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Holy Heart - Holy World

The Action of Love
Your beautiful smile brought heavens to its knees
And the angels, how they adore, your beautiful glow
But I’m from earth, I was seeded and planted here
And you’re quite a few milometers away from my reach.
This is the peace pact between the creator and me
You were made to pacify my anger, to fill up my love-need
All that I wanted was someone to hold close, to hold tight
To speak words of love every day, every time I’m able to.
Your beautiful arms are reaching back to heavens
I love how the Father responds to your every need
And me, a clay-made man wishes to part of your life
You’re the beautiful song that helps me sleep peacefully.
Between Jesus and you, I can sometimes sense you physically
You’re the metamorphosis of a holy love that was created in omnipotence
Of an omnivident God who knew that it would come a day
That I would need you even more than I need my life itself.
Come home, come home holy grace, holy love
Come and fill me like you used to, once
Lead me home, oh, holy grace, lead me home
Come and fill with your grace and your holiness.
You’re love in action; you’re the action of love
Breed and raised by love, you breathe love
Praise the creator of all that’s beautiful and soothing
You’re the living essence of all that my heart needs to feel.