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Quote of the Day (10-17-2013)

Posted: October 17, 2013 in Uncategorized
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“I want to thank you mom,
I want to thank you dad,
for bringing this fucking world to a bitter end.
I never really hated a one true God,
but the god of the people I hated.”
~Marilyn Manson

Day in the Beach

On this sunny sunday morning
I saw the rotted corpses surface
Bloated and blue close by the seashore
So I knew by then this day was going to be good.

The things that creep out of your heart
Is what should scare you the most, my love, baby
I’m here chilling in the depths of this hell hole
But if you wish to, you are welcome to visit anytime.

So grab that guitar and string those chords
You were always so skilled to strike on my nerves
I promise you I’m always gonna use this instrument
To make you a legend, beyond recognition, so disfigured.

So gossip about the issues roaming around you
It always itches here in the middle before itching down there
So grab a stake in stick in my chest, my heart’s bled
You’ve bled yourself dry when you let others stick it in into yours.

So come enjoy the ride, this is gonna be a long one
Come have a seat, right next to me, I promise you’ll be safe
As long as you enjoy finger prints around your neck
And teeth marks around your throat, gnashed and pouring red.

Lay here, beautiful rose, lay here awhile
Rest as long as you need, for eternity and beyond
Close your eyes, don’t mind the pain around your body
I had to do this to finally help you let go… so, let go.

On this sunny sunday morning
The evident came upon my head and mind
Grab a shovel, hit life with it, let it lay on the sand
Flowing through and passing by in muted agony
I knew that this day was going to be a perfect one to learn how to swim.

The Day We Realize Life

Everything is so beautiful
When everything is automatic
But when you stop to think of details
You begin discovering their flaws
Hand picking things that will poison your heart
Giving reasons to corrupt all of the pure love
Feeling empty, all the struggle, a mistake of the past
Thinking we have live all our lives just like that
All of the damage someone else has caused us
We pass it on the next person who’s trying to love us
Causing the waves to grow big enough to drown
Whatever real intention there was to overcome
And now left stranded with that idea of our own
We suggest the next victim they should learn to become mind readers
A test that if they fail in the first few tries
Well, we’ll be waving goodbye to their sailing lives
Turn around the tables, turn around the cards
All that we are feeling inside is somebody else’s harm
You didn’t do this to me, as I didn’t do this to you
We are just beginning to learn from each other
And if we make mistakes along the way we shouldn’t feel like we don’t have any worth
Cause life is trial and error
Whatever we like it or not
And I do believe forgiveness is beautiful
Is the glue that keeps us together
Just like love does
Sometimes all I wish from people is a simple smile
Sometimes all I wish from you is a simple nod
A simple agreeing method
In order for me to relate
Not to sense a cold shoulder
Cause I didn’t understand the first time you explained
I don’t know where I am going with this
This here that I’m trying to say
All that I know is that I want to feel the peace
And the love that I’m trying to give you
The world won’t end if we change our patterns
The world won’t end if we scratch a line in our scripts
Sometimes we have to let go our working methods
In order to reach the person that is next to us
That is if that is what you want to do
That is if you are ready to sacrifice
To lower down your defense system
And open up enough to be fragile inside.

Quote of the Day (6-21-2013)

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“My best friend took a week’s vacation to forget her. His girl took a week’s worth of Valium and slept. And now he’s guilt, stricken, sobbing, with his head on the floor. Thinks about her now and how he never wept; he’d say.” ~ Verve Pipe