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Cadence: Syncopated

The entities are not sympathetic to your needs
The ending that was once written foresees
Something to keep you in control, under-sieged
The mockup won’t supplant the real seeds.

A legion master has taken up the reins
To place the summit and begin to reign
No other choice but to submit under his orders
To burn the old law as the new world gathers.

The corner stone has lost its angularity
Now that the saved ones has transformed their personalities
A transmutation coming from the shadows
The rise of the fallen prince calling from the gallows.

Desire is a thing that betrays the restriction
And turns all of the rights in your conviction
It’s like a lever that pulls you back to the junction
Whenever you draught more of it there’s no satisfaction.

The chime of the hour will sound aloud
Tying up all those who love to slither to the ground
Just to collect the loot that you’ve plowed
While the black dogs pace to encircle you around.


Hawker of Salve

Like a cheap magician you will come up front with impossible solutions
Like cancer can be cured with a fluid in a flask or enchanted potions
Your carriage raises more questions than the gibberish written in your parlor’s label
For you’re just another Luciferian quacksalver disguised as our holy savior.

Snap your fingers to make me disappear
You won’t like me when I start speaking real
This little vampire you had under control
Got sick of this dealing with your entrepreneurs.

The tsk of the task in the sound
Keep rolling your eyes when no one’s around
This hell bent bed pool made for you
Is the perfect gateway for all of this decadence to come true.

I know the cause for these situations
How come everyone keeps ignoring them?
I’m so sick of dealing with your condescension
You’re just recycling a lie, when are people going to learn?

You keep pilling rubble over rubble just to hide what’s under your crushing feet
Once we remove the steeping stones piled over us, we’ll be able to proceed
Your army is nothing but puppets held by strings, legions of zombies following orders
For blindness has kept them numb and stale to the cause of others.

So come to the table, bring up the walls
Put down the sickened animal, shout to the call
It all will start, or end, for better or for worse
Injecting a farce, full of ignorance, but you feel no remorse.

So this mechanical Machiavellian device
Would it keep you off those leeches and lice?
This unoriginal imaginary spiteful pretense
Would it keep us all off from making any goddamn sense?

I know the answer to the question
How come everyone keeps denying it?
I’m so sick of hearing your suggestion
If you keep feeding them lie, and they keep eating up your shit.

Oh, come forward, my dear friend, Misery
Come to me with your latest of news
To unlock for us all the greatest of mysteries
Tell us about the things we’ve gotten used to.

If you keep them ignorant to the truth, they’ll never know any better
If you keep repeating the lie over and over again, everyone ends up believing it
If you keep them confined in a bubble of false advertisement for true patriotism
They’ll be the ones to divide what was already joined; they’ll bend to the point of schism.

Reign of Feign

Keep all the truth under wraps
Hidden behind the big red tape
While they set up all the traps
And we excuse all of their rape.

They pour gasoline on what’s left of the trace
Set it on fire to only present the light in the glow
You can see them destroy all of the evidence
But you’re still not convinced this is part of the show.

They will silence whoever they need
Whoever is reading lines not set in the script
They will make sure that you’re dead
Before you attempt to speak this out in public.

Money is what is moving the really big wheel
And greed is what’s fueling the impervious engine
Why rule with love when you can rule with steel?
They need the conspiracy to still be in synergy.

They shove it in your face so they can laugh
They secretly yelling “we’re getting away with it”
I wonder for how longer this charade will last
Before we decide we have had enough of their shit.

(Written on: January 13, 2013)

The black dogs came here to get rid of my corpse
I can hear the wall crawlers whispering from beneath
They’ve been staring at me since I was of age
Stalking me in my dreams, (sent by the Light Bearer)
I can see them in the corner of my eye.
Watching my every move from the ceiling
The red eyes beings with sharp knives’ teeth
It must be insanity for the are no numbers after 11
Well maybe 3, maybe 6, maybe 9
Oh Lord of the flies, have you come to finish the pact?
There’s a doorway behind the wall of the mind
Shadow people awaits to be your tour guides
Inside the white room the sphere is a receptionist
Oh sweet Beelzebub, how many names have you come to be named?
Enter the dealer, the tempter, the snake.
Anointed knowledge, oh, great Baphomet
Alchemists reaching for the philosopher stone
Satyr, dance for me, to distract my thoughts
Luzbel, Natas, Leviathan and Moloch
I know your faces through the grace of Jahveh.

A poem I wrote in my rusty Latin

Speciosus Signifer

Tanta vis
Aditum in tergo de capitibus nostris
Dum eramus dormientes
Somnambulus erga in margo.

Compresse erga in lumin
Nos circumcidet cutes nostrae quae nutrire nostras umbras
Unum amplius halitus a’ris, suus nostris gemens
Mentium evolvit quum eleuatione cognition.

Praeter ultra mysticus quis hie
Non erit merum coincidentia enim in palmae erat cestrotus
Zion est in petræ qua corporibus nostris alligo
Ne dimittatis in pater sit subrogatur per unum cum excaecatus est oculus.

Tanto venite Muscas Dominus; Satyrus
Obligare deus in filius supplico apud pedum tuorum
At excetra est ægrotabis reptando
Et factum aspicientes nam via renati est pedes.