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Invalid (By: Ryan Lyandree)

I’ve cut my veins with sharp pieces of the reflection of my own
I’ve turned to as much of a masochist as one could become
Like a junkie looking for a fix, I am addicted to find a way
A brighter light to shine down on my way… back home.

I’m trapped between the choices
As few as they are some days
Confused about the voices
That whisper into my head

I’ve perforated my wrists with nails only to assimilate my savior
I’ve become as much of a martyr’s illusion as the next fool
Like a disease I am contaminating my rights and principles
A stupid selection of pills for my awaking into the next world

(You) invalidated my freedom in choices
As few as you propose some times
(I’m) confused about all the voices
That invades inside my mind.

Death seems the only way out
But I get born again the next day
With every word that I’ve spouted
I run empty with things to say.

How could you amputate my free will?
Switch my choices in living for the kill?
No such thing as righteousness when you’re wrong
Even if you’ve had carved all of your laws into a stone.