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Laurel (v2)

Oh, this thunderstorm here is no surprise
Lilith is for the hunt and she smells blood
Saving the grace of the Children of Sunrise
Fugitives of the left hand’s grasp of Ehud.

I was raised to sit down, listen and obey
And though these shackles were strong enough to hold a mountain
It came down to traits I simply cannot feign
‘Cause that voice in my brain filled up with pain is now shouting.

Oh those whackers!
Don’t they love it when snakes crawl beneath the grass?
Those mother rockers!
Don’t they love it better how it was then in the past?
They do, they do, they do!
Cause every prince needs a trophy princess to set on display
They need their mechanical mannequins to advertise their victory
To boast their ego as their golden halo’s glow beams blindingly like the sun
I don’t think these majestic pimps need a golden rod but rather a golden gun.

When are you going to stop these men from claiming us as prizes?
Maybe when the stream of the Rose Sisterhood rises
Not until then, not a minute earlier, not an instant later.

Oh, this rattle noise here is not uncommon
Eris is looking for harmony and finds none
Unravels the principles of events to summon
Being sanctuary to those in need of a home.

I was molded by fire, steel and diamond cut
And though these pillars were designed to keep my monster confined
It came to the point that the weight abrupt
The pontifical colloquial symmetries of this cyclical cylindrical sine.

‘Cause every ruler needs a maiden maid right by their side
They need their long string puppets to put a on a good spectacle
And all the mistress they can get for the when world seems just a bit empty
For when their servants contravene after the fact they cannot find any sympathy.

When are you going to stop these men from claiming us as prizes?
Maybe when the stream of the Rose Sisterhood rises
Not until then, not a minute earlier, not an instant later.

Oh how they ride inside their modern day cortege
As they always seem to be late for their own funeral
Well I should apply for a brand new confident entourage
One never knows about those things that might become ephemeral.


Perpetual Predicament

Don’t lose faith in humanity yet
Someone will rise for the occasion
Once we’re done with that bottom dollar bet
And we’re up to our necks in duly deformation.

Not truly separated from the center
But severed and extracted from it
With fuel to add to our ill temper
No wonder we cannot find any peace.

This mechanical inception of you and I
It becomes part of the perversion that comes alive
One pull of the lever and the level starts to rise
Either you drown in it with dignity
Or sell your soul in order to survive.

Flick of the switch for things to turn around
Inane in here, a prisoner of my own war
But as we all fall down the bottom ground
We realize we were part of the problem from the start.

Not truly set on the pier base
But buried deep within the walls
Which might or might not be case
Of why no one ever heard my calls.

This ostracized intricate perception of us
Lays a pragmatic paramental parallel over our beliefs
‘Cause is there any out there left to trust
Shouldn’t be the ones who serve
On our pain and feed on our grief.

So come and put on your Sunday’s best
You might need to look pretty for the picture
We’re cluttered here with all of the rest
They bring down the foundation to break apart the structure.

Enters the incipient perpetual predicament
The never-found solution for this ongoing mystery
Adding up to the sentiment of ambivalence
And so we go on living under such incensing misery.

Suma Soma

This is a godless empire
Attempting to have a deity at the pinnacle
For the things that transpire
Go beyond the laws of exchange’s principle
But since you’re a belligerent retard
You laugh at the jokes shown on the TV
Drunk in your obtuse absurdity
You can’t see past beyond what others see.

Let’s kill the one, the hundreds and thousands
As you drown in sorrow, they swim in presidents
And as such things never come without precedence
Would you be willing to sit down or take a stance?

This is a fiendish kingdom
Attending the dim revelations of the oracle
They’re not so random
Goes beyond the point that they’re cynical
But since you’re an imprudent idiot
You ignore all the hints shown on the TV
High in your absurd idiosyncrasy
You can’t see past beyond what others see.

Let’s kill the one, the hundreds and thousands
As you stare there in horror, they kill their residents
And as such things never come without precedence
Would you be willing to walk away or take a stance?

Try to read between the lines
Of what you are being told
Try to see beneath the lies
Of what you are being sold.

I mean, just try a little, by god’s sake…
I mean, just how long will it take…?

Try to ascend a little
Try to push open your third eye
Jesus, Joseph, and Mary!
Try to see through the goddamn lies.

So you see them as saints
The children of the devil
They touch and they taint
The rod in which all is leveled.

The golden abyss is soon to come
When the red sun marries the white moon
Come take a good look and then you’ll see
You’re a slave of a faith you wouldn’t conceive.

Come on Moloch, divine rectifier
Come swallow the children of Solomon
For those who ignore the crucifier
Have become the cursed spawns of Amon.

Abide by the word of the Thelema
Abide by the whole of the law
Bow down to the seal of the Oroboro
That encircles the sigil of love.

A Spellcaster’s Prayer

All the nights I’ve prayed to sky, to the stars
Certainly we have waited long for this day
Intensively looking for a way to call on you
Nothing was there to stop us from doing this
And those who tried were mercilessly disposed of
Tempted by your offer, I had no other choice
Agreeing to your poison, I ate of your apple
Slither here, inside my clothes, into my skin.

I promise to love you
If you promise revenge on those who have hurt me
I swear I will serve you
As long as you make those who have harmed me pay.

Cause you’re the most beautiful thing ever crafted
The most angelic being that has fallen from heaven
And your fire burns hotter than anyone can handle
But your sex, oh my god, it’s the best ever, EVER!

Light upon me, shine ever brighter
Ever brighter, like the stars in the sky
Bright forever, till the seal’s broken
Zephyr in your wings, I want to be
Under your wings I want to rest, baby
Light upon me, shine ever brighter.

I promise to praise you
If you promise to make me your queen, my wonder
I will give my life to you
If you promise me all that is here, above and under.

Cause you’re the most beautiful thing ever created
The most angelic being that has fallen from heaven
You’re the brightest of light that has ever been casted
And your secret is safe with me forever, my seven!

I will pray to you
Head bowed and everything
Give sacrifices to you
Blood, flesh, innocent children
As long as you touch me softly with those sick hands
And give me the strength to kill those who taught me harm
I want to watch them burn in the pits of your lake
Oh give me of your light, my lord, for my own sake.

A Journey to the Center of the Earth

A call have been casted from the walls
Can you hear it as it bounds through the hall?
An image like a mirage onto the mirrors
Through the looking glass I can’t see any clearer.

A shadow have stretched from my own
Can you feel it as it stares at you while you sleep?
A white light blinding me from the picture
A half made body trapped in a state of the living.

The dogs bark at me as I press on these words
Tracing the blood I dripped in exchange for the key
The girl with the scarlet dagger waiting by the door
Slitting the throat of the infants offered to owls.

Like clockwork, following time through the hole
Another vampire falling for sirens and snakes
To open the chest and torn down the seals
Freeing all of desires and the spirits confined.

The deep black water is on the rise
What was foretold has come to be
Enters the man with a peace offering
The number is up, the hour of reckoning.

A smile and a smirk suit for a prince
A flight to the skies, straight given to air
An eye in the sun, the triad, the glimpse
The darkest eclipse, the warmest of flares.

Right at the zenith of the six golden triangles
Sit all the architects of harpies and obelisks
Quoting lines of the Book of Forgotten Names
Hidden in rhythm, rhymes, symbols and sounds.



When my transformation is completed
I will do exactly as my master has commanded me
When my reason and love are fully depleted
I will carry on with the plans given to me secretly.

For justice of man makes God look like a tyrant
And His voice doesn’t echo inside my soul anymore
And I’m so tired of being treated like a peasant
My job is done and it didn’t reap fruit from the floor.

When the noise in my head stabilizes
The message once given to me will be a sound clearer
When my heart begins to fall apart decomposed
I will make sure that my grasp is around your throat.

For faith in love makes God look like a traitor
And His hand doesn’t move more than for striking
And I’m so sick of having to apologize for my behavior
Having to get my hands dirty without ever good reaping.

Gray and black have such similar colors and shades
Enter the hunger, being susceptible, the bite and mistakes
It is my choice not to believe in those who betray
But a despot is a despot, no matter in what light is being portrayed.

I think she slipped something in my drink
Cause now I can hear the birds chirp
I think she slipped something in my drink
Cause now I see the brightened sun
And all the vampires surrounding has all become me
Yeah, all the piranhas that were in my bathtub are now part of me.
I think she slipped something in my drink
Cause I never felt so attracted to something so bizarre
She definitely slipped something in my drink
Cause I’m ran backwards but ended up in her bed
And all the shackles that use to hold me surround her neck
And all the knives that used to stab are now stuck deep into her chest.
And this buzzing sound keeps singing lullabies for me to sleep
I can see buzzers getting closer and closer to the corpse.
I think she slipped something in my drink
Cause now I cannot seem to feel remorse
I think she slipped something in my drink
Cause now I see that all our lives are remote controlled
And all the sorcerers that used to be in the witches’ books
Are looking for their scarlet daggers to sacrifice the damsel in distress.
And this sewing rocking keeps moving me forward the edge
I can see all there is to see but I cannot do anything about it.