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Ryan Lyandree


The warmth of your heart close to mine
The touch of the blood turning to wine.

Calm and collected
Betwixt the storm
Channel your energy
Begin to transform.

Drink up
And never get drunk
Never thirst
Well of never ending supply.

Confined in the center
Outside of these walls

The warmth of your soul fusing with mine
The touch of the love willing to entwine.

Transfixed, quiet, still
Athwart the trials
Transfiguring my will
Riding the spiral.

Eat up
And never get sick
Never hunger
Garden of unremitted amounts.

Compassed in the axis
Boundaries expanded.

Embrace the inner senses
Share of the fruit
Fill up the planet
Append, affix, conjoin
We’re all but one body.


The Velvet Empress


Lucky, lucky you
With the cards you’re dealt
Wanna bet a little bit more.

Lucky, lucky seven
Against my lucky six, 6, vi
Aren’t you lucky to still be alive?

I’m getting high on infinity
With the scribbles on the scrolls
Aroused by this summoning
As I roll my two snake eyes.

Lucky me, lucky you

Lucky, lucky you
With those dices at hand
Against the mirror to stand.

Lucky, lucky seven
Against my lucky cloud nine
Cashing checks before being able to sign.

I’m getting high on infinity
With this chanting of claptrap
Stimulated and fixated
On this ridiculous game of Craps.

Lucky me, lucky you

I love how you pretend to be Constantine
In your Mephistophelian way of dealing.

Crooked die
Crooked die
Under the sleeves
Under the sleeves

Lucky me, lucky you

The Velvet Empress

Lucy Sapphire’s Subtle Smile

They came in baring gifts from distant lands
They said “our god doesn’t want them, but do you want?”
They’ve been cast out by a thunderous voice
So they’ve gotten here, without any other granted choice.

Descendants of the bekhor with a mark on his forehead
You’re all welcomed to stay here, and dine with us
We’ll get drunk, impassioned with lust for knowledge
Bithiah, lost in an age with countless unnamed others.

Lucy Sapphire, oh baby
You are like strange fire
Offensive to the almighty
But perfect for me, yes, sire.

Such a savory sermon
Such a subtle smile
Enough to give a leap of faith
Off of this holy pinnacle.

They came running away from their own lands
They said “we need some help, would you gives us a hand?”
They’ve been casted away by their own peers
So they’ve gotten here, without a future that seems clear.

Descendants of the tribe with a numerical indoctrination
You’re all welcome to stay here, and celebrate with us
We’ll get high, synchronize with an upmost manifestation
Marduk, lost in an ageless confinement, none to reminisce.

Lucy Sapphire, oh baby
You are like strange fire
Distasteful to the almighty
But perfect for me, yes
You are my igniter
The wire
That elevates me higher
Oh my, oh my,
A servant in your empire
You are
The object of my desire.

Such a savory sermon
Such a subtle smile
Enough to throw myself down
Off of this holy pinnacle.

Ryan Lyandree

Rune Spiritualis

To calm this constant hunger, like a newborn baby, crying to be fed
To keep me from the dangers, like a child afraid of the dark spaces
To elevate me from this state, like a sinner on a spiritual awakening
To take me even further, like an explorer lurking for the undiscovered.

Days come in and the moon comes out (Lunae clara)
All I ever wanted is your sweet voice calming down
Days come in and the moon comes out (lunae novae)
All I ever needed is your presence being close around.

To calm this constant anger, (something) to call off the storm
To restore and levitate me, towards the silver rivers and golden roads
To wash off all that’s muddy, (something) to imprint a brand new name
To turn the page for the next chapter, something a lot closer to the end.

Days come in and the moon comes out (Lunae clara)
All I ever dreamt of is staring at your beautiful face
Days come in and the moon comes out (lunae novae)
All I ever hoped for is for the entrance of this new day.

Your light brought me into this world
Reach with your hands and I’m yours
Perfect in its way
You have created your own true form
Transmutation of the self
One with the universe I am reborn.

(Gninnigeb eht ot kcab og-ti rof gnivarc seno eht ot)

Mr. Button Eyes

Mr. Button Eyes
Will you come back to inspire us?
Maybe one day, maybe one day…

Yes, we miss you
Miss you
Everyone and everything
Here waiting for you
Clear as day
Late as night
All the stars
Right from the center
Fate of the one
Insufferable one
Cleansing of the soul
Ultimate voyage
Light in the skies.

Taste of Opium

Sold my soul to the devil to be able to write down these lines
Talent is not inherited at birth, it’s something given when you sign the dotted line
Wasted my fifteen minutes of fame begging for a whole hour
Now I’m trapped between thoughts of who I was and who I am, it’s so sweet sour.

I have all the words growing inside my head, to send to you
I know that all of this is a damn lie, but by God it looks so much like the truth
The invisible fiery being has been calling in the back of my head
In order to carry on with the pact, I must make sacrifice, turn the living to dead.

The more I see you’re real, the less I believe that you exist
If God is in control of my life, how is it possible that I’ve never seen the exit?…
…Of this never-ending tunnel that leads me nowhere, but the same?
So play chess with the pieces, make a deal, but I was never good at that game.

I’m fighting with things that doesn’t seem to be there, it’s funny
It’s all inside of my mind, I know they can tell me what will be the end of this story
Welcome to the world of the crazies, the insanity seems to be the key
I need to unlock my full potential, so I’ll praise the darkness at the edge of the abyss.

You can give me a weird look, but I will have your full attention
I’ll be writing the words of the ghost that slips from the very next dimension
Even if it’s sounds as absurd, it’s part of the contract, so I have to mention…
…All the strings that the puppeteer who moves this wooden doll holds in suspension.

To do his bid, and have nothing in return, who would want that?
I want it all, I want the love, the lust, the envy, even if that seems pretty bad
For I am a fool, I am a charade, who claims to be what it is, but it’s not
But to be trapped in the figure of speech, when hell feels like ice cold, instead of hot.

If this will lead me to the way out, I will take it, doesn’t matter where it lands
Here have my heart, have my blood, as long as you help me crush them with my hands
Self-arrogant prick, ignorant to what he believes, I’m like the one who fell down
So eat from that apple, have the knowledge of being nude, feed off the ground.

There’s not much to tell, you know that all this is just a fairy tale
Take it as a joke, take it as obscure, they’re just voices that are ready to wail
Take it as true, take it as well, it doesn’t matter, ‘cause all of this is needed for the spell
So back to the topic, back to square one, the vampire marks are starting to swell.


Speaking in tongues that no man can understand
In comes the lizard, because it still can lift up and stand
Pseudo ghosts in transmutation of their essence to skins
Every law being followed, written by the hands of their kings.

Hail the Age of Aquarius!
The age of Pisces is long gone
Enter the Kindred Spirit and the Harlot
For the Swindler and the Once-Winged One are in their kingdom.

Go into the dimension where distance folds itself
Don’t you know that Hades was rebuilt by exchanging gold for lead?
PC to PC, and all the rules are bent and broken
Where faceless crowds vociferate their disgust and turn their heads.

Hail the Age of Lilith!
The time for the patriarchy is finally over
Political nonsense! We do what we feel
Binary labels and trinities are for the dumb, the weak and the sober.

Let’s drink for this chance to finally be free
Write it on our walls, hoping for the legion to love it
Open our third eye, feed from the knowledge meant to be
Recover what was left then on the garden
Yes, let’s mother nature take full control
She has all the rights to abort all of her seeds.

Erect all the obelisks, trace all the lines on the floor
To channel what is left on the otherside of this world
No longer needing to mask our truest intention
Hail to our Ethereal Father and blessed be this nation!