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A Poor Man’s Wish

I want to be God
I want to be in control
Of my own life
And everything around me.

I want to be happy
And when I’m angry
To yell at whomever I want
Without ever getting a backlash.

They say let it all in God’s hands
But those hands seems fall through
Cause I see everything as it’s always been
I’m still struggling, still starving.

Filled my head with words from books
Call me “Don Quixote”
I wish I could be that lost in
I wish I was one of the most read stories.

I want to be God
I want to be praised for my talents
And if I didn’t have any
I would make myself have all of them.

I want to feel comfort
More than in just my own skin
I want what it’s mine
And that’s more than the “American Dream”.

Call me egocentric, full of myself
At the end of the day none of you
Has ever given me what I need in order
To survive another day in this life.

Oh my God, writing is good
In fact it is great!
But I want the riches that comes with the knowledge
I want to be King of this very theme.

Here I am!
Give me what I want!
I know I deserve it
Stop trying to step on me,
Trying to make of me another steeping stool.

For I’m the pinnacle of this pyramid
I’m the axis, as I am the center
And when I become God
You will all bow down at my feet
And for those who won’t
I’ll prepare a very special place;
Concerning volcanic lava and fiery pits.

The Painting I’ve Painted for You
When reading these words written in this book
I am taken to a place where my physical body can’t physically be
And death and children and love sing to me
A chamber in where what I feel is what others are feeling.
Your freedom is four walls tunnels
In this four wall room I’ve traveled more than you
So won’t you hold my hand for a moment?
Travel with me to these places you need to see?
Love, if you can’t feel the feeling that has been expressed here
If you can’t really touch the matter that has been made with
If you can’t savor it, internalize it and let it become a part of you
Then you’re a vase full of yourself or just a vase simply empty.
Would you close your eyes my love?
Would you hear the voices singing?
Would you feel what I feel my love?
Would you open till you’re fragile?
Love, this is all I’ve been looking inside you
Just the core of the reasons that keep you in that corner
I want to show you how pain turns to love turns into happiness
The metaphysical transmutation of a broken heart into an aiding system.

I cannot believe how I never posted this poem before.

(Written on: June 12, 2013)

Haw Hulled Heart
You have brought back in me the faith of love
It’s a gift you’ve been sharing, a gift you were born with
I’m happy I’ve found that spot inside your heart
Where I can feel greeted, where I’m embraced, where I am safe.
Worrying about the end is wasteful
Worrying about the loss it is too
I want to welcome how beautiful
And charming, you are my love.
You have brought back the gift of inspiration, my love
It’s a gift that comes from your soul; that you were born with
I’m happy I’ve found you, I found you in this life
Now I can greet you, embrace you, inside my safe warmth heart.
Running away would be so wasteful
Being afraid as well be too
I want to welcome how beautiful
This love has become, my sweet love.
Elegy from the Heart
Love, I want you to feel comfortable with me
I want you to trust me in the decisions to make
And I want you to rely on me on anything you need
Whether that be a hug, lending a hand, or just support.
We’re not children; we’re not here to play around
Spent too many years suffering; now I want to smile
And be happy and be complete, with you by my side
I want everything we deserve; we deserve one another, life.
Heart, I want you to be yourself all the time
Whether that be anxious, upset or simply distracted
I’ll be here to keep you safe, a shelter, to protect you
To hold you, close my chest, listening to my heart beating.
We’re not others; we’re not in the past but in this instant
I don’t need to foresee the future with what was wrong before
I believe in the right here, right now, right you by your side
I want everything you want, to be with you forever, my life.
In the garden of your heart, I can rest
In the fountain of mine, you can refresh
We’re made for one another…
We are meant to be together.
This poem is based on a character I’ve created for a novel I’m writing.

(Written on: May 14, 2013)

Navigational Venture
The orbital state of love
Floating over, drilling underneath
In this open space
Heaven glows, earth speaks.
This parallel opal of illusion
We’re astronauts in a foreign place
Sailors that have found dry land
Will we claim this to be ours?
Will we give this our last names?
The warnings, the sirens sing
Ever beautifully, capsizing
Spellbinding for the sinking
In our navigational venture.
You’re a shining satellite
That I’ve been staring at for a long time with my telescope
Come home, my love
I’ve been waiting for centuries now.
This exoteric notion of enlightenment
We manifest our excitement
Like kids laying early in bed on a Christmas’ night
Waking up just for the gifts’ unwrapping
Will this stay with us forevermore?
The warnings, the sirens sing
Ever beautifully, capsizing
Spellbinding for the sinking
In our navigational venture.
We’re mice eating up the moon
Just like the fairytales they used to tell us when we were children
Let us fill our souls with it all
I’m sure this will gradually help us understand a little bit better…
About what our dreams are about
About the enigma of this voyage
Your heart is the anchor for this ship
Your heart is the shelter for this sea storm
And your eyes the light to guide me through
Your eyes are my lighthouse.
And in your arms I’m safe
In your arms I am secured.
The warnings, the sirens sing
Ever beautifully, capsizing
Spellbinding for the sinking
In our navigational venture.

(Written on: April 16, 2013)

Enter Your Name Here

This bed I sleep in
Is way too big for just me
And I’ve never felt so cold
I’ve never felt so alone
As I’m doing tonight.

This place in my head
Only have images
Only have thoughts
Of you by my side
Especially when I close my eyes.

Maybe I’m being too procrastinated
Maybe I’m being too forward
Whatever it is, I think you’ve created
A love I feel for you inside my heart.

I think if I don’t say your name out loud
I’ll end up running in circles, going crazy for you
But I guess it’s best if no one else founds about
The things that you’re not sure to be true.

Enter your name here
You know these words I write are all for you
How much longer would you live in fear?
Pretending to others I have nothing to do with you.

But I’ve learned to look the other way
And walk towards till I find the end
This will be the past, nothing to say
About the future that should never be.

The title was given to me by a good friend of mine, without me even telling her what the poem was about. She’s really talented in every way you can imagine. Thanks friend!

Beauty’s Eye
I cannot go to sleep
Until I haven’t seen you or spoken with you yet
Staying late at night
Just to read your words or hearing your voice so sweet.
I’ve grown dependence
I cannot deny the fact that I need you in my life
In my heart I can feel and sense
That everyday what we are morphs and becomes something else
Something bigger
Something way scarier
Still we move forward to it
Cause we both want to see what comes out of this.
I feel that lately I write what I write only for you to read
Your opinions means a lot, your acceptance the world to me
I’ve never feel such comforting before, never felt so good being in my own skin
With you I can be myself without having to fear rejection or having to restrain.
We go deep into our personal matters
Of our personal lives and biggest fears
We hold no barriers, we can talk about anything freely
It doesn’t affect our views about one another negatively.
Who would’ve thought this could be possible
For two people be so similar in the things they want, the things they need
Simple things like being taken care of, being listened to, being honest and sincere with
That’s the root of love, the most amazing of all the things we give.
So this poem, this letter, these words are for you
Enigmatically anonymous until we aren’t afraid anymore to speak it out in the open
Well, to my concern, I must confess I don’t care that much about being an invisible man
So Ms. Bee, I don’t know how you did it, but you’re in every single thought of my puzzled mind.