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This is a song I wrote feat. Christine Blackwell. Enjoy!


I haven’t been working that much on posting cause I’ve been busy doing other things; like painting, composing music, recording and producing. What have I been drawing? Mostly manga style. What have I been producing? Christine Blackwell’s new single.

Here’s for your visual and audio delight… Lol!

First my drawings:

Rick Michir


Girl Samurai

Second, my recording, and producing (singing by: Christine Blackwell)

Hello there! I’ve finished all of the instrumentals for the album I’m writing, recording. mixing and producing for Christine Blackwell titled “B-Sting”. Last week she sang one of her lyrics and I recorded her. Went on into mixing it with the instrumentals I already wrote. After finishing the mix, I uploaded it on This is the first single for a 10 songs album. It’s title “Stolen Heart”.

The next to promote further the single I decided to make a “Lyric Video” for the song. What’s a “Lyric Video”? you might ask yourself. Well, its a video that shows the lyrics on a song. Anyways… Here’s the video too for you all to enjoy!

Thanks for all the support! Love y’all!