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The Voice of the Devil

Grab on this corpse
And put it back in
Oh, how much have I long
For the day I welcome the misery
Back into my arms
Back into my soul
No, I will not understand
Yes, I will be cold
Push aside in despite
Of all the good I’ve done
Oh what a passage of rite
So callous to the bone
Chew it and spit it out
The taste have grown stale
As I scream and I shout
And watch this ship go to sail.

This storm, oh holy diabolical confusion
The intrusion of the so called friends
For now you’ll enjoy the division
But all your angels will soon become fiends
Every mistake back at you
I will be happy when the death touches
The one thing leading you through
I wanna see it lie in the dirt with the roaches.

Oh, happiness
Am I the only one grieving?
Seem like you’re smiling
Is it so fruitful what you’re conceiving?
This knife on my back
I will one day take it out
And I will draw a track
To disfigure your surmount.

You all come in packages
I was thrown down here
And all the dark influences
Will strike as your biggest fear
Come on, the one you will hate
Come on, the one that will not tolerate
Self-destruction with you tied to me
Cause if I go down, you’ll go down with me.


Almost finishing writing “The Resolution” by Ryan Layndree

Finding Work in Idle Hands

Exercise your right to do what it has to be done
(This must be better)
Exorcise all the demons lurking in your home
(This must be perfect)
For the time being
Inequity enquiring the sight at plain
For the time being
Like a temporary mirrored mirage curtain.

Between this shop and the deep blue sea
It’s every man for himself
Better speak for your rights, call for an advocate
Whoever may care… lies in the details.

Cause down here (in hell) we need personnel
Everybody’s busy with their electronic devices
Cause the devil finds work in idle hands
And he has chosen you to be the chosen one.

So exercise your right to move your muscles and bones
(This must be better than the best)
Exorcise the demons lurking in your head and home
(This must perfection beyond the rest)
For the time being
Inequity enquiring the sight at plain
For the time being
Like a temporary mirrored mirage curtain

Between this shop and the deep blue sea
It’s every man for himself
Better speak for your rights, call for an advocate
Whoever may care… lies in the details.

Cause down here (in hell) we need personnel
Everybody’s busy with their electronic devices
Cause the devil finds work in idle hands
And he has chosen you to be the chosen one.

See a ghostly arrow fly across an instrument
Keep the broken door with maiden’s blood in it
They all die and go back to life in seconds’ time
No one knows what the mind was thinking when the hand came to sign.

Down here (in hell) we need personnel
Everybody’s busy with their electronic devices
Cause the devil finds work in idle hands
And he has chosen you to be the chosen one.

It’s not the same to call upon
As to see it coming
Oh, you’re the chosen one
Now do your bidding.

(Written on May 20, 2016)

My demon is laying here
Singing lullabies about my fears
Gently pushing my head down
Simply waiting for me to drown.

But this wasn’t part of the deal
My dreams were supposed to become real
And here you have me begging again for support
But you’re chocking me with your umbilical cord.

Oh, Lucifer, the superstition in my head
Why can’t I be part of your master plan?
Oh, Baal Zebu, the lord of façade
Why do you keep crushing me in the palm of your hands?

Cause I keep turning to you once more rejected
Cause you know I’m just a junkie and I’m addicted
And if my blood is worthless for you, then give it back!
You’ll return me to my life and we’ll break up the pact.



When my transformation is completed
I will do exactly as my master has commanded me
When my reason and love are fully depleted
I will carry on with the plans given to me secretly.

For justice of man makes God look like a tyrant
And His voice doesn’t echo inside my soul anymore
And I’m so tired of being treated like a peasant
My job is done and it didn’t reap fruit from the floor.

When the noise in my head stabilizes
The message once given to me will be a sound clearer
When my heart begins to fall apart decomposed
I will make sure that my grasp is around your throat.

For faith in love makes God look like a traitor
And His hand doesn’t move more than for striking
And I’m so sick of having to apologize for my behavior
Having to get my hands dirty without ever good reaping.

Gray and black have such similar colors and shades
Enter the hunger, being susceptible, the bite and mistakes
It is my choice not to believe in those who betray
But a despot is a despot, no matter in what light is being portrayed.

A Poor Man’s Wish

I want to be God
I want to be in control
Of my own life
And everything around me.

I want to be happy
And when I’m angry
To yell at whomever I want
Without ever getting a backlash.

They say let it all in God’s hands
But those hands seems fall through
Cause I see everything as it’s always been
I’m still struggling, still starving.

Filled my head with words from books
Call me “Don Quixote”
I wish I could be that lost in
I wish I was one of the most read stories.

I want to be God
I want to be praised for my talents
And if I didn’t have any
I would make myself have all of them.

I want to feel comfort
More than in just my own skin
I want what it’s mine
And that’s more than the “American Dream”.

Call me egocentric, full of myself
At the end of the day none of you
Has ever given me what I need in order
To survive another day in this life.

Oh my God, writing is good
In fact it is great!
But I want the riches that comes with the knowledge
I want to be King of this very theme.

Here I am!
Give me what I want!
I know I deserve it
Stop trying to step on me,
Trying to make of me another steeping stool.

For I’m the pinnacle of this pyramid
I’m the axis, as I am the center
And when I become God
You will all bow down at my feet
And for those who won’t
I’ll prepare a very special place;
Concerning volcanic lava and fiery pits.

The Bend
Back and forth
Downward and backwards
Evil creates
Evil rejects
I am poison to your lies
I am poison, the evidence
In this deranged world
Where pretty things are
The things that are chosen
To be raped and strangled
My one eye sees
My one eye speaks
I know I’ll lose
I know I’ll burn
But my truth will glow
Like the sun; your phoenix.
I sold my soul
For the knowledge
Gave my future
For the one truth
Now I have to pay the price
For having danced with snakes
I know you all serve the devil
I know you all are participants
I know the master plan
It isn’t a secret anymore
And you know it
That’s why you laugh
And slit my throat in public
Cause you know nobody cares…
What’s right or wrong anymore.
Oh Baal Zebub
Fallen Angel
The Most Beautiful
Prince of Air
Gatherer of Legions
The Leviathan
The Great Architect
Designer of Homunculus
Moloch and his son Molech
The Beast and Baphomet
Sapphire and Lucifer
The Satyr and Satan
The serpent biting the ankle
Father of us all, we, your children
We ate the fruit cause you told us to
We read the Book of the Law cause we wanted to know the secrets of science and life…
Eliphas Levi is still alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So raise your obelisks and your pyramids
Awake the seven headed dragon!!!
For we are the Harlot!
Third eye wide open!!!!
Wrote it today and it’s one of my favorite poems… and that’s a lot to say, cause I don’t like most of my poems.
Embezzled Identity
Somehow along the lines I lost my identity
I wander among the fragments of who I used to be
Try to place it all together, like a scrambled puzzle
But do I even need to bother, my mind jumps up razzing,
Like a mental seizure; shaking and seizing
All of my memories that jumble and race and push on
And try to top one another
It gets bloodier and gorier
It’s like giant boulders adding even more weight on my shoulders
I wish I could drop it but my pride won’t let me do this
I can’t back down from all the bullshit I’m facing now
Precisely the same as I had to go through back then,
Just before it all came burning down to the damn ground
Just like in my teen years when I used to hear whispers coming from the walls
They came pressuring on till I was overcome
And they finally convinced me; I decided to sell my soul
To the imaginary devil that was speaking inside of my head
Those were the days when I resituated my cold corpse and praise on the dead
Cause I wanted to be recognized as being as one of the most talented and artistic
Defying all logic and raising the bar to the point it is stoic
Hunger to reach for the zenith and keeping my fingers crossed for it
I was nothing but a low self-esteem loser,
Being picked on by these damn pricks,
Flushing my head inside the school’s toilets
Having my money stolen from my pockets
I would always freeze when all I wanted was to flip
And give back to those dipshits all that they deserve
They drove me insane to the point that they drew on my head’s map a curve
I remember whenever they would beat me down,
As the air in my brain would drain and I’d collapse
It would send countless electrodes’ waving signals,
Shockingly intensifying my body’s discomfort
My lungs would hyperventilate, clogging up my vessels
Contrasting spasms on my muscles,
Making my thick bones tick and my tight teeth grin
As my patience and grasp of reality be wearing thin
My heart would accelerate to limitless speeds
Blazingly cooking in my veins, boiling up my blood
Revolting my stomach to the point it would made me sick
But I did my best, I dealt well with what I was given
I bought a bat and I bashed their heads in
No, I’m kidding, I didn’t kill them
Although at times I wish I could be their assassin
Each day I’m less of a psychopath
And becoming more of a sociopath
I still dislike most things that come across my path
I’m still dealing with anger issues and wrath
But I hide it all under my sleeves
Pretend it alright
I disguise it with my smile
Play the cards right
I’m an artist with emotional issues
Turbulent notions
Impulses like devils, massacring the innocence
Like cannibals, feeding from all that its human flesh
Losing sense of what life is
Driving the thoughts on my head out of their lines
Out of their safe place, their shelter
Still I can’t par with the pause in this war
I must part ways with forms in conforming
In relying at the lying of truth
I must always have my system up
I know this is messed up
I just can’t shut off the engines
The machinery is all haywire
But I don’t want to burst my tongue in fire for being a liar
And at the end of it all goes blur,
I can’t define what’s real anymore
I can’t recognize the deviance that has come upon myself
I just go all the way
Though I think I’m not crazy
I’m thinking I might be losing my mind a bit
All I was taught how to be scholar
Luciferian for the sign of the dollar  
Ripping my teeth outs, even my molars
Jumping from one identity to the other
I’m not even bipolar,
Cause I got three fucking different characteristic
Individualistic personalities
One that’s strangling my collar
One that’s stabbing my chest and one slitting my wrists
And this unholy trinity plays with what’s left of me
Just a dusty coffin cuffed up from the pits of hell
And what else can I say?
This portrait pictured of who I used to be
A small child raped, a young boy beaten
Begging for the heavens and Gods to make notice
But now I know that my life is nothing more than a mess
Less of a bless, left dead for a blissful wishing.