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Perpetual Predicament

Don’t lose faith in humanity yet
Someone will rise for the occasion
Once we’re done with that bottom dollar bet
And we’re up to our necks in duly deformation.

Not truly separated from the center
But severed and extracted from it
With fuel to add to our ill temper
No wonder we cannot find any peace.

This mechanical inception of you and I
It becomes part of the perversion that comes alive
One pull of the lever and the level starts to rise
Either you drown in it with dignity
Or sell your soul in order to survive.

Flick of the switch for things to turn around
Inane in here, a prisoner of my own war
But as we all fall down the bottom ground
We realize we were part of the problem from the start.

Not truly set on the pier base
But buried deep within the walls
Which might or might not be case
Of why no one ever heard my calls.

This ostracized intricate perception of us
Lays a pragmatic paramental parallel over our beliefs
‘Cause is there any out there left to trust
Shouldn’t be the ones who serve
On our pain and feed on our grief.

So come and put on your Sunday’s best
You might need to look pretty for the picture
We’re cluttered here with all of the rest
They bring down the foundation to break apart the structure.

Enters the incipient perpetual predicament
The never-found solution for this ongoing mystery
Adding up to the sentiment of ambivalence
And so we go on living under such incensing misery.

I’ve written a poem inspired by the world’s politics, science and religions.

The Satanic but Divine

Don’t need to show me your power
I’ve seen the twist and the falling
Go praise your lord and your father
I’ve presence the words distorting.

One step away from becoming one
One with the root of all evil
Come teach me, to understand
How’s to sink to your level.

Your love for hate
To conquer and divide
For heaven’s sake
The satanic but divine.

Don’t need to reach to your tower
I’ve heard the hiss and the slithering
Go praise your god and your master
I’ve presence the truth’s withering.

One step away from becoming one
One with the root of all evil
Come teach me, to understand
How’s to sink to your level.

Your love for hate
To conquer and divide
For heaven’s sake
The satanic but divine.

Your faith is a joke
One that is not that funny
As one begins to choke
With your lust for the money.

Your science and logic
To turn leads into gold
That forbidden magick
That sheds from the mold.

One step away from becoming one
One with the root of all evil
Come teach me, to understand
How’s to sink to your level.

Your love for hate
To conquer and divide
For heaven’s sake
The satanic but divine.

The sign is a symbol
A piece of the triad
The sound of the cymbal
The spine of the dyad.

Pierce in the Veil

This tunnel seems like a two way street
Where unknown faces get the meet
And a “hi” and smile can bright your day
So sometimes you don’t need to pretend when they
Ask about you and you say you’re “doing okay”

This seems like practicing to a wall
With all the times you think to call
And the phone beeps with words on a screen
Comes asking that awaited question “how have you been?”
“It’s been a long time we haven’t spoken or seen”

Your mind gets caught in a net
While floating somewhere around that trajectory set
Of thoughts that makes you feel so complete
“I hope this letter gets to you and you get to read.”

The airwaves have been blaring on
While somebody catches it and writes a song
Something that inspired them to think of you
Is that pierce in the veil that makes them look
That makes them aware that such surmise might be true.

Honest Mistake

In the gap where the soul is supposed to be
I’ve found a piece of flesh that fits perfectly
So tender, so young and so full of life
And whenever it cries, it cries right by my side.

And I tried to stop it, but it comes like an ocean
Washing away the line drawn on the sand
And I am left with a very well and honest intention
That turns into perversion in the eyes
Of the ones whose hearts are filled with hatred
Jealousy, lies, and all kind of devices
Designed to break down every machinery,
Every flexing muscle that wishes to build up.

And I’m left with the shame and the thought
That makes me believe that this was a mistake
And no man and woman should ever be friends
Just tear down the pages and forget what I did, what I said.

And I tried to define it, but it came to me like a storm
So fragile, so strong, so full of internal struggle
And me, as addicted as a wounded loser would be
I tried to save her from the things I couldn’t save myself.
So laugh at me, you evil intentioned, evil minded
Victims of the events that I did not cause
But no matter, I am to blame, for I am of the race
Who would hurt another for the pleasure of taking advantage.

And I’m left with the guilt and the thought
That makes me believe that I should have never
Tried to figure out this men and women thing; honest mistake
Just burn down the pictures that reminds you of what I did, what I said.

This division that you made for me
I should’ve never tried to fix it
This division that you have created
I should’ve never tried to put it back together.

Dissected Conversations

The way you look at me
With those adamant eyes
The way you speak to me
With your tantalizing lies
It makes me follow through
It makes me slip in
Hidden under these scarlet sheets
With secrets, you and me.

Here comes the architecture
Trying to come with new plans
Here comes the heart doctor
Trying to mend all of our wounds.

“What is a girl like me supposed to do?
Am I ignore or to give in the words you spew?
You seem to be smart
And you seem to be courteous
But does that mean I’m supposed to trust you?”

Here comes the rendition
With the sparkles and gleams, in all of its glory
Here comes the absolution
To bring back an end to this part of the story.

A glimpse of my mind
With all of its clouds and storms
A peek on the inside
With all of my doubts and mourns.

“What am I supposed to do with all that you give me?
Am I supposed to care, to say that I love you?
You seem to be transparent
And you seem to be kind
But does that mean I should stay for you one more time?”

This endless circle
Looping the sounds echoing in
All that was once simple
Turns into a complication from within.

Dissected conversations
Why do you have to cut my heart to pieces
In order to understand who I am?
Isn’t the sound of my voice enough evidence
To make notice that I don’t have to pretend
That I have no agenda to hide?

Been trying to write something good. Finally got inspired. It was right in front of me.

Its Own Relationship

It comes with a smile again
Pretending it doesn’t know
“The past is the past, so live for today”
Another excuse to fuck up the now.

I begin going in circles
Trying to make notice
Trying to explain
As it rolls its eyes
Asking “what’s the problem?”
Pretending it didn’t do wrong.

The heat tilts the top
The fuel you overflow
The guilty offended
Mirroring the blame
It brushes it off again
And threatens with cynicism
I’m left with no voice
As it takes advantage of the occasion.

It waits for me to forget
That’s the way that it knows how to love
It doesn’t care how much it takes
Its pride resides in the illusion of its own.

It swears it doesn’t need anything
It thinks it can live happily all alone
It kicks out whatever it doesn’t need anymore
It doesn’t know love, it only thinks it does.

This is a picture I drew and painted

Phronemophobic Girl

“Come sit next to me
And tell me a bedtime story
One that helps me sleep, serenely
Spare the gory details
I don’t want it to be scary
You know, some ghosts
They tend to haunt me permanently.

Cause when tomorrow comes
And you walk out that door
Then I’ll be here all alone
Sitting on the floor, waiting by the phone
Cause when I’m left alone
I’m left alone with all my fears
And I try to keep, I try to stay strong
But some of these monsters become real.

So when you arrive from work
Will you be ready to hear me out?
When you come in through that door
Will you be willing to hold me still?

If I tell you all of my feelings
Would you be willing to listen?
If I tell you all how it was
Would you help me deal with them?

Maybe together we’ll find the cause.

I know it’s best not to speak of this at dinner
Or while you’re kicking off your shoes and stretching out
Do you think we could address it, maybe after?
There a few things I wish we could talk about.

Do you think you can? Would you be able?
Or would it be best not to speak about at all?
Would it be good just to keep it under the table?
And like scraps of our lives feed them to the dogs.

If I tell you how I am feeling
Would you be willing to listen?
If I tell you all how it was
Would you help me deal with them?

Maybe together we’ll find the cause.

Cause when I open up
I’m left with these tangling pieces
The shell I wear begins to erupt
And the fear in me increases.

So when you come to bed with me
And start reading me that story
Spare the parts that might seem scary
They might haunt me permanently.

Cause after tomorrow
When you walk out that door
To drive off to your work
I’ll be here all alone
With all these shadowy crippling fears
And though I’m trying to keep strong
Some of these monsters become real.”