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Posted: June 22, 2018 in Uncategorized

I do not know how to float

Let alone swim

But you’re bringing me underwater

Yeah, you’re pulling

I can barely breathe
Let alone hold my breath

But you’re keeping me down

Yeah, you’re being an anchor.
Take this plastic bag off my face

I cannot longer take this slow asphyxiation

Pull the trigger on the gun pointed at my head

I cannot longer take your indifferent taunting.


Thinking for ideas for my new poetry book. I already came up with a title for it, “Fishing for Sirens”. It’s gonna feature new Ryan Lyandree’s poems and writings, as well as other pen names’ characters I use for different topics and perspectives.

I’ve been trying to write and post something good enough. After 3,000+ poems I’ve written I simply don’t know what to write about and the things I’ve written don’t seem good enough to be post here. For me is not simply just writing. It has to have a strong emotion, something that has not being said, or really intellectual. I always try to push it forward and top myself. I’m amazed that after almost 18 years of writing poetry I still have the will to write anything. I do not know what to say/do anymore. Thanks to all the followers, all 440+ of them! You make it worth, every moment, every word, everything.

Finished editing and fixing all of the html and other codes errors off my poetry e-book ‘Death and Funeral of the Invisible Man: Book of Poetry Vol. 1’. Now only to wait for the time to release it.
This is the cover of it so far. Changes might apply.

Almost 400 followers on WordPress! Wow! For a moment (and more than that) in my life I thought I sucked! Apparently some people think different and enjoy my insanity and honesty. Thank y’all who have been taking of your time to read my poems, thoughts, etc, and leave your likes and comments. You inspire me to be a better poet and a better human being. Thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart. Love y’all!  🙂

Por Caridad (Parte 1)

Posted: September 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

Hey there! I wrote this today. It’s in Spanish. I posted it on my other blog. Enjoy!

Sombra y Sangre Poesias

Por Caridad (Parte 1)

Cuando creer no es suficiente
Te hayas con una fe muerta en las manos
Cuando no sabes que creer sinceramente
Comienzas a perder cada uno de tus hermanos.

Porque saber no es suficiente
Tengo que verlo con mis propios ojos
Creer que será hecho no es suficiente
En mi espíritu necesito experimentarlo.

Cuando creer no es suficiente
El texto de la vida se vuelve un pisapapeles
Cuando sientes que no crees lo suficiente
Comienzan abandonarte tus amigos espirituales.

Porque saber no es suficiente
Tengo que ver la verdad hecha carne
Creer que será hecho no es suficiente
Yo de tu espíritu deseo alimentarme.

Cuando creer no es suficiente
La verdad dicha se convierte en un mito
Cuando sientes que no tienes las fuerzas suficientes
Pareciendo tan tibio, te conviertes en vomito.

Porque saber no es suficiente
Necesitas con tus manos poder parparlo
Porque no puedes esperar…

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This poem is about when you’re having a good day and somebody else is not, and that person tries hard to take your focus out the goodness inside and onto their distorted dark thoughts.

Burning On Your Own

This is your new way for getting what you want
You try to reel me in your emotional state outburst
But I learned a lot in my past life, here’s one
It takes two to start a fight, so I walk the other way.

I can read between lines
But I prefer to be told
I’m sick of playing games
Say what you need to say.

You’re the one with the problem
So why are you sticking your fingers in the wound?
If you’re the one who needs to complain
Then why are you creating this barrier of nonsense?

The end is gonna be the end that was written
You can blame me all you want for what I know already
It’s not my fault that I learned all the techniques
And all the tricks under the sleeve to pretend ignorance.

I can tell what this is about
And I won’t touch it
You want me to burn with it
But I won’t give you that pleasure.

If you’re that evil, then you’re that evil
And it has nothing to do with me
There were others before me, I’m sure
So why lay all this blame only on me?

To play the victim first you must have a hint of innocence
But your hands are as dirty as the ones who played with the mud
If you don’t understand this reference, I don’t have time to explain
I know how to push things over the edge as well… oh hell.

You’re burning in your own desire
To see fall for what you’re setting
You’re burning in your own wish
Of seeing me crawl at your command.