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A Motion Cycle’s The Resolution. The order in which the poems should be read. These poems will appear in a poetry e-book I’m writing titled “Fishing for Sirens”.

The Fisherman
The Resolution
The Divine
The Antagonistic
The Needy
Fated for Catastrophe
The Veil
The Logical Sense of the Granted
The Pretender
The Wounded
Finding Work in Idle Hands
The Executioner
Agean Chain
The Invisible


The main poem/song of Ryan Lyandree’s new “Album” with the same name

The Resolution

Sleepwalking in this desert
I find myself secretly daydreaming
Soaring through the great lengths in distance, far beyond
From where my eyes can reach to see.

Tumbling again against my tail
I watch my heart silently salivating
Like the crows, circling around my head, waiting for my feet
To give in and face down, there, dead.

This road I’ve taken no longer takes me any further
It has taken me far too long to realize that
This light here doesn’t seem to spark any brighter
I need to find the source and become one with it.

Wandering in this barren place
I find my soul furtively thirsting
Imagining what’s on the other side of this wall I’ve erected
So tall, so long, so thick, impenetrable.

Keeping me away from this deluding society
Safe from any sort of heartache and suffering
And all the consequences of having to hand my pride
In exchange for the self-indulgent corporal integration.

Did I refrain from it just to avoid any kind of correlation?
Did I ever really need to be part of their congregation?

All I ever wanted was to find my center, to find my peace
Not to dwell right there frozen, posing like a center piece
So this is my letter of resignation,
This is the letter of cease and desist.

This road I’ve been taking no longer takes me any further
It has taken me far too long to realize that
This light here doesn’t seem to spark any brighter
I need to find the source and become one with it.

These million miles I’ve walked away from home
Running from all of these sins in my life I can’t atone
I’ve been carving these words in my flesh, not to forget
All the blood I’ve given, it’s not enough to pay my debt
I find myself spiritually crippled, so mentally weary
If I take this path now is because find it to be necessary
To embark a new journey and design a new plan
To slay all the demons I’ve made with my own hands.

The road I was taking, no longer takes me any further
It has taken me far too long to realize that
That light there didn’t seem to spark any brighter
I want to find the source and become one with it.

A poem I’ve written under the name “Lauren Black”

Voling Thermo

How subtle this gathering
How lovely this family is
With their eyes locked at
With their lies sealed in
Open lips smacking
When chatting and dining
How so cultural
See how we keep on pretending.

Glory to the queen
And her servants
Here comes the princess
I’m not up for the crown.

How inspiring this welcoming
How faultless everything is
With their mouth murmuring
About outspoken chattering
Bright faces smiling
When inquiring and indicting
Such professionalism
On how we keep on dissembling.

Glory to her majesty
And one of her heir
Here comes the parade
I’m not up for the charade.

I may be never be your favorite daughter
Under secrets and false pretenses attempts
Oh how you’ve become such an exemplary mother
To the neighbors, my sister and both’s friends
But to me you will always be a symbol
One that I could never dare to interrogate
Excuse me for being so upfront and so bold
For I cannot excuse the things you allegate.

Glory to her illustriousness
May the children of her children
Follow on her footsteps
Cause I…
I’m not up for the pretense.

Excuse me for being so upfront and so bold
For I cannot excuse the things you allegate.
Sorry for not trusting the pretexts I’ve been told
For I can never truly depend while you dissimulate.

Ryan Lyandree

Aegean Chain

This ship has sailed way into the water
afar from the shores, lost at the middle
caught in the storm of our inner turmoil
Our north is no longer drawn in our maps

Anger fights at our voice of consciousness
We cannot accept our utter defeat
Pride is the crown that sits on our heads
Astray in our lack of self-realization.

Unless we give the wheel
To someone who can really guide us
We’ll always go in circles
We’ll sink like a rock onto the bottom.

This journey has left us dizzy and weary
Far from home, from our destination
Caught in a mindset of wrong retorts
Our arrogance weights more than our lives.

Overconfident in our own fixative ways
We cannot accept our lack of cognizance
Stubbornness is the lever that pulls us down
Awry is the road leading us out.

Unless we give the wheel
To someone who can really guide us
We’ll always go in circles
We’ll sink like a rock onto the bottom.

If you feel like an island
Find yourself one of your own
Like an archipelago
Always close to one another.

I haven’t given before my opinion about today’s society’s status. This is my opinion about it all.


Nuke us, nuke us
This world deserves death
Apathy and nihilism
I’m a man with no faith.

I don’t hate you enough to pull the trigger
I don’t love you enough to extend my hand
Die in the corner, where nobody sees you
Die of starvation, the rich-from overdose.

This canvas is all painted over
There’s nothing else to put here
Just throw it to the trash and then
Bring a blank canvas and start again.

Your opinion, my opinion
The facts, the suffering
All of the notion that keeps moving on
We all born, we all die, we all cry!!!

So nuke us, nuke us
So we can truly fucking feel
How the goddamn end is like
Politicians and religious nuts
The politically correct and millennials
And those who don’t give a fuck
And for those who don’t believe in a God!
Die! For all of our sins
Or lack of
Perfect? Perfect is your bullshit
Thinking that we’re not on the same boat
One that is sinking!!!

The wave of so much nothingness
I’m getting seasick by all of the hollowness
The pitch black, nothing is essential
Everything is created, nothing is accidental.

The Stream, the String, the Stirring

The hollowness is expanding
Reaching greater lengths
The darkness is merging
Opposing our strength.

And if you’re weak
It will devour you
And if you’re sick
It will assimilate you.

But I, the shadows don’t want me no more
And the light, it’s still too far for me to reach
For I am a joke now as I was to them before
I’m the one who got their soul system breached.

The content of the box is being revealed
It wasn’t like there was nothing in it before
And the designs, that were once sealed
It is a falling that will certainly leave you sore.

And if you’re blind
It will consume you
And if you’re kind
It will disgust you.

But I, I am a wanderer between parallel realms
And the light, it’s still far too holy for me to touch
For I am the abortion of these parasitic stems
I’m the one who will never avail things as such.

I’ve taken sides, but never sided with the unknown
Although my core lusts to learn what’s out there and beyond
I’ve chained myself to the love and the pain ingrown
And my memory will hold meaning until I am completely gone.

A poem I wrote last week.

Master of Anxiety

Wasting all of my time doing nothing
But thinking how much of a loser I am
How I am always disappointing everyone
And how much I’ll fuck up again next time.

I’ve tried to overcome all of these thoughts
Tried to medicate with high all of my lows
Swallowed one too many pills attempting to kill this disease
Wishing I could kill my body if it comes to it.

I wish I could disappear in silence
But how much more invisible can I become?
I wish you could understand my anxiety
I was raised to feel like nothing and be alone.

Wasting all of my time here complaining
And thinking how much of a whiner I am
When I’m having it “good” even when I’m bleeding
Always above others as from this belt I hang.

I’ve tried to keep my stupid mouth shut
Tried to swallow my pride and confront my doubts
Zombified my mind with mindless TV ads on display
Wishing I could put my fears right where my body lays.

I wish I could undo this inner violence
But how can you fight something that has become much stronger?
I wish I could get rid of all of this anxiety
But I was taught only to fail miserably and become a loner.

Wasting all of my time staring at nothing
Thinking how much of a fucked up I have become
How I am always disappointing everyone
With the things I’m doing, with the things I’ve done.

I feel like the master of anxiety
But I know I’m more like its slave
Worrying about every little thing constantly
My own soul I cannot even save.