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Amanda White

Bloody Mary

Mary Mary
Bloody Mary
Pray to god
That I bleed this weekend
Cause if not
We would have to answer
For our actions.

You transmuted your heart of gold into lead
When you transfixed your soul into a stone statue
Your carnal desire and your compassion
Have been fighting one another
Baby, one day you’re a lover
Other days you’re a fighter
But not only have you’ve been fighting your shadow
But you’ve been fighting everything
Everyone else that’s around you
And you should be careful throwing punches
You might hit someone you might not want to.

Mary Mary
Bloody Mary
Ask the mirror for revelation
Cause if you cannot see your own reflection
Then we have to stop
This vampiristic passion.

You rearranged that wide space in your head
And filled it up with impossible standards and lunacy
And like the word implies, must be the moon
Cause now you’re howling and looking to hunt down
Whoever gets in your way
But I’m not your enemy
I may be the prey in your eyes
And thought you can feed off my flesh
Please leave my heart unscarred.
I’ll sing you lullaby, if that’s what you required me to do.
Come rest calmly in my arms
Sometimes a man needs a shelter
A woman to confide his fear of
Being alone, and feeling vulnerable.

Mary Mary
Bloody Mary
I’d give you of my virginal juice
If in exchange you share of your tainted heart
Let me the one to fix it
Pain has taught me of its mechanics.


The Isolator

Make literarians roll their eyes
By adding words on the dictionary
That only applies to common human emotions
(Which by themselves have their own definitions)
Categorize your flawed understanding with your utter bullshit.

Not much to speak about this topic
A thin skinned dumbass that needs its head double checked
And certainly looks for attention
Poor victim
They mistreated you
Or treated you too nice
Off with their heads
Manipulate the meaning of manipulation to your benefit.

Transfigure the sense of human emotions
Re-label them as stupid and as backwater as your education was
You are a shame for those who try to understand a fragile condition
Divide the already fragmented, with your arrogance and lack of poise.

Cast aside your own demons before pointing at a brother’s mote
You don’t fucking seem to understand what emotions are for
You seem to have given yourself the right to justify
Your lack of empathy, or sympathy,
Or any kind of notion that ordinary individuals seem to carry.

Feeding off from your detachment of common sense and affinity
You seem to have crowned yourself of all authority over human frailty.

Poem about some mental illness and emotional issues. It started lighter, but as i kept writing on, it became darker.

Infatuation Whore

Take me in
I don’t want
Don’t need
This reality
What you can
What’s out there
At the moment
Is enough now.

Cause beggars cannot be choosers
Throw my self-worth out the window
Put myself on sale
Something that anyone could be interested.

Put me in
Just right next
To where
Something is
Doesn’t matter
Just inside
Is good enough.

Cause hunger cannot be demanding
Being cheap, just like a whore
When you come to break me
Know that I’m already completely broken.

My heart might be hot garbage
But my soul is worth at least a penny
Remember that when you dismantle me
I’m selling my body because I need the money.

Don’t worry
You’re not the first who has ever touched me
In this way
Or any other way.

A very personal poem

A Voice Starting To Grow a Face

The words from your voice
Became the voice in my mind
And I kept feeding it and feeding it
Until it became the only thing I could hear

You put these monsters on front
I was the one who turned them into demons
You offered me disappointed in myself
I was the one who signed the pact and agreed on it.

Now that you’re gone
I keep having these thoughts as my masters
I feel whatever they want me to feel
And live by their law that I’ll always be worthless.

As I kept fighting your lies
Deep inside I started believing they were true
And now when I look at the mirror
I can only see the rejection, disgust and judgment.

‘Cause as you said; “this world is threatening”
“be careful who you trust in this life”
“they will break your heart and you will be nothing”
“you can only count in yourself and no one else”
I began realizing that this voice is starting to grow a face.

And with your indifference and lack of love
I learned that you were special as you screamed “You are not!”
I’m here to break the pattern, to undo the loop
This hierarchy of madness and violence stops right here.

Ryan Lyandree

Shroud of the Veil

I’m not gonna cry
For I am stronger than this
I’m only gonna fight
Whatever is pressing me in, suppressing me
I better hold tight,
Dizzy and down on both knees
My face won’t slump to the ground
I’m mauling my lips with my teeth
With the taste of iron collecting in my mouth
As salty and sour as my restrained tears
I am hurting
Both mentally and physically
Not to mention fucking emotionally…
Like a wounded animal,
(But) I will wield and I will not yelp
And although internally I am bleeding
(No) I won’t beg or ask for your help
I’m keeping the pressure on
You won’t see any seep, you won’t see a drop
But when I get up from here
I swear I’m gonna go for your head
Oh by Thelema and BaalZebub
You better be ready, asshole!
‘Cause I’m gonna go for your fucking throat.

This was a battle
Where I allowed you to give me your best shot
And to shoot first
Foolish of me
I accept I was overconfident
But now that I’m addled
And on my way to almost expire
I stare at my maker’s eye
I swallow this hard pill
For it has come to me, like the veil being shrouded
Revealed to me, by an act of apparent flitting divinity
That with my pain I shall dissolve your ivory tower
With all of my agony I shall bring down your dirt empire

So come on
Come closer to me
You want to be in touch with my soul?
You really want to see the root of my anger?
Come, thy brother
Come see the burden
The secret shall be revealed to you!
Come closer, thy brother
Can you already feel it?
Can you hear any of them?
The whispers turn into screams
The demons tormenting!
Feel my pain!
Feel my agony!
Goddamn it!!!
Why don’t you feel my pain?!
Come and feel my agony!
I shall crush you and I will destroy you!
Even if it’s the last thing I do in my feeble and miserable existence
I will put you in my shoes
I will drag you down with me
And you’ll feel how’s to be crawling like a ravished and trampled snake.

Then you will have what you really wanted
And then I will have what I really needed
An equivalent exchange of the suffering
We shall both be the losers but as long as you’re not winning
I shall always be grateful
I shall always be one with my shadow.

Ms. Him Mr. Her

She doesn’t need any friends
Who the hell ever needed any?
You know she can depend of herself
Except when is required another’s opinion
She can do it all on her own
Never seen anybody so damn independent
It doesn’t matter the days she feels alone
She can disguise it all with a forced smile now.

Sometimes she wishes to feel the rain
Other days she prays for the world to burn
She can be at the edge of the end and not fall away
But I know to the center of it all she can never return.

She’s never ever truly wrong
Except for the moments she doubts herself
Don’t dare to give an opinion of your own
That’s an offense she will never forgive, nor forget
Don’t you know she’s the queen of her world?
Who the fuck needs a king when she can do it all?
It doesn’t matter if you truly have fallen in love
She doesn’t need your goddamn affection or empathy.

Sometimes she wishes she wasn’t born
Other days she prays for the world to disappear
She can be at the verge of a breakdown and still not mourn
But I know that when death is so close you can only fear.

She’s doing so much better in her head
While her actions only dictate how she’s losing her mind
“You and I, yeah, we rather be dead”
That’s what she whispers when she’s tired of being kind.

She gives her body and soul to strangers
Cause those are the ones that will forget later on
She risks it all without a fuck about the dangers
And she’s gonna do it all until the day that she’s finally gone.

Before I started writing esoteric, intellectual and metaphoric poetry, I used to write raw, in-your-face poems. This is an example of that.