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You want me dark
You want me bleeding poison, my darling
You want me dark
You like me all corrosive, sweet thing.

You say you liked me then
When I was just an infantine
You say you wanted me then
When I was childlike and innocent.

But every girl gets her moment
When the crimson river divides
From tender to being impervious
From infant to be fully grown.

This is my womanhood
Now that I’m marriageable
Don’t you like the way that I’m blooming?
Don’t you like now that I’m blossoming?

You want me dark
You want me hissing venom, my dearie
You want me dark
You like me all acidic, oh, honey

You say you liked me then
When I was shy and callow
You say you wanted me then
When I would just nod and follow.

But every girl finds their juncture
When the crimson river divides
From tender to being impervious
From lamb to become an adult.

This is my coming of age
Now that I’m all grown-up
Don’t you like the way I have bloomed?
Don’t you like now that I’m blossomed?

There’s no need to have my drink spiked
If I was to count all of your strikes
You’d have no chance, baby
I would’ve strangled you long ago.

I mean,
Why would a soldier be stripped off his stripes?
Why would you eat on a fruit that’s not ripe?
Baby, time is essence…
Trust me.
For when you sink your teeth into this apple
Hope you don’t choke.

You want me dark
You want me spreading decay, my darling
You want me dark
You like me wreaking havoc, sweet thing.



Posted: September 18, 2017 in Angry Poetry, Dark Poetry
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A really angry, different poem. Cause sometimes I’m not in the mood.


You have an issue with me
Go cut your fucking wrists
“Such a harsh and sensitive thing to say”
Well, I said it. Deal with it!

If you wanna tell a tragic story
I could always lend you mine
I have a lot of it to spare
If you want to feel truly sorry
Come, live in my shoes, bitch!
Soon enough you’ll be shitting bricks.

If you’re looking for an endless barrel
Of agony, anger and self-repression
Take a peek into my brain
I swear to you won’t be regretting it.

Do you really want to hang around this place?
I could always hang myself one of these days
You think you’re cursed and full of disgrace?
You can always listen to what my voices have to say;

“Kill yourself, you worthless piece of scum”
I don’t drink or get high like all of you dumbfuckers
So when you’re like me, awake and sober
You don’t have another choice
But to confront all of the bullshit
It’s impossible to drown all of the noise.

If you’re looking for an endless barrel
Of self-loathe, self-awareness and self-injuring
Take a peek into my heart
It’s a perfect conundrum of pointless suffering.

The only regret I have
Is not having killed the damage inflicted in me
The only regret I have
Is not having killed the ghost-like-stalkers out there.

Absurdum Excedunt

Void, when the spiral closes
Just a vast of endless darkness
Like being buried in charcoal
But gravitationally weightless.

When all science fails
And the conclusion’s flawed
All of the mathematical method
Spurs like blots across the drivel.

Incongruent and inconsistent
Where’s the strict impeccable exposition?
For those who are dull minded
Like moths drifting towards the bright.

Eternity and energy in a fragile vessel
How can you sustain such accumulation?
Myths and mysteries drawn in numbers
Where the true enlightenment slumbers.

Singular Purpose

Dimwits own the world
Damn the day they were given a voice
Dumbfucks rule it all
Damn the day they were given a choice.

“So much potential wasted
Contained in my low self-worth”
She says to me with tears on her eyes

I’m self-destructive
My arrogance is brutally honest
Fuck the god in all of us!
As useless as the one above this world.

My agnostic thoughts contrast my belief
How can I be another stupid atheist?
This knowledge cannot fill the gap in my soul
I’m feeling the fragility of being a human.

Share my story in order to gain wealth
Make me useful, sell my soul to y’all
I don’t care, take it, just take it all
Free me from this excessive freedom/boredom!

I cannot find my singular purpose
To rape all of you with my every lie
Come, come out and give me the choice
Maybe I need to feed the shadow inside.

To make peace with the demons that lurk
And accept the things I cannot change
I’d be bending spoons, but all I have is a fork
Which I use to stab the nerves in my brain.


Oh, it shaken me
Like a big storm
I felt it on me
Like a premonition
Out of the depths
Coming from the lengths
With furry,
In flashes,
In great speed
Knocking me off
This gallows
I was hanging from.

Face down the ground
I’ll rest here awhile
As the crowd steps over me
Best to die by a hoard
Than to die by the claws
Twisted enough to
Bend their own fingers outward;
The ones who wishes to dissolve
The ones who wishes to dissipate
The once centered focus of
All of the things that are right
All of the things that are wrong.

My mutation of a name
Is not a result of a miscalculated
Alchemy attempt, no
It’s just the bastard,
Almost aborted son,
Of the many fathers
And many mothers
Who have whored
As I bowed down
Before their presence
Knowingly the crookedness
And end results.

Wind blow me again
The Widow still calls my name
For so many lives
I have sacrificed, trying to figure out
How to relate to the human race
How to become more of a god
I feed on, and I rape all sense of sympathy
For my excess and for my lack of humility.

My Decision

She likes to keep it together by pushing you to the side
She would step over you before swallowing her pride
She’d risk it all as long as she have to doesn’t apologize
She would do all this before she comes to realize.

She’s never wrong and she’ll never humble
For all the damage she’s done, she’ll never feel ashamed of
She doesn’t regret having to humiliated you
She could care less about moral values and manners.

She contradicts her gloating by despising me
She likes to waste time with her indifference
She cries, only for you to feel sorry about her
She likes boasting her ego by making you feel like less.

She fucks things up and never takes responsibility
She’s all about herself, one side blame on me
She feeds on her all powerful sense of femininity
Her arrogance’s set to drown any sense of sympathy.

It is my decision not to deal with any of this
It is my decision to speak things like they are
It is my decision to call on all of her bullshit
Never again will I be fooled by appearance.

From the perspective of someone else

Bodhi – Seoul (Erudire)

This one goes to my father
To my mother
To my God
And all the intentions they had for me.

Implant fictional memories of things I never lived
In this imminent break up, make me choose a side
Such a diabolical plan to take a child to manipulate
Push that love for a cornerstone deep in my insides.

I’ve found my shattered self
In a higher realm
Inside my own
Right where you left my dead pride and soul.

Move me with your strings, like the puppet you think I am
I’ll be bowing my head, waving my hands up, side to side
Dictate all the prayers, and the rules I’m set to understand
Push self-love in a small bottle that I must drink until I die.

This circus that you made of my youth
You made a pact for the cult that was set to sting
To praise a God that never gave a fuck
But now I’ve found a way to be again enlightened, liberated.