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Natasev Resi

I’m expanding
increasing the duality of an entity
into a whole legion army
so enjoy the party
you have no imagination
since you don’t listen to your demons
in a position of possession
(you part ways with reason)
the art of witchcraft
spells disguised as words on a poem
the sense of the occult
sacrificing children and virgins alike
please, can’t you tell when someone is jesting?
i’m putting logic to the test and
it’s falling short of a few fused bulbs
and a few lose screws
so when you read what I’m saying
you can either roll your eyes or start shaking
cause all in all
it’s just fun to mindfuck those of weak will
so anton and aleister can have a ball.
i’m coursing the curses of this book
retaking the turn that my life took
hiding symbolism and messages
subliminally inserting them in your brain
fantasying through all of these passages
cause believing so it’s all pretty lame
a sequence of eloquence jumping ship
cause I lack a sense of censorship
bleeding through and bleeding out
I speak in riddles
So you won’t get what I’m talking about
It’s all bullshit
Just gibberish typed in garbled scribble
While you and I sit in the middle
Let moloch eat the ones he wants
I’ll just keep writing things
You won’t ever truly understand.


Another poem by Ryan Lyandree. Enjoy!

The Delusive

Don’t talk to me about evolution
When you cannot even fathom the simplest of notions
Nothing worse than an arrogant who’s completely ignorant
Gravity is still pulling you down
It’s doesn’t matter if you fantasize about being superman.

Don’t take it personal
Even Tesla fell in love with a pigeon
Think you’re so humble in your delusions of grandeur
Such a god complex
But god is not that complex
So, welcome to the club
Take a number and wait in line.

Make way for the deceptive
The delusive,
The one
Who reached the realm that none of us ever could.

Don’t talk to me about progression
When you cannot even follow the simplest instruction
Nothing worse than a blind, deaf and dumb who thinks it’s above
Gravity is still pulling you down
It’s doesn’t matter if you dream about having angel wings.

Don’t take it personal
Even Tesla fell in love with a pigeon
Think you’re so exceptional in your existential crisis
Such a god complex
But god is not that complex
So, welcome to the club
Sit down and wait for your name to be called.

Make way for the deceptive
The delusive,
The deluding one
Who touched the heavens when none of us could.

It didn’t take much to be pulled down by gravity
It didn’t take much for your feet to touch ground
Your ego is so inflated, and your halo is too heavy
A fashion catwalk for the susceptible ones to stare in awe
Bow at your public for your performance, so they can applause

Coming short on your forthcoming fruition
Don’t feel so down, so bad, so sorry
You’re not the only one
Even Newton couldn’t turn lead to gold.

Make way for the deceptive
The delusive,
The charlatan
Who told us stories that were only illusory.

A Motion Cycle’s The Resolution. The order in which the poems should be read. These poems will appear in a poetry e-book I’m writing titled “Fishing for Sirens”.

The Fisherman
The Resolution
The Divine
The Antagonistic
The Needy
Fated for Catastrophe
The Veil
The Logical Sense of the Granted
The Pretender
The Wounded
Finding Work in Idle Hands
The Executioner
Agean Chain
The Invisible

Inarticulate Jumble

You never read my words
Unless they’re arrows aiming at your pride
I find it to be pretty absurd
Having to rip your chest like that, out wide.

You feel like saliva in my drink
Sometimes I wish I wouldn’t even touch that cup
Words dig deeper as they sink
You read on my riddles, trying to figure what’s up?

Insults are disguised as praises
Not wise enough to slip it in any other way
Obstacles always come in phases
But this one has stayed since before yesterday.

You never read my words
Unless they’re axes chopping off your head
I find it all straying inwards
When I hurt myself, I make another feel dead.

You feel like smudge on my mirror
Sometimes I hate this face I am wearing in here
Words cannot describe the horror
Can you figure out between lines all of this fear?

I’m the viable vial to poison you
Not deep enough to make through and through
Temptations call upon our names
But I know this one is the one that put us to shame.

I’ll tear your skin and put it over me
As I tore out my heart to make you understand
‘Cause words they cross to make it all unintelligible
Where no reason for reasoning can truly land.

‘Cause my words are inarticulate jumble
That you have no time at all to figure out
I wish that in my pride I was more humble
Yet in your ignorance you won’t know what it’s all about.

This is inspired on a fictional character I’m thinking to write a novel about. I based the character on people I met back when I was younger.


You’re so damaged
That means I love you
I must be attracted to you
Cause the coarseness in me
Needs, wants, desires
To shed a tear
To share a smile
To make sick jokes
About touchy subjects.

You are so cool
Such a twisted sense of humor
Let’s drink wine all night
Cast spirits from our Ouija boards
Call 911
Prank them
Then burn down this
Fucking house
With everything and everyone in it.

We are so disrupted
So corrupted
But is it our fault?
Or is our parents’?

Let’s do something crazy
Like snort some coke
And dye our hair in green
Then drive all night
A hundred miles
Passing lights
Against the transit.

Let’s rob a store
Let’s flip a cop
Jump off a bridge
With rocks tied to our bodies.

Let’s express our ODD
You and me
Break the chains
Of these constricted restrictions.

Oh, dear my,
We have no time to be sorry
Here the doors of hell awaits us
Or of purgatory’s
Whatever is found
On the other side
Of our corrosive decisions
And our need to destroy it all.

We are so disrupted
So effing corrupted
But is it our fault?
Or is our parents’?

Let’s express our ODD
You and me
Bring the walls down
Of this constricted confinement.

The Grim (To Commit)

I want to commit
Sell my soul
Whore my pride
Anything that is needed
To get further
To get on top.

I’d sell my convictions
If that would assure me a million dollar house
I want a million dollar car
Assure me the perfect life
With the perfect family
A million dollar kid and a million dollar spouse.

Behind it’s curtains
The devil lies
Love for money
We live in a lie
I’m hungry
For something
Most times
For food
Cause without any
You’re no one
You’ll have
No clothes
No bed
No living
Money rules the world
God doesn’t really exists
The big dollar sign rules us all!

I’d sell my convictions
If that would assure me the most perfect of lives
I want countless of followers
That would praise me
To always have everything
The perfect model kid and the perfect model wife.

Love doesn’t matter at all
All that matters is to survive from this world.

The Porta Alchemica

This city needs me
As it needs my public urination and fecal matter
I’m gonna help it
Insert the insults; raise the volume on the amplifier.

Shadow, my lover
Let’s make a prank that gets out of hand
Darkness, my master
Let’s fornicate together on this holy land.

The public needs me
As they need their government and governors
This passion taints me
I need to face still the very beauty of this horror.

Shadow, my brother
Together you and I will conquer this world
Darkness, my father
Let’s lie back here and laugh as death unfurls.

Nicolas Flamel, barrel and bone
Immortality in the palm of our hands
Sink and break the corner stone
To destitute the premises of this holy land.

Alchemia porta aperit viam num
Tu laudate dominum
Draco Dæmonium regnum
Filius philosophorum
Dosis facit venenum