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My Duty as an American Citizen

The NSA is storing our conversations
Of our Facebook’s, Twitter’s and smartphones
While Hollywood is feeding us with
Teeny vampire movies and zombie TV shows
If you turn on the radio all you can hear
Are jailbait “singers” grinding and twerking
If you come by to buy a book to read
All they have is pop culture made anthologies.

If you’re straight, you better be afraid
Soon it’ll come a time that would be illegal
In a time when everything you say becomes an offense
Especially for those who want to be treated equal
Expressing yourself in a matter that contradicts the trend
Is saying that you’re against the norms and rules
Of a world that only follows whatever its news
Whatever they feel they can use to increase on their views
They don’t care about how different or similar you are
They really don’t give a shit about your convictions
Red, white or black, the time will come when
This society will still beat up without caring
The language you talk or the color of your skin
This new “unification” is another way of extinction
They want to gather us all together so they can get rid of us easily
Talk about respect of culture as they bomb another country
Is about moral values, is it about oil, about empowering?
Who the fuck cares when innocent lives are being taken
They built another temple in here for you to praise your God
While bringing them down in the places you came from
They recognize your religion while disagreeing in agreeing
That they will follow it or you in any way or form
So is this a joke of any kind? I wonder
How can something be completely incomplete
And still say it’s the very same thing we believe in?
Try to be Middle Eastern in an American airport and still wearing shoes
I am an American citizen but my ancestors were all slaughtered
And now we drink their cokes and eat in their McDonald’s
I’m not criticizing the way of life, I am criticizing the government
Racism is as to euphemism as it has been risen a new term for phobia
Afraid I am not? Not of you or anyone else
But don’t touch my plate while I’m trying to eat from it.

Come take a side, and have a stand
Most comments come from people who simply don’t understand
So grab your beer, and smoke from your bong
Most people, they don’t know when are these problems began taking form
Close-minded scientist and fanatic religious group alike
They seem to forget what’s to be one’s own, how’s to be like…
Not as another, but as oneself
That’s why they try to force you to be like they are themselves.

The age of Pisces has ended, now were in Aquarius’
The passing of believers, the ascent of the Leviathan followers
So the sons of the homunculi have come to their thrones
As it was written in books and foretold a long time ago
I have carved the sign of sight on my forehead
And given my children to the feeder, Moloch
We will watch the rise of the phoenix, the call of the beast
Let the Harlot and all of her lovers dance forward
Put a price for my soul, for I am starving
Need more of the lust, need more distracting
I need more doses of blinding numbness times ten
Oh, my Universe, that’s my duty as an American citizen.


Teen Angst (Or Put An Attractive Title So People Will Read Up This Sh!t)

I can’t find the reasons to keep thinking that I’m still sick
I think that’s a thing that we sociopaths do to deny everything
I can’t find a reason but I still feel the urge to scratch that itch
Once I’ve started I cannot stop until I find myself bleeding.

Yes, I’m feeling a lot better
All these voices in my head have become my friends
Now my demons are pacifists
But all these picnics we are having aren’t for you to be in.

You don’t need to write on that notepad my dear doctor
For I am writing a whole library about how I feel every day
Instead of paying someone to tell me how much I am fucked
I get paid to embrace this hell I live inside my own head.

Oh, I’m feeling a hell of lot better
Now this jail is decorated and we’ve reservation for its guests
Oh, we’re gonna have ourselves a party
We’ll be raping our dead bodies and tossing them into the pit.

I never intended for it to get this far
All I ever wanted was to feel like I was okay
I never wanted to carve up these scars
All I ever wanted was to have an outlet in some way.

So all I say is worthless
Most days I feel trapped inside my own soul
For all the pain is timeless
It takes when least expected and grabs ahold.

Like Farm Pigs Dinning In an All You Can Eat Buffet
Anger or apathy
Whichever fills your plate
Hungry for devotion
But I’m not a worshiping conformist
So come look for praise somewhere else
Sinful little creature
Under the red wings of a confounded firebird
Rise as such
Pathetic as your ashes are blown away
By the surge of my breathing alone.
You’re aberration of a miscarried vision
An abortion of a self-centered consciousness
Never self-aware of the pending circumstances
Always starving while striving in your gluttony.
So feed from ignorance
Pagan worshiper
Bend down and take it like a man
The sweet meaty back door stabbing
As I lay my eyes on the fiery prize
For I worship the devil willingly!
Come burn in hell for being such an ingenious and senseless fool
Without any scent for logic and still asking for more
I am burning for I knew both our endings
I could’ve avoided it
But I was longing, hungry to be proven right
Now I burn for your lack of abundance
For your fucking, goddamn arrogant ignorance.
You’re the compensation for a job thrown down to the shit hole
An abortion of a self-centered consciousness
Never self-aware of the pending circumstances… Never!
Always starving while striving in your gluttony….
Fucking ego-famished imbecile.
You are a pig
A farm pig
In an all you can eat buffet
You buffoonish, cannibalistic dickless piece of shit!
~Ryan Lyandree