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Amanda White


“What a beautiful voice she has”
“Sing for me for a while” he says
Convincing her to open up
Only to steal a piece of her soul.

She’s a town girl trying her luck
He’s a city boy raised in the block
Her naïvetés shines conspicuous
As his reputation precedes him.

Ignorance is bliss
But to each its own
Fools always rush in
Where angels fear the tread.

Sic Semper Migrant
Thus always to Tyrants.

“What a unique talent she has
Maybe we can make something of it
We’re in need of new virgins
To keep on feeding this eager city.”

She’s a young girl trying her luck
He’s a sly boy raised in the block
Her nescience glows apparent
It is his chance to take advantage.

Sealed with a kiss
Reason is overthrown
Fascination dashing
Where precious illusions lie dead.

Sic Semper Migrant
Thus always to Tyrants.

She doesn’t know what she’s doing
She plunges her body and soul onto the chasm
With the risk of hitting the pavement
But all of it is worth the trouble, if it’s for love.

Sic Semper Migrant
Thus always to Tyrants.



Quench to get to the center of your soul
Just to sink my teeth into your beautiful body
Too some this may sound quite cold
But the force that pulls in is inevitably gaudy.

What it is what it is and there’s no other way
When you call it by name, it comes here to stay.

Stretch to get to touch the great beyond
Just to have a taste of what it is that you hide
To bend what could’ve been a good bond
But the mystery keeps pulling me back inside.

It is what it is and what it is somehow alluring
When you call it by name, it gets here by staying.

So easy, unnecessary to try to overcomplicate it
Why take the long way when I can come straight to it?
It is what it is and what you need is what I have
Trade body for soul, just to fill up this salacious gap.

I dedicate this poem to the new people wanting to “meet/know” me… People come and go, that’s how it has always been with me…

Why Would You?
I cannot relate to you
I cannot relate with how shallow you are
I just can’t believe
And I won’t internalize all of these hollow aspects of life.
You think I’m fun and that I’m funny
But more than that I think I’m full of tragedies
No, I won’t be as dramatic this time around
I’m just here waiting for another dead body to be found.
Repetition is all I have to offer to you
The same pain, the same hurt, the same torment
Oh, yes, I will greet you with the widest of smiles
But wait a few minutes you’ll really see me on the inside.
I will find a way to distract myself from the patterns
Yeah, I will find a way for me to love you honestly
But if you keep digging for gold inside these meaty walls of perdition
You will only find the corpses of the ones who came here before you.
Why would you want to be my friend?
Why would I want to offer you my friendship?
I have nothing against trying and attempting
But you know at the end of the day this is only a major failing.