put down
And the problems with each other became obsolete.

It was so beautiful, and it was so nice
It was like we healed and left the past behind
I swear to God I never intended to hurt you
I never intended for us to end up like this

I dreamt we spoke
I dreamt we were friends again
And all the differences were things of the past
And all our problems were buried deep under.

I dreamt we spoke
I dreamt we had a good time
And everything that made us be away from each other
Was something we were matured enough to deal with.

It was so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes
It was like we forgave one another and left the past behind
I swear to God I never intended to hurt you
I never intended for us to end up like this

Why can’t we talk about it?
How come we end up hurting again?
I wish I had the strength to be a different person
The betterness you seek back then.

No matter how much time passes,
no matter how wide the distance is,
It still hurts like it was yesterday
I cannot forgive myself for how insufficient I was
But now it’s far too late,
we have locked that door
Now there’s no room for repentance, or
For everything we cannot talk about anymore.