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City of everlasting dreams
Of junkies and children
And everyone in between
City of broken promises
Of hopeless romantics
Superstars’ Shangri-La.

The sun glowing on your face
Makes you forget about the poor man’s disgrace
This is heaven in all of its grace
This is where you belong, yes, this is your place.

L.A., you made me feel like I was in a TV Show
Yes, you made me feel like I am the main character in this feat
We dance for attention, this is how we flow
Spare for some change, so much talent wasted in these streets.

Your skies are like a picture painted in watercolor
It is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed.

Step on my face if I made it big
If I am/was truly great,
Maybe you’ll notice me
This city sure smells of melancholy
A child’s daydream
One day we’ll make a breakthrough.

The sun burning on your skin
Reminds you of the hardship of pushing forward
It cannot end if it has not begun
Fill yourself with courage, no sense in being a coward.

L.A., you made me feel like I was an award winner
Yes, you made me feel like this is where I should spend my days
How we beg for real love, assertion’s growing leaner
Spare for some time, so many stories deluded in shorn ways.

Your skies are like a picture painted in watercolor
It is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed
You’re like nothing else, in that I bet my bottom dollar
Your breeze brings to my soul a serene stillness.

You are like an eternal vacation
I wish to bathe in your beaches forever
High by this mirage contemplation
I wish to embark upon this endeavor.


A Dreamer’s Dream

Anyone awake?
I’m still dreaming
How long will it take?
Should I keep waiting?

I never meant to be alone
Never wanted to do this on my own
I thought this would be like a family
Man, I have never felt so lonely.

I guess we all have to grow up
Does it mean giving up your dreams?
What are we supposed to teach to children?
To give up their passion and simply conform?

I never meant to aim for so high
Never imagined it would be out of my reach
I thought if I reached for the sky
It would add up to the things I would obtain.

I guess it’s time to give it up
I guess this means I must stop dreaming
What am I supposed to tell my children?
That they should’ve no passion and simply conform?

Cause I’ve been a child for far too long
Or maybe I never gave myself a chance to be one to begin with
Forcing myself to accept all that is wrong
Never gave myself the opportunity of believing that dreaming could be the right thing.

I tried to fix it with my hands
But I think it’s broken beyond repair
In my head I’m trying to understand
But my thoughts they don’t seem to care
Cause fear is still a demon possessing me
And anger is part of the legion roaming
Weak of me, stupid of me, pathetic of me
If I could kill this even if it cost my being.
I’ve survived hell but for how long?
Everyplace I go I still feel I don’t belong
I’ve begun to love myself but is that enough?
Will that do to return to me what was lost?
Cause in my head this world is a wasteland
In my heart there’s always something for the fall
And every time I am close to the entrance
Something pushes me back to the beginning and against the wall.
All the things I know now
All the things I have learn
They can help somehow
But they won’t always keep me safe from the burn
That this fire inside keeps on calling
I need to calm the voices that are yelling
I know my end will always be my demise
But isn’t that what I subliminally wanted for my life?
These are the choices I’ve made
This is the path I’ve taken
I’m sick of riding the wave
I want a thing of my own
The light at the end of tunnel
Can only be achieved if I give up
Instead of constantly giving in
I need to get out from my death bed, I need to stand up.
I realize the chaos I’ve caused inside myself
I realize the danger I have put myself through
By trying to do my best I’ve committed suicide
By trying to do what’s right I’ve killed it all
Isn’t there even a way to ever get it right?
Or is this road always be full of riddles
Without a true answer to the questions brought to light?
I guess there only thing left for us is our lives.
I feel like a rabid dog running in circles
But that’s the only maze God has given me
There must be something about this endless cycle
There must be a meaning behind that I still haven’t figured out
If you could point me in the direction I should be walking
If you could draw the places right here in this map
I’m very good following instructions that are clearly explained
Are you here to help me or this is just another trap?
If I close my eyes, can I trust you would guide me?
If I let go, can I trust you would catch me before I fall?
If I open my heart, can I trust you would take care of it?
If I give my life to you, can I trust you would respond when I call?


A Broken Dream
Leave me alone, I don’t want to deal with this
Not right now, not right here, not ever again
So go away with all of your mockery and evil intents
Stop taunting me, stop torturing, just stop at once
So I unlock all the bolts and drink the whole bottle
In a weak attempt of interrupting all of these wrong feelings
To overcome it, you need to put a bullet between my eyes
Please pull the trigger, I need all of these nightmares to cease.
Away with all these darks thoughts inside my head
I’m cutting on my flesh and anticipating the end again
I’m digging on the sins that I can’t seem to be clean off
Oh, Jesus, are you still my savior or still just a broken dream?
Leave me be, get the hell away from me
Right now, right now, RIGHT NOW, before I pull
The lever and death becomes once again one with me
Oh please, stop all these ghosts, all of these voices
The haunt inside my head, they come from your mouths
And they’re always whispering and constantly yelling
How much of a fucked up I’ve been, I am, and will be
Oh, please, God, free me from this place I don’t want to live in.
I welcome all these darks thoughts inside my head
I’m carving on my wrists, evoking these demons again
I’m washing this blood off, but still the pact holds me in
Oh, Jesus, are you still my savior or still just a broken dream?
All that I wanted was to escape from here, was to find a place to rest my head on
Was just to be forgotten by everyone, just to be accepted somewhere by someone
I sold my soul to the devil, because he somewhat seemed sympathetic with my needs
But with his slithering smile, he tricked me, he lied to me, with all his lies and deceits.