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This is what a friend of mine would call a “vomit” poem. This is based on the many stories I’ve heard.


I know she sold her soul for a taste of a kiss
But all she got was the taste of his fists
She was twisted, now she needs to be torn
So he unleashes all the hell of his storm
She would get on her knees to pleasure him
But he wants more of that choking fun
She feels so dirty, tries to wash off her sins
All he fucking cares about it just to come.

A couple of lonely hearts with their faces splashed in coke
Sour pints, what a night, in and out, fate is just a joke
She looks my way and winks, but I nod and shrug upon
This is not my story; I’m just a watcher, so go and carry on

I know that through these lens evidence’s kept
But she wants to burn it all and just forget
She was abused, now she needs to be disposed
So he grabs the laces and has her roped
One punch to the mouth to have her teeth in
And he cannot stop from unleashing it all
She feels the pain, her swollen chest starts to sink
But this fucker’s having a blast, having a ball.

A couple of warped souls with their livers full of booze
Chalked lines, what a day, out and in, life is just to lose
She looks at me and weeps, but I nod and frown upon
This is not my problem; I’m just a voyeur, so carry on.

Up in the sky, the road may be different
But down here we dance, and not mind
Angels on the middle looting, participating
I may be g0d but I would also like to unwind.


The Velvet Empress

Triggerman’s Ballad

Innocence as it may be
Another victim on the line
No resistance, just as we see
At that age, at that time.

Just believe in your instincts
All your senses compromise
Flesh so fresh, so altruistic
Another plot for their device.

So they trusted in that voice
Such enchantment, hypnotized
Twisted minds consort a ploy
Snakes in suits, never chastised.

So they lured them with disguises
Left them there for their demises.

Shot their feet, shot their hands
Panegyrize the Triggerman.

Rescue dogs sniffing traces
Bloody attires placed behind
A small reminder of the places
Scattered remains undefined.

Such enigmas are interesting
Mangled body thrown aside
In the woods, for the searching
Buried crimes remain belied.

So they followed the pied piper
Such is virtue and ignorance
Crooked hearts serve as riders
Smaller frames, much belligerence.

So they lured them with disguises
Left them there for their demises.

Tore their feet, tore their hands
Apotheosize the Hatchet man.

The Velvet Empress


Lucky, lucky you
With the cards you’re dealt
Wanna bet a little bit more.

Lucky, lucky seven
Against my lucky six, 6, vi
Aren’t you lucky to still be alive?

I’m getting high on infinity
With the scribbles on the scrolls
Aroused by this summoning
As I roll my two snake eyes.

Lucky me, lucky you

Lucky, lucky you
With those dices at hand
Against the mirror to stand.

Lucky, lucky seven
Against my lucky cloud nine
Cashing checks before being able to sign.

I’m getting high on infinity
With this chanting of claptrap
Stimulated and fixated
On this ridiculous game of Craps.

Lucky me, lucky you

I love how you pretend to be Constantine
In your Mephistophelian way of dealing.

Crooked die
Crooked die
Under the sleeves
Under the sleeves

Lucky me, lucky you

The Velvet Empress

Lucy Sapphire’s Subtle Smile

They came in baring gifts from distant lands
They said “our god doesn’t want them, but do you want?”
They’ve been cast out by a thunderous voice
So they’ve gotten here, without any other granted choice.

Descendants of the bekhor with a mark on his forehead
You’re all welcomed to stay here, and dine with us
We’ll get drunk, impassioned with lust for knowledge
Bithiah, lost in an age with countless unnamed others.

Lucy Sapphire, oh baby
You are like strange fire
Offensive to the almighty
But perfect for me, yes, sire.

Such a savory sermon
Such a subtle smile
Enough to give a leap of faith
Off of this holy pinnacle.

They came running away from their own lands
They said “we need some help, would you gives us a hand?”
They’ve been casted away by their own peers
So they’ve gotten here, without a future that seems clear.

Descendants of the tribe with a numerical indoctrination
You’re all welcome to stay here, and celebrate with us
We’ll get high, synchronize with an upmost manifestation
Marduk, lost in an ageless confinement, none to reminisce.

Lucy Sapphire, oh baby
You are like strange fire
Distasteful to the almighty
But perfect for me, yes
You are my igniter
The wire
That elevates me higher
Oh my, oh my,
A servant in your empire
You are
The object of my desire.

Such a savory sermon
Such a subtle smile
Enough to throw myself down
Off of this holy pinnacle.

The Velvet Empress

Close Encounter (of the Sixth Sixth Sixth Kind)

She summoned my broken spirit with her precious canticle
Scorched all my clothes right off with her burning touch
Got me right between the bed and her legs, so semantical
Never before have I experienced explicit exposure as such.

Her termagant tongue inside my mouth, conducting malice
Her claws scathing through my skin, deep into the muscle
With her spell-biding feline stare I lost myself into her solace
Holding my arms quite tight, I find no reason here to wrestle.

She turns and revolts like a demon drenched in holy water
Wet hair covers her face; she lays her hands over my chest
Red like hell in her fiery eyes, I feel like right in the gutter
Moan becomes roar, drawing an eerie smile, seemingly possessed.

A storm hit close by, this carnal embrace felt like a hurricane
She stirred up the bed, her pelvis, as strong as an earthquake
Lower parts clutched up to mine, wouldn’t quit until she came
Not only have I bitten off the fruit, I have also eaten the cake.

Poem about some mental illness and emotional issues. It started lighter, but as i kept writing on, it became darker.

Infatuation Whore

Take me in
I don’t want
Don’t need
This reality
What you can
What’s out there
At the moment
Is enough now.

Cause beggars cannot be choosers
Throw my self-worth out the window
Put myself on sale
Something that anyone could be interested.

Put me in
Just right next
To where
Something is
Doesn’t matter
Just inside
Is good enough.

Cause hunger cannot be demanding
Being cheap, just like a whore
When you come to break me
Know that I’m already completely broken.

My heart might be hot garbage
But my soul is worth at least a penny
Remember that when you dismantle me
I’m selling my body because I need the money.

Don’t worry
You’re not the first who has ever touched me
In this way
Or any other way.

A very personal poem

A Voice Starting To Grow a Face

The words from your voice
Became the voice in my mind
And I kept feeding it and feeding it
Until it became the only thing I could hear

You put these monsters on front
I was the one who turned them into demons
You offered me disappointed in myself
I was the one who signed the pact and agreed on it.

Now that you’re gone
I keep having these thoughts as my masters
I feel whatever they want me to feel
And live by their law that I’ll always be worthless.

As I kept fighting your lies
Deep inside I started believing they were true
And now when I look at the mirror
I can only see the rejection, disgust and judgment.

‘Cause as you said; “this world is threatening”
“be careful who you trust in this life”
“they will break your heart and you will be nothing”
“you can only count in yourself and no one else”
I began realizing that this voice is starting to grow a face.

And with your indifference and lack of love
I learned that you were special as you screamed “You are not!”
I’m here to break the pattern, to undo the loop
This hierarchy of madness and violence stops right here.