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Alexander Silver

For What It Is (For What It’s Not)

Abide by the law of gravity
Something’s pulling you down
Follow the rules of morality
Not much left taking ground.

We were once one entity
But then scattered all around
Now giving way to a fantasy
For those voicing their sound.

Making sure the tree is growing straight
If the branches are to reach ever further
Make sure that the trunk’s strong, never breaks
If you’re ever to stretch outside these four corners.

Abide to the truth of enmity
Someone’s always on the hound
Follow the eyes of mortality
Not much is left to be found.

We were once in unity
But then fear began to abound
Now giving way to our reality
For those committed to expound.

Making sure that the line’s traced straight
If the diagram is to reach farther regions
Make sure that the pulse’s strong, whatever it takes
If you’re ever to attach amongst these extant adhesions

So what’s you sense of equity?
What’s your real affinity?
To take part, or break apart?
For what it is, for what is not
To show what you have,
Or what you just don’t got?


The Isolator

Make literarians roll their eyes
By adding words on the dictionary
That only applies to common human emotions
(Which by themselves have their own definitions)
Categorize your flawed understanding with your utter bullshit.

Not much to speak about this topic
A thin skinned dumbass that needs its head double checked
And certainly looks for attention
Poor victim
They mistreated you
Or treated you too nice
Off with their heads
Manipulate the meaning of manipulation to your benefit.

Transfigure the sense of human emotions
Re-label them as stupid and as backwater as your education was
You are a shame for those who try to understand a fragile condition
Divide the already fragmented, with your arrogance and lack of poise.

Cast aside your own demons before pointing at a brother’s mote
You don’t fucking seem to understand what emotions are for
You seem to have given yourself the right to justify
Your lack of empathy, or sympathy,
Or any kind of notion that ordinary individuals seem to carry.

Feeding off from your detachment of common sense and affinity
You seem to have crowned yourself of all authority over human frailty.

Ryan Lyandree


There’s a gap between what you feel and what you say
There’s a gap between what you think and how you live
Burning all bridges
Crippling all possibilities
You’ve become not an enigma but a random object flickering.

Your actions are so sporadic
Feeding on the chaos of your own clustered cosmos
You think you have found your light, your center
But all we’ve found is you’re antimatter
An asserting black hole.

A collapsing star
Supermassive supernova
In your catastrophic expulsion
Sucking in everything around
It all gets caught in your pull
And then it gets wiped out
One whole existence consumed.

Shining before expiring, you think you’re light
Cause your million gases glimmer through the night
Dragging, pulling, in your event horizon
Your mind and body completely torn apart.

Molecules swirling
Around and heating up
Funneled by the force of gravity
Sucking in everything around
All organisms caught in your pull
And then it gets wiped out
Engulfed in your abysmal bliss.

This gap has found a way to expand itself
This gap has found a way to devour us all
An asserting black hole
A collapsing star
And we’re getting caught in your pull.


Another poem by Ryan Lyandree. Enjoy!

The Delusive

Don’t talk to me about evolution
When you cannot even fathom the simplest of notions
Nothing worse than an arrogant who’s completely ignorant
Gravity is still pulling you down
It’s doesn’t matter if you fantasize about being superman.

Don’t take it personal
Even Tesla fell in love with a pigeon
Think you’re so humble in your delusions of grandeur
Such a god complex
But god is not that complex
So, welcome to the club
Take a number and wait in line.

Make way for the deceptive
The delusive,
The one
Who reached the realm that none of us ever could.

Don’t talk to me about progression
When you cannot even follow the simplest instruction
Nothing worse than a blind, deaf and dumb who thinks it’s above
Gravity is still pulling you down
It’s doesn’t matter if you dream about having angel wings.

Don’t take it personal
Even Tesla fell in love with a pigeon
Think you’re so exceptional in your existential crisis
Such a god complex
But god is not that complex
So, welcome to the club
Sit down and wait for your name to be called.

Make way for the deceptive
The delusive,
The deluding one
Who touched the heavens when none of us could.

It didn’t take much to be pulled down by gravity
It didn’t take much for your feet to touch ground
Your ego is so inflated, and your halo is too heavy
A fashion catwalk for the susceptible ones to stare in awe
Bow at your public for your performance, so they can applause

Coming short on your forthcoming fruition
Don’t feel so down, so bad, so sorry
You’re not the only one
Even Newton couldn’t turn lead to gold.

Make way for the deceptive
The delusive,
The charlatan
Who told us stories that were only illusory.

La Fête Du Prince

Lucifer’s putting up his best suit for the occasion
Welcoming with open arms your selfish realization
Mix of sweet sugar and rat poison, bake the cake
‘Cause every good intention has an evil meaning as undertake.

So praise the god you believe in when being proud
As you keep the skeletons in your closet still in shrouds
Have a slice of pie, later on we’re gonna stick that knife
‘Cause one thing you can’t judge’s how anyone’s living their life.

Awake in the dream, in a dream within a dream
Without counting the layers of all there’s to be seen
The rabbit hole goes deeper than anyone would guess
But life is random and only the loyal servants will be the guests.

So take your drug, it’s majestic to be sane and clean
You wouldn’t want to rely on pillars that tend to lean
The concept of what the future may hold won’t stop
So bend the hands, you cannot freeze time, but to get stuck.

Lucifer’s putting on his makeup, practicing her smile
An un-surprised entrance, because it’s been going for awhile
Mix of sour gestures, praises and applause, it’s great
‘Cause every blinded eye harvests true sight once it’s far too late.

Introvert Stalker

Artificial intelligence cause you’re simply not real enough
You break down and cry ‘cause you think you had it tough
But when the heart turns off, the brain begins to dictate
Welcome to the age of pride, this is as much as I can take.

Abuse the element of sympathy and empathy, come on
You’ve carved so deep to the flesh that you’ve hit the bone
But when the words of being naked, being open, being truth
You hide in your closet shaking, as if someone’s abusing you.

Adamant to turning on the light, you hide in the shadow
You came down to chat for everyone to read about your sorrow
But when the negative attracts the positive, it all flips up
Forcing me to talk between lines when all I want’s to speak up.

Mechanical movements, because it’s all your cables pulling
The engine’s not your heart, but just a recipient for all the loathe fuel
So pour it up, till it’s all filled up, it’s just a run and escape
The world it might be blind, but I can see right through your charade.

A Motion Cycle’s The Resolution. The order in which the poems should be read. These poems will appear in a poetry e-book I’m writing titled “Fishing for Sirens”.

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