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Another poem by fictional character Alexander Silver

Celestial Bodies

I was a star in your sky
When did the night become so dark?
I was a spark in your eye
When did a stone replace your heart?

I was born to love you
You were born to reject me
But there was that moment
That twilight that time shifted.

I was the X in your map
When did you give up finding treasures?
I was the link amid the gap
When did you start burning bridges?

I was born to adore you
You were born to think less of me
But there was a moment
That twilight that time shifted

We are celestial bodies
I am the sun and you’re the moon
And when you wane and wax
I can rest calmly in your arms.

We are two celestial bodies
Me, as the sun, you, as the moon
And when we come together
Our light shines so bright
That it blinds the Earth.

I was born to be with you
I am certain you were born to be with me
Let’s be civil, let’s be nautical, let’s be astronomical
Yes, let’s our bodies merge into an Eclipse.